Flash Fiction Friday! Holiday Vignettes



“What in the hell were you thinking!” she yelled.

“I… I was just making some holiday cards,” he stammered.

“Right. You photo shop my head onto some nude body and try to make out that it’s me?”

“Um… sweetie…”

Don’t you sweetie me! You could have asked me to pose in front of our tree! But oh no! You have to be an idiot! A sneaky bastard! You didn’t send any of those out did you?”


“Good thing!” She was fuming.

He looked at the picture and admitted to himself that it was a poor fit. Her reaction was unexpected The tree was okay, but he had to admit he’d done a shitty job trying to put a good looking nude next to the tree.

“Sweetie, I’m sorry. I really am. Can I make it up to you?”

She thought for a moment. “Yes. Dump that pic out of your files. Next, we are going to take holiday pictures. You first.”

He nodded and walked over to his computer and purged the entire file. He was glad she didn’t see some of his other attempts. Then he posed for the holiday pictures wearing a red ribbon around his cock.



Jessica knew that David was kinky. They’d played a fair bit, but this…This was unexpected. He said he wanted to dress up for the Yule party. She agreed. Even agreed to let him choose the outfit. She hadn’t expected nipple clamps and plaid mini skirt.

“There. Stand just like that. Perfect.”

“David? Are you sure?”

Yes. All my Dom and sub friends are coming over tonight.”

“And I’m a live holiday decoration?”

“A beautiful one.” He reached under her skirt and caressed her pussy. Stroking her clit, he brought her hard and fast.

“Oh!” she moaned and then stood there with a smile on her face. “More?”

“Oh my greedy little Jessica.” He pulled a small device out of his pocket and slid it up between her legs and into her pussy.

She looked at him puzzled until he pulled a remote out of his pocket. When he flicked the switch, she felt the vibrator hum deep inside. “Dddavid,” she gasped.

“Like my little party favor?” he asked turning it up higher.


“Don’t drop it.” he said.

She felt her thighs grow damp with her juices.

It was going to be a very interesting party.



Santa adjusted Vicki‘s outfit to show off her breasts. A flick of the crop brought her nipples taunt. Resting his foot on the footstool, he checked his list twice.

Vicki knelt on the footstool wondering how she’d gotten there. One second she was trying on clothes and the next she was wearing a corset with marabou feathers, stockings, heels and a collar with a leash. To say this was unexpected, was an understatement. “Why me?’

Santa looked down at Vicki. “Well, he had two items on his wish list. A sub who’s description matched you and a puppy. Everyone wants a puppy for Christmas, and I ran out. I figured you could just fill in for both.”

“I don’t believe you! Show me the letter!”

Santa held out the letter.


Dear Santa,

I want a puppy for Christmas. I would also like a new sub. Dark hair, well rounded, big breasts and very fuckable.




Dom Martin.”


“Oh! I… I can’t believe this. Let me up!”

Santa realized she was going to be trouble. He took his candy cane crop and spanked her three times whispering a bit of magic. She suddenly sat up and gave him an adoring look.



This holiday Flash Fiction Friday was masterminded by Advizor. His challenge for us was to use the word unexpected and a word count of 200. Extra credit for using more than one picture. I have to admit that the last one was my favorite. I love the idea of puppies under the tree. 🙂 Plus, this reminds me of a dear friend and lover. She’d laugh her ass off. I could see her Dom dressing her up like this too. The first picture was not a favorite. It does look photo shopped, hence my take. As for the middle one? It reminded me of all the Better House and Garden Holiday articles…. You know, the “perfect decorations for the holidays” kind. Hope you enjoyed my crazy selection!

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  1. I’m with Max, I loved the living decoration idea and the challenge of keeping the toy inside is a delicious idea. He should pass the remote around the party without telling anyone exactly what it does….

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