It was hot. Thirty-eight days without rain. The earth was scorched dry and the plants… well, the plants that survived were spiny cactus or shade hugging succulents. The herbs in her garden had dried up, as had the veggies. Squash vines lay limp on the ground along with the tops of onions, carrots and garlic. The only plants that survived were the ones inside she watered with the dish water.

She looked at the calendar and realized it had been thirty-four days since he’d gone on the road driving the big rig. She didn’t mind the shorter runs, but this one was just too much. She was lonely, and horny. At first, it had been a novelty to be alone. Sleeping in, running around nude, eating when and what she wanted was fun. The lack of routine every day soon became boring. She tried to change it up. It didn’t help.

By the second week, she was walking to the library for new books. Craft books, cook books, romances and even do it yourself books. As she walked down the aisle, she giggled as her eyes rested on The Joy of Sex.

“Oh damn, what a time to stumble on this book,” she said to herself. On a whim, she added it to the stack of books.

After dinner, she picked up the book and began to leaf through it. “Done that. Nope! Won’t do that.” She flipped a few more pages. “Oh my. There are days,” she said looking at a threesome. “My sex life is as dry as my garden.” Finally she put it down in favor of the latest crime novel by Patterson.



She was horny. She thought of masturbating, but it was usually so unsatisfying. She took a shower. It was quick and she finished off with cool water. Her soul felt as dried up as the plants outside. She ached with desire for her lover. She couldn’t keep her mind on a task, as everything reminded her of him. A knot of tension built in the pit of her stomach. Maybe she would masturbate later.

Outside was hot and dry. All the late seedlings were wilted. Walking into the kitchen she marked the day off on her calendar as she began to make supper. Thirty-five days had passed. A drop of soup popped and burned her finger. She stuck it in her mouth to ease the pain. Sucking on her finger, she thought of the last time they’d made love. His cock in her mouth, his tongue licking her clit.

She pulled her finger from her mouth with a moan as tingles traced down her spine. She finished up cooking and headed out to the table with the food. Sitting down, she realized that her lips were swollen and pressing against her panties. She wriggled in her seat as she ate. As she wiped her mouth with the napkin, she brushed against her nipple. An electric shock of desire rippled through her. She touched her other nipple, finding it hard and equally achy.

Taking the dishes to the sink, she paused. Looking outside, she saw the dust rise off of the ground as the sere wind danced through the ruins of her garden. She sighed, feeling her body welling up with sensation.

“Fuck it!” she said as she headed for the bedroom. Dropping her clothes to the floor, she walked over to the toy box and pulled out the small vibrator. Laying on the bed, she got comfortable and began to touch herself. Nipples, stomach, mound. First with her fingers, followed by the vibrator. She gasped as it went across her nipples. She moaned as it reached her mound. Desire flooded her as she traced it down her lips and let it slide into her soaked pussy.

The vibrations felt so good. It made her bones hum and she pinched her nipples with one hand as the feelings began to flood her. Her thighs were coated with moisture. A combination of sweat and her juices puddled at the base of her spine. The heat built. Emotions ran higher and higher as she felt her orgasm pour through her and drown her senses.

“Oh!” she moaned as she came again and again. As she caught her breath, she heard a noise that sounded like something hitting the roof. She ignored it as she used the vibrator to bring her to another mind shattering orgasm. This time, it held her rigid as her body froze in the kind of pleasure she hadn’t experienced in over a month. She gasped, cried out and lay there shaking in the afterglow of the huge orgasm.

As she relaxed, trying to catch her breath, she finally recognized the noise on the roof. Rain! She smiled. She slid the vibrator in and out of her slick pussy and soon brought herself to another thundering orgasm. Laying there panting, she looked out the window. It was raining harder. She smiled, then laughed as she brought herself to orgasm again and again while the rain pounded the dry earth.

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  1. If rain is the result of ladies and self pleasure then we have a lot of horny women in this state, up to there inches of rain today. Tip

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