Twisted Tails Finale

All good things must come to an end, and so it is with this story. I’ve had so much fun with this one. And yes, there will be others. See if you can guess who might be in the next few tales.


Andrew put the last of their bags in the back of his car. Everyone kissed and hugged. Sam gave Andrew a big box of peanut butter cookies and Lewis promised to let them know what they found when he headed back to Vancouver next month. George and Angie waved goodbye until the car disappeared around a corner.

“That was a good honeymoon,” Vivien said as she watched the scenery pass by the window.

“It was a wonderful time, and no major mishaps,” said Andrew.

“Agreed. Now to get back into the routine of life,” said Vivien. “Only I don’t know what that is.”

“You’ll figure it out. Just don’t worry,” said Andrew. The three men had been talking and had come up with a plan. He just hoped she liked it.



They arrived home late in the afternoon. Andrew was the first one in the house. As he hoped, Luc, Peter and Cal had been able to clear the downstairs office and redecorate it with help from Ginny and Meg. He closed the door and went out to help Vivien with the last of the bags. Once they were inside, and putting things away, Andrew mentioned redecorating.

“… now that you’re my mate, you should have more of a say in the house,” he finished.

“Yes, but there are aspects of this lovely house I really like,” she said flopping on the bed.

“Good. After dinner, let’s walk around the house and see what we might change or just keep the same,” he said.

“Alright. Are hamburgers okay? I’m not up to cooking much,” she said.

“Fine. I’ll lend a hand.”

While they were in the kitchen, they discussed what was good and bad about it. In the end it came down to new paint and some additional hooks or catch all baskets. Andrew put the dishes away as Vivien washed and they moved on to the dining room. Vivien wrote a list. Paint was the most frequently mentioned change. Andrew wasn’t color blind, but his perceptions of some colors were a little off as Vivien began to realize.

“Blues, blacks and purples?” asked Vivien to make sure she had it right.

“Yes. Sometimes I see more of the mix that they are rather than what you see,” he said.

“That explains why everything is white or off white,” she said.

Andrew just smiled. They headed for the bedroom. While Vivien liked the big iron bed, she admitted that the dresser was too small. They compromised and decided to bring hers down from upstairs. New curtains, and a few other touches were decided on before they moved onto the bathroom, and living room. That didn’t take long either. Then Andrew moved towards the downstairs office.

“Shall we go over this room?” he asked before he opened the door.

“Are you sure? That’s sort of your private area,” she said.

“Well, maybe it could use a new view,” he said. “I’d be willing to share rather than you having to be upstairs all the time.”

“Okay,” Vivien agreed and followed Andrew in as he opened the door. When she was fully into the room, he turned on the light. Vivien gasped. She turned to Andrew and then back at the room. “When? When did you have time to do this?”

“I had Luc and a few of the family do it while we were up in Spoon River,” said Andrew. He pulled Vivien to him and gave her a hug. Then he turned her around so she could take in all the changes.

First off, the room was painted a pale mint green and the window and door trims were white. Sheer curtains as well has heavier drapes in a darker mint had replaced the venetian blinds. The 12 x 20ft room had been roughly divided in half. Starting from the left hand side of the door, on one side was Andrew’s heavy roll top desk he’d inherited from his father. Bookshelves covered the walls to either side, providing him with book and storage space. In the corner was the leather chair with ottoman and a lamp next to it. Another bookcase stood between the two windows on that side of the room. It was new and matched the cherry stain of the older furniture. Another chair, this one covered in a bright floral print occupied the corner. On the wall opposite Andrew’s desk was a brand new desk of the same wood with a new desk chair. Vivien’s stuff from her upstairs desk was set up on it with a new laptop in the center. Next to that was an area to spread out books or projects on and a low file cabinet. On the wall to the right of the door was a series of short book shelves filled with her books from upstairs. The floor was covered with new rugs that matched the chair and the curtains. It was the perfect spot to write.

Vivien turned back to Andrew with tears in her eyes. “I… I don’t know what to say,”

“Thank you? I love it? I hate it?” he suggested.

She sniffed and tried to wipe her eyes. “I love it. Thank you so much Andrew.”

“You’re welcome, Vivien.”

“It’s not fair though. I have no presents for you,” she said.

Andrew turned her face up to his. “You are more than I could ever hope for. You are my present every morning I wake up. I love you,” he said holding her close.

Vivien hugged him tight.


An hour later in bed, after all passion had been spent, Vivien curled up to Andrew. “I have such a beautiful place to write or create,” she said.

“As I hoped. I know you love to write. Perhaps you can unleash that muse and produce something that will make you proud,” he said.

“I hope so,” she said as she drifted off to sleep.


Vivien took a few days to get use to her new office area. She tweaked the space a little, adding pictures, moving books around and adding a vase of flowers. Andrew had gone back to work at the Silver Lode as the busy season was starting. She brought her cup of tea in and opened up a writer program. She had an idea and wanted to get it started before Andrew got home.


Andrew came home to a nearly dark house. There was a light on in the kitchen and in the office.

“Vivien?” he called.

“I’m in the kitchen!” she called. He headed for the kitchen and found her trying to cook some sort of casserole.

“Do you need help?” he asked.

“No, just know I’m a bit distracted,” she said giving him a kiss and stuffing the casserole back in the oven.

“So what has you distracted?” he asked.

“Well, I started writing today. I finally thought of a story, and figure I’d see if it might work on some of the fan fic pages.”

