The Oak and Thorn part 4

At the end of the evening, Sir came to get her. When they got to the suite, he took her to the bathroom and instructed her to shower. He did not remove the dildo or straps. She showered quickly and dried off. When she walked back out into the room, she knelt next to his chair.

He petted her hair in an absentminded way. “Did you have a good evening Pet?”

“It was alright Sir.”

“Are you horny?”

“A little Sir.”

“Good. Stand up.”

She stood and he pinched her nipples and when they were standing up, he put nipple clamps on them. She gasped and he smiled. He added a chain and then two tiny weights. Then he undid his robe and pulled out his cock. She bent over and began to suck his cock. The weights swayed and pulled on the clamps attached to her nipples. He grabbed her head and held it as he fucked her mouth. He came hard and when he was done, she was told to lick him clean. Then she knelt back at his side.

She wondered if he’d touch her when he pulled a small control out of his pocket. He smiled at her and pressed a button. The dildo deep inside of her began to vibrate. She shuddered with the sudden motion. She tried to adjust her position and he shook his head. She took slow breaths and tried to compose herself as the dildo vibrated harder and harder as he pushed the buttons. It was almost too much.


“No orgasms. Not yet. What will you give me to gain an orgasm?”

“Sir? I don’t know Sir,” she said trying to keep from orgasming.

“Stand up.”

She did so and he walked her over to the bed where he made her bend over. The clamps pressed into her breasts. Then she felt him touch her body. The straps were taken off, but the dildo was still in place. She felt her juices run down her thighs. He wiped his fingers in those juices and stroked them across her ass.

“Sir? Please?” she started.

“Now, I know that your ass is virginal. I can see that. Will you give me your ass for an orgasm? Just my finger?” he asked.

She knew if she came before he let her, she’d be in trouble. Yet she needed to come so badly. His fingertip stroked across her ass, painting it wet with her juices. She trembled as her body ached for release.

“Sir? Gently please?” she whispered.

“What did you say?” He ran his fingers up and down the crack of her ass.

“Please be gentle,” she said a little louder.

“Are you so needy?” he asked knowing the answer.

“Yyyes Sir,” she said. Her hips were trying to grind her pussy against the edge of the bed.

He wet his finger again and pressed it just against the rosebud of her ass. He didn’t press in, just held it there. With his other hand, he reached between her legs and stroked her clit. “Come Pet.”

She gave in to her body’s need and let the orgasm wrack her body. As she spasmed and came, he slipped his finger into her ass. As she relaxed, he let it stay there. He pulled the dildo out and put it on the bed next to her. Then he slid his cock up and down her wet pussy. She moaned with desire, and arched backwards. He nudged his cock into her and shoved.

She gasped as his cock filled her. The sensations of his cock, the nipple clamps and his finger moving in and out of her ass rolled her senses and she began to come. She writhed as he fucked her harder and harder.

“Sssssir?” she cried into the bedding.

“Come Pet,” he said as he pumped in and out of her. They came at nearly the same time.

Once he caught his breath, he pulled out and stood her up. He took them to the shower and they cleaned up. Then he had her turn down the bed. She climbed up onto the bed where he cuffed her hands to the bed. She had enough room to bring her hands down to her neck, but couldn’t touch her breasts or her pussy.

“No touching yourself when you are with me, unless I say. Understood?”

“Yes Sir.”

He crawled into bed, pulled the covers over them both and pulled her up close to him and turned out the lights. He petted her gently, and fingered her for a little bit. She moaned and before she could orgasm, he stopped.

“Go to sleep,” he said and put a finger across her lips.

It took a few minutes to calm down, and then she fell into a deep sleep.

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  1. I’d have probably woken up to screwing him in my sleep if that’s possible after being left on the edge like that. Dreams are a powerful thing lol Great chapter tho

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