Caught! part 27

Raven supervised the fitting of the furnishings in his room. New curtains hung on the windows and the bed. The scorched side of the bedframe had polished up well, and he was pleased to see it back in place. Once the mattresses were in place, the servant girls made up the bed, including a new silk cover. Once they were done, they left Raven to finish up a few small details.

In the bedside table, he placed a few surprises for Rachel. Tonight they would be back in this room and he intended to play. She had been running around in the trews again, and no matter how often he saw her in them, it made him hard. They both enjoyed playing a little rough, inspite of his experiences at the hands of Horace. When he was sure he had everything ready, he headed downstairs.

The manor was in chaos as there was company due in two days. Finishing touches were being made in every room. Morrin was bellowing as the huge chandelier in the main hall was being pulled up.

“Swing it like that again, and I’ll swing you from it!” Morrin hollered at the young men.

Raven walked up behind Morrin and smiled, remembering the floury hand prints on the man’s leather britches the day before.

“You know, if you do that, they may like it,” he whispered.

Morrin choked back a laugh. “Too right!” he answered with a smile. “Glad you’re feeling more yourself.”

“So am I. Maggie keeping you happy?” asked Raven.

“Aye. Silly woman.” Morrin smiled. “Heave lads!” he hollered at the men pulling up the chandelier.

“I’ll leave you to it,” said Raven and walked off. He had an idea in his head and wondered if it was possible. He checked to see if there was anything Maggie needed as he headed for the kitchens. He found Maggie forearms deep in bread dough.

“Stop right there!” she called. “Just stay out of my kitchen.”

“Alright Maggie. Have you need of anything?” Raven asked standing in the doorway.

“No. Just leave me be!”

“As you wish. Have you seen Rachel?” he asked.

“Off to the stable last I heard,” said Maggie working the bread dough.

Raven waved and headed out to the barns.

Rachel had just returned from a ride on Rascal and had begun to wipe him down when Raven came into the barn.

“You love that horse,” he said.

“Yes, no worries, misconceptions or relationship issues,” said Rachel.

“Are you trying to tell me something?” asked Raven.

“Oh! Not with us, but Rosie and George are fighting and she keeps coming to me,” said Rachel.

“May I ask what is the matter?” asked Raven.

“Seems there are some issues in the bedroom,” said Rachel trying not to blush.

“Oh? On his or her part?”

“Um… He wants to um… be more adventurous,” said Rachel.

“How?” asked Raven somewhat baffled.

“He wants to do something other than just kneel between her legs while she’s flat on her back,” said Rachel with a smile.

“Alright, I see nothing wrong with that. We are far more playful.”

“Yes, but I didn’t know if I could talk about what we do. Especially when you spank me or tie me up! So I had to just nod and smile and not say a thing!” said Rachel.

“Now I understand. So, you think she’d be shocked if you told her I walk up to you, spank your ass and then stroke you until your trews are soaked?” he said as he did those exact things.

“Yyyes,” she said as her body reacted to his touch.

“I have a solution.”

“Oh… don’t stop,” she gasped as he fondled her breasts.

“I have a book. Not many copies of it, but it shows all sorts of bed sports. You can tell her you found it during the repairs and then share it with her. She’ll learn that there are other ways, without telling her that we are so adventurous.”

“Where is this book?” she asked.

“Later. Otherwise that poor horse will be half sweaty.” He kissed her, swatted her ass and headed back to the manor. He had a book to dig out of hiding.

By the time supper was over, Rachel was curious about the book Raven had mentioned. She wanted to see what the room looked like too. She checked on a few details for the morning and than ran upstairs to the baths. Before she could reach them, she ran into Raven who had a smile on his face.

“Come with me,” he said.

“I was going to bath,” she started.

“I know. I had a tub brought into our room. I don’t want to have to change rooms once we get cleaned up,” he said.