“Oh? Can I read it? Or at least as much as you have written?” he asked.

“Sure. It’s in on my computer. I’ve saved it, so it’s okay to flip back and forth,” she said making a salad.

Andrew gave her another kiss and headed for the office. On her desk, the screen saver was running. “Vivien, I can’t get in. The screen saver is up.”

Vivien came and typed in her password and the screen opened to a document. Andrew began to read.

His savage demeanor terrified her. Growling, he stalked forward, partially shifted. In response, she retreated farther into the corner, trying to figure out how to avoid his fangs and claws. She screamed as he shifted farther into the dangerous beast he held within. The wolf that stood in front of her was huge. His fangs glistened with saliva. She swung her fists at him to try and get away. All it earned her was his fangs coming down on her wrist. She felt the teeth break the skin and knew she was doomed.


Andrew looked at the computer and blinked. He shook his head and continued reading.


The change took her unexpectedly. The moon shone bright as her body contorted in pain. David had told her it would be bad, but she hadn’t expected this. She wanted to scream, but all that passed her lips was a howl. Five minutes later, she stood on four legs, shook her fur and loped out the door into the moonlight. A huge black wolf, David, stood waiting for her. He snuffed her, bit at her neck and then headed off deep into the forest to hunt.

It wasn’t long before a deer crossed their paths. The two wolves ran the animal to the ground and tore open the throat as they brought it down. The hot salty blood cascaded over their tongues. She was so hungry. They ate part of the deer and then ran through the forest.


“Dinner’s almost ready,” Vivien called from the kitchen.

“Alright,” said Andrew. He went back to reading the story.


David stood next to her as she changed. “How do you feel?” he asked.

She shook herself and then looked at the blood on her hands and body. “I… killed a deer?” she asked.

“Yes. You’ll need to hunt at least once a month when the moon is full. Otherwise, the wolf inside will go crazy. Also know that you can’t get pregnant anymore. Wolves can’t carry to term. The shift is too brutal. Oh,and all that pretty silver jewelry in your dresser? Pawn it. It will poison you and burn your skin if you try to wear it,” he said.

“I… I should have believed you when you said you were a werewolf,” she said.

“Yeah. Instead, you figured I was just being an ass. Worse yet, you stayed when I told you to leave before I hurt you,” he said.

She nodded. “I want to go shower,” she said.

“Me too. Then I want to head to bed and screw your brains out,” David said with a smile.

“Are all of you so horny?” she asked looking down at his erect cock.

“Yes, and you’ll enjoy it. Believe me,” he said with a smile.


Andrew smiled and kept on reading.


She moaned as his cock thrust rapidly into her wet pussy. He grabbed her roughly and bit deep into her neck, marking her as his mate. Her cries spurred him on and he thrust harder and harder until his balls seemed to erupt. His cum flowed into her body and then down her thighs.


Andrew laughed, recognizing bits and pieces of their own lovemaking wrapped into the story.


The moonlight called her. It had been two months since she’d been turned and each time the full moon rose, she felt the aches that preceded the change that would turn her into a raging monster. One willing to kill for the sheer pleasure of it.


Vivien appeared in the door. “Dinner’s ready.”

“Alright.” Andrew stood up and followed Vivien. As they sat down, Andrew had a few questions forming in his head. He thought about them through dinner. As they started on dessert, he decided to voice them. “Vivien,” he started.

“Yes,” she asked as she took a bite of the cheesecake.

“First off, I want to say that you are a much better writer than I had expected considering what I’d seen in the newspaper columns.”

“Okay, but why do I hear a ‘but’ in there?” she asked.

“Why did you choose to write werewolf stories? Very specifically ‘biters’?” he asked.

“Well, I know my reputation is a bit shot due to the whole fiasco a few months ago. And if I wrote werewolf stories, I might actually attract a few readers,” she said. Plus, I’ve always heard that you should write about what you know and understand.

“I can see that. You do have the ‘biter’ style down really well,” admitted Andrew. “And… the sex scene. That was rather hot although it looked oddly familiar.” He smiled.

“Damn! I’d hope you wouldn’t recognize it so fast,” she said. “I couldn’t think of how to write it until I thought about how it was when we made love.”

“So you changed the names to protect the horny?” he teased.

“Yes. I did.” She blushed.

“Good. Now, do you intend to let Luc see any of this before you go to publish it?” he asked.

“Umm… I hadn’t thought of that. Should I?”

“It might be nice to at least give him a heads up. That way he won’t worry that you’re giving away too many ‘secrets’ or such,” he said.

“Okay. I really haven’t. I’ve stuck to the mythology rather than the truth for the most part. You had mentioned earlier that some of the spouses wrote stories like this and so I figured it would be okay. Never thought of checking with anyone though.”

“Don’t worry. I think Luc will get a laugh out of it,” said Andrew.

“Oh good. I have forty-five pages written,” she said.

“And what are you calling this story?”

“Twisted Tales.”

Andrew laughed so hard, he could hardly breathe.



Wolf curled around his mate. Mating with her had been very good. She smelled good and tasted just right. When the knot had softened the first time, he’d taken her again until she squealed. He liked the silly noises she made when she felt good. He had wrapped himself around her and twisted his tail up under his nose and went to sleep.

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  1. This story was perfect to the end. I’m ready for what ever you write next, don’t even care if it is a weather report, I’ll be reading it. Tip

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