The Oak and Thorn part 6

He looked around the open area of the pub and didn’t see Pet. He turned to one of the wait staff to inquire about her.

“Yes Sir. She’s in the back. Himself ordered tea, and she took the request,” said the woman.

“Ah, thank you,” he said. Heading back to the far side of the lounge, he spied Pet kneeling on the floor and Lord Duncan sipping his tea. He walked over and stopped a short distance away.

“Lord Duncan,” he said softly.

“Ah yes. William, please sit with me.”

William sat and noticed that Pet was sitting quietly with her eyes downcast. “Is everything alright Sir?”

“Ah yes. Pet has been delightful. Brought me tea, answered my questions politely and in general been lovely.”

“Oh good. She is rather newly acquired,” said William.

“Yes, we discussed that briefly. She doesn’t blather on, which I find remarkable. Should you ever relinquish her or desire for her to have further training, please let me know,” said Lord Duncan.

“Thank you Sir. Would you mind if we adjourned to our rooms?”

“Not at all William, not at all,” Lord Duncan said. He turned his attentions to Pet. “Rise little one.”

Pet stood slowly, having been on her knees for a bit. She stood looking down at the floor.

“Now be a good girl, and give us a kiss,” said Lord Duncan.

Pet wasn’t sure exactly what she should kiss, but gave the gentleman a sweet peck on the cheek. He smiled at her and laughed.

“Ah, still so fresh,” Lord Duncan said. He smiled and shooed them away.


When Pet and William returned to the suite, Pet felt nervous. Her Sir sat in his chair and she knelt next to him even though her knees hurt.

“Sir? Did I do right?” she asked.

“Yes Pet. Do you know who that man is?”

“No Sir. Not really.”

That is Lord Duncan. Not just a lord because he merits it in our little world of fantasy, but Lord as in Baron, Lord Duncan as well. A very powerful and dangerous man, and you impressed him.”

“Oh, Sir,” said Pet nervously.

“You did a good job. I’ve seen other subs tossed out, whipped and some made to wash dishes nude because they displeased him. I’m proud of you.”

Pet smiled. “Sir?”

“Yes, Pet.”

“May I sit and not kneel for a bit? The floors were very hard.”

William had Pet stand and after looking at her reddened knees, took her by the hand and lead her to the bathroom. He drew a hot bath and tossed in bubble bath. When it was full and foamy, he gestured for her to get in.

“Thirty minutes. No touching yourself. Understood?”

“Yes Sir,” she said as she climbed into the tub to soak. The water was heavenly.


She was just beginning to drift off when he came into the bathroom.

“No falling asleep now,” he said.

She blinked at him and sat up in the water.

“Lets get you dried off.” He held out a hand to her so that she could get out of the tub. He dried her off, and as he did so, he checked her knees. “Much better.” Once she was dry, they went back into the room. He walked over to the spanking bench and gestured for her to straddle it. Once she was in place, he cuffed her hands and attached them to the D-rings. Then he walked around and stroked her ass, still warm from the bath. The first swat caught her by surprise.

“Oh! Sir!” she gasped.

He smiled and gave her ten swats with his hand. When her ass showed a nice red, he picked up a flogger and gave her ten more swats. The falls of this flogger were braided cord and while they felt soft, had a wicked set of knots at the end that stung. She flinched and tried to pull away. He stopped, stroked her skin, comforted her for a moment and then started again. When she was gasping, he stopped.

“You are so very wet,” he said.

“Yyyes Sir,” she gasped. She was trying to catch her breath from the intense flogging session.

He pushed her down on the bench and stroked her pussy and played with her clit until she almost orgasmed. Then he stopped. From the drawer in the dresser, he picked out a set of balls connected by a string. He slid these into Pet and then began to spank her. As she gasped, and flinched, he picked up the remote and turned on the vibrating balls.

“OH! Sir!” she gasped.

He smiled and stroked her ass. He continued in this fashion. Spanking, soothing and variations of the vibrating eggs. Pet was soon squirming against the bench and her juices were running down her thighs.

“Mmmay I come?” she cried softly.

“Not yet.” He stroked her ass and then setting down the flogger, spanked her using his hand. He made sure his fingers went between her legs, catching her inner lips and thumping the balls deep inside of her.