She smiled and followed them to the redecorated room. When he opened the door, she was surprised. The fresh paint brightened up the room. The curtains were deep green and so was the bed coverings. Their little table and the two chairs had survived. On the far side of the fireplace, there was a small tub filled with steaming water.

“Raven, it’s beautiful,” she said.

“As are you. I’ve been thinking of what I want to do to you all day. What we had been doing in this room before the attack,” he said running his hands down her sides as he pulled her closer to him.

Rachel looked up and smiled. “Am I to be spanked?”


“Tied to the bed?”

“Oh yes,” he said, his voice heavy with need.

“Good.” she said.

“First though, I want to bathe.” He walked over and stripped off his clothes and quickly bathed. As he stood wrapped in a bath sheet, he motioned for Rachel to come to him. He picked up something from a chair and had it in his hand when she came over to him.

“Do you remember this?” he asked.

Rachel saw the fine chain and smiled. “Yes.”

“Good. Tonight, you are my wife, my concubine, my trollop.” He began taking her clothes off. He helped her into the bath and bathed her. When she tried to help, he stopped her. When he was done and she was dried off, he wrapped the chain around her waist and the cuff around her ankle.

“Come with me,” he said.

Rachel followed him over to the bed. He took a set of cuffs out of the drawer next to the bed and cuffed her to the bedposts. Then he took a soft flail out. He draped it around her body, letting her feel the leather falls.

“I was afraid I’d not be able to use this on you after… after what happened,” he said.

“And what changed your mind?” she asked as he blindfolded her.

“I tested my feelings by swatting you with the crop and my hand. It was alright. I had to be able to know first. Now we shall see how things go,” he said.

“Alright,” she said. The first swipe of the flail went across her ass. Then it came faster and faster. It stung and surprised her, but it didn’t really hurt. His hand had been more punishing.

Raven watched as her body responded and increased the strength of his stroke. She gasped and then arched. He stopped. “Are you alright?”

“Yes. It surprised me,” she said.

He reached between her legs and found her cleft soaked. Smiling, he gave her a few more strokes. Then he walked up behind her and ran his fingers down her spine and between her legs. “Morrin threatened to hang his apprentices by their thumbs on the chandelier. It made me realize just how much I liked having you at my mercy,” he said. He removed her blindfold.

“Yes? And what will you do to me?” she asked.

“Oh, I’ll never tell. You’ll just have to wait.” he said. He made sure that she was wet, and then he slid the toy he’d placed in the drawer up and into her cleft.

“Oh! Oh! What? What is that,” she said.

“It is an old toy that was forgotten. It was in a box in the cellars. I wanted to tease you with it.”

“It… can I see it?” she asked.

Raven pulled it from her and held it up. It was a copy of a man’s cock carved from ivory. It had all the details of a real cock.

“Oh,” was all she could say before he slid it back insider her.

“And is that as good as my cock?” he asked as he played with her.

“Nnno, but oh how it makes me ache,” she said trying to push back against it.

“I thought you might like it. One of my ancestors was very horny.”

“I… I do like it, but I want you inside of me too,” she said.

“This way, you can have that up inside you and me in your mouth,” said Raven.


“I’ll show you.” He untied Rachel from the bed and then the two of them got up on the bed. Raven laid down on his back and had Rachel straddle him facing his cock. While she put his cock in her mouth, he slid the ivory cock into her cleft.

Rachel moaned. She felt so very full. Raven slid the cock in and out matching her motions. Before too long, she felt herself begin to orgasm. She writhed and couldn’t suck his cock any more.

“Rrraven,” she cried out.

Raven dropped the cock to the bed, spun her about and drove her down onto his cock. She rode him and came quickly. He felt her wrap around his cock and soon lost his on presence of mind to an explosive orgasm.

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  1. I love these two! I’m assuming this is wrapping up as well? 😦 It feels close to being over with them married now. All my favorite stories are ending *sighs* guess you’ll just have to write new ones 😀

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