Job Rated part 12

Neva tossed her dirty clothes into the hamper just before stepping into the shower. She turned up the hot water a bit and let it run over her body.

“Room in there for two?” Jesse asked.


Jesse stepped into the shower and wrapped his arms around Neva. “You know, I kept telling myself that I could go a week without seeing you. That I wasn’t that invested in having a relationship,” he said.

Neva turned in his arms. “And…”

“And I have to change my mind. I spent the first day staring out into nowhere, when I should have done my chores. I had to leave the ranch house so I wouldn’t call you every time I thought of something.”

Neva smiled. “I’m glad I’m not the only one.”

Jesse bent down and kissed Neva.


“I promised you a back rub,” said Jesse after they got out of the shower.

“Yes, and I am thinking that if I get it now, I might not stay awake enough to play around,” she admitted.

“So, which do you want more? A back rub or sex?”

“Do you have anywhere you have to be in the morning?” she asked.

“No, The chores will hold until around 10am. Why?”

“Then I’d rather have a back rub now and sex in the morning when I’m awake enough to appreciate it,” she said with a smile.

“Alright. On the bed, on your stomach.”

Neva got on the bed and got comfortable. Jesse straddled her ass and began to massage her shoulders. When they were warm and loose, he worked his way down her ribs. After he worked her ribs, he moved down so that he could massage her ass and upper thighs.

“That feels really good,” Neva said.

“Figured as much. That floor in the B&B is rather hard and unforgiving,” he said. Jesse worked her calves and when he got to her feet, she flinched.

“Don’t tickle,” she asked.

“I won’t.” Jesse worked her feet firmly and quickly. He figured he was doing alright, because Neva didn’t say anything more. He finished and moved up to the pillows only to find Neva fast asleep. He smiled, pulled the covers up and curled up next to her.


“Oh damn. I forgot to close the curtains,” said Neva groggily. She stumbled over to the window, grateful for the sheers and pulled the heavier curtains closed. The room went from bright sunshine to shadowy in an instant.

“Much better,” said Jesse, who was just waking up.

“Want a cup of coffee before we mess around?” asked Neva.

“No, just a quick jaunt to the bathroom,” he said.


Five minutes later, Neva was in Jesse’s arms. She started by kissing his fingers and was moving across his body while he tried to touch her in return. It was an interesting game of tag as first one and then the other made skin contact. Jesse took advantage of Neva’s position and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth.

“Oh!” she gasped in surprise.

Jesse hummed as he sucked and licked.

“Oh! That tickles!”

He kept on doing it as she squirmed in his arms. Then he switched to the other nipple. When both were standing up taunt from attention, he kissed his way down her stomach, stopping only at her navel for a quick kiss and then continuing down to her mound. He slid his hands under her ass to lift her up to him.

Neva moaned as his tongue began to lick and caress her clit and pussy. He slid his fingers into her pussy and began to tickle her g-spot. Neva moaned louder. Jesse smiled. He worked his hand and tongue in concert until she was almost to orgasm and then stopped.

“Wwwwhat?” she gasped. “Why did you stop?”

“Because someone else wants a bit of attention,” he said pointing to his cock which was bouncing against his stomach.

Neva smiled. She bent over and licked his cock. It was Jesse’s turn to moan, as she wrapped her lips around him. It felt like forever since she’d tasted him. Neva licked and sucked until Jesse pulled her up and moved them so that he could slide into her wet pussy from behind.

Neva loved the feeling of his hands on her hips as he slid in fast and deep. His balls slapped against her body, teasing her clit with teasing wisps of contact. She pushed back against him with each thrust. Jesse increased his pace until at last he could go no faster as his body froze in orgasm. As he pulsed deep inside, Neva began to orgasm. He reached around and stroked her clit until she too came.


“That was um… delightful,” she said a few minutes later after they had collapsed to the bed.

“Agreed. Can we wait a little bit while my batteries recharge, or do we need to get up and make breakfast?” Jesse asked.

“What time is it?”

“8am,” he said.

“I think we can wait a little bit. As long as the cows and chickens won’t get too fussy,” teased Neva.

“Nah, I don’t think so. Our biggest challenge will be finding all the eggs.”

Neva laughed, rolled up to Jesse and cuddled for a bit.


Two hours, a shower and breakfast done saw Jesse and Neva on the way out to the ranch. Neva had finished up what she needed to do while breakfast had cooked, including a call to the B & B to make sure she didn’t have to be in to work until tomorrow.

Neva followed Jesse out to the ranch in her car. She parked next to the barn and started helping Jesse with chores. Neva gathered eggs while Jesse fed the animals in the barn. She headed in with the eggs and put them in the fridge. As she stood in the kitchen, she was struck with the ‘rightness’ of the whole thing. She smiled and headed out to see what else she could do.

Jesse watched as Neva headed towards him. She looked so good wearing jeans and a flannel shirt. “You want to help haul firewood?” he called.

“Sure. Have any gloves?”

“Yes, just inside the door,” he said pointing back towards the house. He watched Neva turn and head back for gloves. He had pulled his on the moment he’d gotten out of the truck. A moment later, he and Neva were loading up the wheel barrow with split wood to take to the house and stack on the back porch.

“When did you chop all of this?”

“The other day, trying not to think of you,” he admitted.

She laughed. “I just cleaned every space at work within an inch of it’s life.”

He smiled and took the wheelbarrow to the house. It didn’t take long to stack wood on the porch and return the barrow to the shed.

Neva was standing next to the truck, JR, when he returned. “What next?” she asked as he walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her.

“Probably time to do some body work. Oh, and it needs paint.”

“I agree. Do you have a sander?” she asked.

“Yes. Want to work on it a bit?”

“Yes. Shall we take bits off so that when we go to paint, it’s already done?” Neva asked.

“Makes sense. You tackle the inside and I’ll work on the outside,” he said. He headed into the shed and grabbed tools. He started on the bumpers and headlights while she inspected the dash, trim and handles. There were only two or three badly rusted spots.

Jesse got the bumpers off and set them in the shed. They’d have to decide whether to paint or re-chrome them. Then he started hitting the worst of the rust spots. Forty minutes later, he had a pile of pieces that needed chrome or work of some sort and a pile of dead sandpaper. He sat back and looked up to see Neva’s feet up on the dash. He stood up and walked over to the door. She had stretched out to get to a small bit of the dash, and had contorted her body until her feet had ended up in the air.

“Aren’t you a sight?” he laughed.

“Yeah, well, you get this bit?” she gasped pointing to something he couldn’t see.

“No thank you. I’ll leave it to the experts. How about we call it a day?”

“What time is it?” she asked.

“Nearly 6pm. You hungry?”

“Yes! Let me get this last bit and we can go clean up.”

He smiled, and collected all the bits of JR to put in the shed. Five minutes later, Neva was upright and closing the door to the truck. She smiled at him and then stuck her tongue out.

“First one back to the house gets the shower!” she called as she sprinted for the house. He started to chase after her and then decided not to win. By the time he’d get there, she’d be naked and all wet. Just the way he liked her.

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