Christmas Tree

Jake sat in the bar watching the waitress wind through the tables with a tray balanced on her hand full of beer. She wasn’t bad looking, but then again he wasn’t particular. He liked them all shapes and sizes, any color, as long as they were female. He smiled at her. Jake walked over to the mike, and then began to play the next song on his play list.

“You gotta like ’em all shapes and sizes,” he sang and watched the waitress smile. “I got have me a little of each, I got have me a little of each….” His fingers hit the cords hard and fast. When he finished the set, there were hoots, laughter and applause. He stood, waved and then put away his guitar.

“Good set tonight,” said the barman.

“Thanks. Just felt good. Glad no one objected to the rude ones,” he said taking the $100 from the barman.

“Nah, this is a good bunch most times. Mary has your tips,” said the barman pointing to the waitress.

“Thanks.” He walked over to the waitress and asked for his tips.

“I gotta cash out in an hour. You want to hang around?” Mary asked.

“No, I gotta get some sleep. If you remember, my hotel is across the street. Room nine,” he said.

“Alright. I’ll bring it by,” said Mary.

He walked out of the bar figuring he’d never see the tip money. Once he got to the hotel, he showered and then crawled into bed.


Mary got out of the bar late. She looked over at the hotel, and realized that Jake had probably gone to bed. She headed over to the room and stood there for a second. She could hear snoring. Mary knocked lightly. No answer. She liked Jake and didn’t want him to leave without his tip. Heading over to the office, she chatted with the clerk and got a key to room nine. She knocked one more time, but there was no answer.

Mary took a deep breath and put the key in the lock. She opened the door and walked in quietly. The door closed softly behind her. Mary realized that Jake was naked on the bed, laying on his back. While not erect, his cock caught her eye. “Damn!” she thought. Carefully, she put the money on the nightstand and almost was out the door before she heard a noise.


Jake woke when the door opened and stayed still, not knowing who’d entered his room. Looking through the slit of his eyes, he saw a female shape. He smelled beer and cigarettes. The shape put something down on the nightstand and then headed for the door. He sat up. “Mary?”


Mary screamed. “Oh Damn! You could have said something!” she cried.

“Sorry, just too damn tired and cautious in my old age. Been robbed more than once,” he said looking around for his jeans.

“You scared me,” she said. She was shaking.

“I’m sorry Mary. Didn’t mean too.” Jake walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her. She was shaking. Running his fingers through her hair, he tilted her face up. She looked up at him and then their lips met in a sweet smoky kiss.

Mary loved the feel of his arms around her and relaxed. When he kissed her, she thought her body would ignite. She wrapped her arms around his neck and she felt his cock nudge her stomach through his jeans.


Jake pulled Mary to the bed and the two of they groped their way onto it, as clothes went everywhere. She was panting with need and his cock was so hard, he thought it would burst. Sliding into Mary was heaven. She was hot, wet and oh so eager. Holding her breast with one hand, he held himself up off of the bed and pounded out a rhythm.

Mary couldn’t believe she’d just let him take her. At the same time it felt so right. His cock bounced her against the bed. She wrapped her legs around him and they fucked with wild abandon. Mary came and came once more when Jake roared his own orgasm. They collapsed in a sweaty heap.


The next morning, Jake was up and showering when Mary woke.

“Damn! I have to be to work in an hour!” she said grabbing her clothes.

“You gonna shower?”

“No, I’ll shower at the house. No clean clothes,” she said as she dressed. “Busy night tonight! You gonna be there?”

Jake got out of the shower. “You gonna be there?”

“Yes! Didn’t I just say?”

“Good. I’ll have a new song. Just for you,” he said and gave her a kiss as she raced out the door.


Mary watched the bar fill up. Three nights before Christmas and business was brisk. The door opened and Jake walked in. He talked to the bar keeper who nodded. Jake sat at the bar until the stage opened up. He walked over to the chair and sat down, tuning his guitar. When he was ready, he looked straight at Mary. “Got a new song. Sort of a holiday one.” He then began to play a sort of bluesy rift. In a smokey languid voice, he began to sing.

“I wanna be the christmas tree,

I want that angel on top of me, yeah…

tie me up with strings of light hang that pretty thing up high.”

The crowd responded with wolf whistles and applause. Jake kept on singing in that slow sweet voice.

“Umm ummm mama, you look good enough to eat.

Scoot your gifts up under me, I wanna be a christmas tree…

I wanna be the christmas tree,

I want that angel on top of me, yeah…

tie me up with strings of light hang that pretty thing up high.

I wanna be the christmas tree…”


He finished the song and nodded towards Mary who stood at the bar, smiling with a tear in the corner of her eye. The crowd in the bar filled the room with applause unaware of the secret between the two.


This story was inspired by two songs by an artist named Keith Whittaker. The first is called “A little of each”, and the second one, is called “Christmas Tree”. 

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