The Oak and Thorn part 2

He left her hanging on the cross for a moment. Then he took her down off of the cross and had her take off the rest of her clothes. When she was done, he had her stand in front of the long mirror and look at the marks on her body. “Do you like what you see?”

“Yes Sir.”

He pulled a pair of nipple clamps from his pocket and moved her arms up until they were stretched over her head. Then he made her watch the image in the mirror as he put the clamps on her nipples. She gasped slightly as they pinched.

He laughed softly in her ear and then took the chain out and attached it to the clamps. It hung to her belly button. Then he turned her around and lead her by the chain to the spanking bench. The bench had a saddle on it with places for attachments. He placed her on the bench and pulled her forward until her breasts hung to either side and her hands were in the cuffs.

“Do you like how you’ve been treated so far” he asked.

“Yes Sir.”

“Do you want more?” he asked.

“Yes Sir, Please Sir.”

He picked up a paddle and spanked her a dozen times each side until she gasped in pain and tears began to stream down her face. Then he caressed her ass and feeling her juices run across the leather, he reached into a box and pulled out a dildo. Slowly he rubbed her slit to wet it and then slid it in deep. With a soft clip, he attached it to the saddle so that she was pinned by her own body.

“No orgasming. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir,” she said squirming. The dildo filled her.

He picked up a riding crop and began to systematically slap her with it. Breasts, ass, sides, thighs. Her skin was reddening up nicely. The welts from the crop marked her breasts and thighs.

“Oh… oh Sir,” she moaned.

“Not yet my little pet,” he said and slapped the crop down hard on her breasts. She gasped and shuddered. He put the crop down and released her from the spanking bench. He removed the nipple clamps as well that took her breath away with the pain as the blood flow returned. There was a puddle under the dildo. Juices ran down her legs. He unclipped the dildo and slid it back up inside of her. “Hold it. Don’t drop it.”

She was left standing in the middle of the room. He walked over to the bed and began to undress. When he was nude, he turned back to her and she saw the thickest cock she had ever seen. He walked over to her and taking her hand walked her to the bed. She clenched her muscles as tight as she could not to drop the dildo. He helped her up onto the bed and then stretched out on the bed himself.

“Suck my cock, but turn so I can play with you,” he instructed her.

She moved so that she knelt next to his hip and slowly lowered her lips around his cock. It stretched her mouth and filled it fast. He put his hand on the back of her head and grabbed her hair like a handle. She bobbed up and down slowly until he began to increase his thrusts and he fucked her mouth. At the same time, he pulled and pushed the dildo out of her pussy.

She moaned from his attentions and the cock filling her mouth. She tasted a drop of pre-cum on her tongue and wondered if he’d cum in her mouth or on her face. She felt the dildo slam in hard, hitting spots that made her squirm. She moaned against his cock as she began to orgasm.

“Oh no my pet,” he said. He pulled her mouth off of his cock and made her sit up, holding the dildo up inside of her. She panted with need.

“Sir? Pplease?”

“No, I want to bury my cock deep in that sweet hole of yours,” He said getting up on his knees and turning her until her face was down on the bed. He slowly pulled the dildo out and set it on the bed next to her. Then he rubbed the head of his cock against her and slowly pushed inside.

She gasped again at the feel of his cock fill her. So full. So big. She didn’t think he’d get it all in, and then he grabbed her hips and thrust.

“Oh! Sir!” she squeeked.

He smiled and slapped her ass. A slap per thrust until he was in all the way to the hilt. Then he began a series of fast thrusts followed by holding still and spanking her. She cried and moaned as he took her harder and harder.

“Sssir, may I come?” she begged.

“Not yet, he gasped. He grabbed her hips and held her tight and thrust as fast as he could. The slapping of his balls was almost as loud as his spanking her ass. He felt his orgasm well up and erupt deep inside of her. He stayed there a second, catching his breath. Then he pulled out of her while she writhed with the need to orgasm.

“Sir, Pleeease,”

He smiled, thrust his fingers deep into her and thumbed her clit. “Come now,” he said. She exploded in orgasm, her juices flooding his hand. As she tried to catch her breath, he gave her his hand to lick clean. When she was done with that, he gave her another orgasm and then had her lick his cock clean.

When she was done, he grabbed her by a nipple and walked her to the bathroom attached to the suite. He showered first, bathed by her. Then it was her turn. He watched her as she showered. When she began to touch herself, he stopped her. She stepped out of the shower and he spanked her ass as she bent over the bathtub edge.

“That was for touching yourself without my permission,” he said.

“Yes Sir,” she said softly.

He walked out and began to dress again. While he dressed, he made her kneel on the floor, legs spread wide and hands on her thighs. When he was dressed, he turned to her.

“Pet, are you happy? Did your experience meet with your needs?” he asked her.

She thought for a moment. “Yes Sir.”

“Now for a few more questions. Is this to be a one off experience? Or do you need a Dom to take care of you?”

She thought again. The way it felt so right. How needy she’d been, and the way her body responded. “Sir, I… I want to be taken care of. I want to serve,” she said at last, knowing it was what she needed.

“Well Pet, you are a sweet fuck. If I take you on, there will be rules. My rules, and if you break them, I will walk away. Understood?”

“Yes Sir”

“I will give you a chance. First, no more underwear. I want to be free to touch you any time I want. Second, trimmed, but not shaven. Third, your orgasms are mine. Stealing is not allowed. Forth, you will wear what I choose. I take it you have a job?” he asked.

“Yes Sir,”

“Fine. You will dress as I deem suitable and you will report here an hour after work on Fridays and are mine until Sunday night. Understood?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Good. Now come here Pet,” he said. She walked forward and he pinched her nipples and spanked her ass as he hugged her. As she squirmed, he gave her a quick orgasm and then told her to get dressed. He tossed her undies in the trash.

She dressed and then followed him out to the main room. As she prepared to leave, he gave her a key fob. It read Pet. “This will get you back into the building and let people know who you belong to. Good night Pet.”

“Goodnight Sir,” she said as she left.

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  1. This was an excellent story, and I’m really serious about getting a job ath the Oak and Thorn. Can’t believe the benefits. Tip

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