The Oak and Thorn part 5

Light streamed into the bedroom. It woke her up as did the need to pee. She realized that her Sir was still asleep. Her need wouldn’t go away. “Sir? Sir? I need…” she started.

He woke, released her hands and motioned for her to be quick. She ran for the bathroom.

She came back to the bedroom to find him up and wrapped in a thick bathrobe. She knelt before him.

“Good morning Pet.”

“Good morning Sir.”

“Today we work on you. Remember your safe word will allow for a pause in training or if something is wrong.”

“Yes Sir,” she said wondering what training he would require.

“Before breakfast arrives, I want you,” he said pulling aside his robe to show her his cock. She moved forward, knelt and began to suck his cock as best she could. He wrapped his hands in her hair and held her head so that he could rock his hips and fuck her mouth. He came deep in her throat, and once she’d swallowed as much as she could he had her lick him clean.

He was cuffing her to the cross when breakfast arrived. The maid set the food on a tray and then left quietly. He turned to her and spanked her ass with his hand until her cheeks glowed red.

“Are you hungry Pet?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Even after that mouthful of cream earlier?”

“Yyes Sir,” she said.

“Well then, I shall feed you,” he said. He picked up a strawberry and ran it between her legs, coating it with her juices. Then he began to feed it to her. She hesitated at first and he swatted her hard. Her mouth popped open and he put the strawberry in her mouth.

“Do not fight me Pet,” he said in a soft whisper.

She swallowed. “No Sir.”

He fed her one juice soaked bite for every two or three of his. When he was finished eating, he ran his fingers across her clit until she was almost to orgasm and then stopped. He spanked her a bit more and then touched her again. He repeated this cycle three more times until she was begging for release.

“Ah Pet, what will you give me for an orgasm?” he asked.

“I… I don’t know Sir. Please may I come?”

“I’m not sure. Perhaps when I finish showering.” He slipped a blindfold over her eyes, detached her cuffs from the cross and clipped them behind her. Then he led her into the bathroom and had her kneel on the floor. He took his shower, checking on her from time to time. He smiled at the way she tried not to squirm.

After his shower, he helped her stand and took her over to the bed. He had her lay down and spread her legs wide. Her arms were under her, raising her ass up just a bit.

“So, are you still a needy Pet?” he asked as he stroked her from pussy to clit and back.

“Yyes Sir.”

“And you still have no idea of what you might give me for that orgasm?”

“No Sir.”

“Well, I am going to play with you. Touch you anywhere I want to. And maybe, just maybe I will give you an orgasm. Understood?”

“Yes Sir,” she said softly.

He ran his hand across her thighs and then spanked her right on top of her mound. She gasped, but didn’t break posture. He slid his fingers up inside, and found her soaked. He fingered her and then painted her rosebud with her juices. She inhaled slightly as his fingers caressed her ass. He held his fingertip against her ass just as he had done the night before. With his other hand, he began to tease her clit. He took her almost to orgasm and then stopped.

“Sirrrr,” she moaned.

“Yes Pet?”

“Please may I come Sir,” she panted.

“In a moment,” he said and stroked her ass again making sure she was wet. He held his finger against her ass and then rubbed her clit with the other finger once more. This time as she began to come, he didn’t stop.

“Come Pet,” he said.

She surrendered to the pleasure and as she came, he slipped his finger deep in her ass. She cried out in orgasm as her body shuddered. He didn’t stop, but slowly fingered her ass and gave her another orgasm. She shuddered and they lay there quivering. He slowly removed his fingers and then rolled her on her stomach. Pulling her to the edge of the bed, he slipped the cuffs off of her wrists and stood her up.

“Shower time Pet.”

After she was showered, he had her dress in the uniform once more. This time there was no dildo, just small clamps on her nipples. He had her pull her hair up into a pony tail and then he clipped her tag to a black silk collar that he placed around her neck. Then she was lead out to the main room of the Oak & Thorn to serve as she had yesterday.

She’d been told to wipe tables and keep glasses cleared. She saw an empty glass on a table in the back and went to get it. As she picked up the glass, the older gentleman at the table next to the glass touched her hand.


“You’re new here aren’t you?” the gentleman asked.

“Yes Sir,” she said.

“Let me see your tag.”

She turned to him and let him inspect the tag which said ‘Pet’.

“Ah. Very good. Be a good girl and get me a cup of tea. Earl Grey, with lemon.”

“Yes Sir.” She grabbed the glass, wiped the table quickly and headed for the kitchen. She asked the cook for the tea.

“Who asked for it?” the cook asked.

“I don’t know his name,” she said.

“Describe him.”

“Older. Thick white hair. Loden green tweed jacket. Oh, and he smells like limes,” said Pet.

“Ah. Have it for you in a minute,” the cook said. He got a tray, set out the cup and saucer, a dish with lemon slices and a small tea pot. Five minutes later, he handed it to her and shooed her out of the kitchen.

She took the tray to the gentleman and placed it on his table.

“Thank you dear. Kneel here by me for a while.”

“Sir? Is… is that allowed? I’m suppose to be cleaning tables,” she said.

“It’s alright. I own the Oak & Thorn,” he said kindly.

She knelt at his feet.

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    1. You are going to have to wait like everyone else. Then again, you could always start reading the Vanillaverse stories from the beginning if you haven’t read them already. This is part of that group. Oh, and the gentleman at the end is important.

  1. SQUEAL!!!!!! I know, I know I know! I’d recognize that jacket anywhere. I’m dancing around the room and the spousal unit is looking at me like I’ve lost my mind lol

  2. holy heck!



    How did she know it was “loden” green?

    *ducking and running*


    seriously, a great chapter!


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