The Oak and Thorn part 3

She got dressed the next morning and almost forgot to leave the undies off. She bagged them up and put them in the bottom of her closet. She had given the woman her address and contact information before she left last night and wondered how soon she’d hear from the Sir from last night.

On her way to work, the breeze under her skirt reminded her of the night before. She smiled. Work went fairly quickly and she was glad to head home. When she arrived, there was a box and a note for her in the entrance. She had the concierge help her take it upstairs. She read the note first.


Here are some additions to your wardrobe. I require that you wear your new clothes. I will check on you. On Friday, we will meet at your apartment and I will inspect the rest of your wardrobe. Suitable replacements will be made as needed.


She smiled and put the letter aside. Then she opened up the box. It was divided into sections. The first held ten packages of stockings. Next were bras. Lacy, sexy bras. He must have checked her sizes at some point, because they were her size. Next were two suits. Blue and burgundy, with blouses to match. There was a little black dress, a shawl, a slip and at the very bottom, two pairs of shoes and a handbag. Everything matched and were real leather and wool or silk. She tried on the heels. They were a little higher than she normally wore, but not bad. She put everything away and then made some dinner.

Friday came quickly. She was barely home from work when there was a knock on her door. She opened it to find her Sir standing there.

“Please come in,” she said.

“Thank you Pet. In future, I will have a key. Please arrange for a copy to be made.

“Yes Sir.”

“Now come here,” he said as he placed his coat on the coat tree. She walked over to him and wasn’t sure whether to kneel or hug him or what. She just stood there. He smiled and put his finger under her chin to raise her lips up for a kiss. His kiss was hard and rough, and made her gasp. Then he let her go. “Bend over.”

She bent over, and felt his hand run up her skirt and between her legs. His fingers traced over her bare skin. It sent shivers down her thighs.

“Good girl, Pet. Now to your wardrobe,” he said. She lead him to her bedroom and opened her closet. He was brutal in his assessment of her work clothes. Anything that was worn went in a pile on the floor. All but two pairs of trousers hit the floor as well. She gasped a little as he did that and he turned to her.

“Trousers deny me access to you. Therefore, they are only for certain occasions. You will be allowed to keep two pairs of jeans as well. Understood?”

“Yes Sir.” She walked over to her dresser and pulled out her jeans as he went through her blouses. She put them on the bed and he selected the two pair she could keep. She tried not to fuss about his choices, but he caught something in her body language.

“Pet, why are you fussing?” he asked.

“The one pair you threw out are my favorites. They feel better than the others.”

“Explain why and what will you do to be allowed to keep them?” he asked.

She thought for a moment. “I wear them during my cycle. They are worn and comfortable. I’ll take a spanking or two to keep them please Sir.”

He looked at her, sighed and put the worn jeans back in the pile. “Only during your cycle. Only if you do not feel well. Are there any other articles of clothing that fit that reason?”

“Those two shirts, and some of my undies.”

He nodded. The shirts went in the pile as well. “Where are your undies?”

“In the closet in a bag. I didn’t think about my cycle until you went to throw away the jeans,” she admitted.

“Ah. Well, pull out plain serviceable undies and put the rest in the pile.”

She did as she was asked. Thirty minutes later, her clothes had been sorted through with those to be gotten rid of in bags next to the door. After putting the bags there, she walked back into the bedroom. He motioned for her to come closer. He took her by the hand and turned her around. He took off her skirt and then placed her across his knees. He then proceeded to spank her until her ass glowed. When he finished, he stood her up and took off the rest of her clothes.

“Those items may go with the rest in the bags by the door,” he said. She picked them up and put them in the bags. When she returned, he had a set of clothes set out on the bed.

“Get dressed Pet,” he said.

She got dressed and was brushing her hair when he walked up behind her. “You need a trim. No more than three inches.”

“Yes Sir.”

She put her shoes and coat on and they left her apartment. She carried the bags of clothes that they dropped off at a charity shop on the way to the Oak and Thorn. When they entered the restaurant, he headed straight back to the private rooms. She followed quickly. When they entered the room, he locked the door and then turned to her.

“Undress and go stand by the cross.”

“Yes Sir,” she said. She undressed, folded her clothes neatly and went to stand next to the cross. He wasted no time cuffing her face forward to the cross and then began to flog her ass. When she cried out, he put a piece of lemon in her mouth. Whenever she went to scream or cry, she bit down on the wedge of lemon. It was worse than a ball gag. Just when she thought she could take no more, he stopped.

“That was for your clothing,” he said as he stroked her body where he’d flogged it. “As was the lemon.”

She nodded, as she knew better than to spit out the wedge or try to talk. He took her off the cross and led her over to a chair where there was food set out on a small table. He instructed her to kneel. She knelt with knees open wide, and her hands on her thighs.

“Good Pet,” he said and took the lemon from her mouth. He let her have a sip of water and then fed her bites of her dinner. When he was finished, he shared sips of his coffee. After a brief respite, he brought out a dildo and a set of straps. He motioned her forward and put the straps around her waist. Then he slid the dildo up inside of her and pulled the last strap up between her legs. It held the dildo snuggly in place.

“Sir?…” she started to ask.

“I want you to feel full. To understand that you are mine. Over there, there is a uniform. Put it on.”

She walked over to where he pointed. There was a dress like she’d seen the woman wear the first night she’d come to the club. She put it on. It was boned and held he breasts up tight. The skirt fell to just above her knees. She slipped her shoes on as well.

“Now, you will work out in the main room for the evening. Clear tables, and do what you are told. Understood Pet?”

“Yes Sir.”

He took her out to the main room and turned her over to the woman who had met her that first time. She showed her what to do and then left her alone. Every move made her aware of the dildo nestled in her pussy. She did her work quickly and quietly. No one touched her or spoke to her. She might as well have been invisible.

10 thoughts on “The Oak and Thorn part 3

  1. No one touched or spoke as they were aware of who owned her, I’m sure 🙂 I know I’d protest the loss of my jeans. It’s all I wear and I’d probably cry over a few pair. XD

    1. Yes, but then again, I can’t see you as a sub. Nor as desperate to be owned as she is. Nor has she gone through some of the stuff the woman in the Story of O did either.

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