“Oh! Oh Sir,” she begged.

“Not yet, he said as he pulled the balls out of her pussy. He moved her back on the bench until her ass was up in the air and she was exposed. Then he slid his cock into her pussy and fucked her hard and fast. He felt her begin to tremble with the effort to not orgasm. He slapped her ass between strokes and as he felt his own orgasm build, he spoke.

“Come Pet.”

She came harder than she thought she could, her whole body was wracked with pleasurable spasms. If he hadn’t been holding her by the hips, she would have collapsed. He let go of her hips and withdrew. Walking around to the front of the bench, he put his fingers up under her chin, bringing her mouth up to his cock.

“Clean me up Pet,” he said.

She licked him clean. Once she was done, he let her up from the bench. As she stood, her juices mixed with his began to slide down her thighs.

“Such a wet Pet,” he laughed. “Go clean up.”

She ran to the bathroom and cleaned up. She was back in a few moments. He was sitting at a desk working on a computer. She stood next to him and waited.

“On the bench there is a mess. Please clean it up.”

She went to the bench and cleaned up the juices and sticky mess. She made sure the entire area was clean and then returned to his side.

“On the dresser are two clamps. Please bring them here.”

She walked over to the dresser and there were two clover leaf clamps. She picked them up and walked back over to her Sir. She handed them over and waited.

Smiling at her, he pinched first one nipple and then the other. When they weren’t perky enough for him, he sucked and licked her nipples. As they became taunt, he clamped them. When she gasped, he stroked her clit to distract her from the pain. Then he opened his desk drawer and dug around until he found two small weights. He attached them to the clamps.

“Do you know any yoga?” he asked her.

“Yes Sir,” she said with a slight gasp.

“Well then, go practice a few postures. I have some work to do,” he said.

She walked over to a clear space and went through her exercises as best she could. The nipple clamps pulled as she swayed. She tried not to gasp, but sometimes she couldn’t help it. What she was unaware of was that each time she gasped, William took note of it. After an hour, he put away his computer and walked over to her.

“Stand up,” he said.

She stood up. He took the clamps off and toyed with her clit as the pain of the blood rushing back into her nipples hurt and she moaned. He played with her clit more intensely until she came shuddering against his fingers.

“Good Pet,” he said. “Dinner will be here soon. Kneel on the cushion.”

She knelt, thankful for the soft cushion. She wasn’t sure what was more tender, her ass or her knees.

A nude male with a collar and a cock cage brought in their dinner tray. She tried not to stare, but she’d never seen a cock caged. As the man left, she couldn’t contain her question any longer.


“That is a chastity device. It keeps him from playing with himself and constrains an erection,” he said.

“But what if he did become excited?”

“It would be very painful. Now, we need to eat before our food grows cold.”

She nodded and waited for him to feed her bites. He shared his food as he had done before. One to two bites for her to his three or four. There was plenty of food, and when they finished she wasn’t hungry.

“Are you still curious?” he asked her.

“Yes Sir,” she replied.

“Well then, we will cruise the Internet and I will show you a variety of devices. While we view these, if there is anything you wish to try, you must tell me. You must also tell me if they excite or repulse you.”

“Yes Sir.”

He sat at the computer and she sat on his lap while they went through a number of websites. He noticed that the rough BDSM sites bothered her, while some of the toys did excite her. As she was asked, she told him what excited her or repulsed her. After a while, he turned off the computer.

“It’s bed time. Take care of your needs and then come to bed,” he instructed her.


When she came back into the bedroom, he had a number of toys on the bed. After looking at each toy, he selected a glass dildo with a spiral of colored glass. The rest were put away. He had her lay on her stomach with her legs spread. He ran the glass dildo up and down her pussy until it was soaked with her juices. Then he slid it in and out of her pussy until she started to moan.


“Not yet. Enjoy your toy.” He pulled it nearly out and thrust it back in making sure it caressed the g-spot at just the right angle.

“Sir, please,” she asked again.

“Hold,” he said. His fingers slid in next to the dildo and he gently stroked her ass, making it wet with her own juices. She writhed on the dildo. He pulled a small anal plug from his pocket and wet it with her juices and slowly touched her ass with it.


“If you want to come, you must take this too,” he said slowly touching her once more.

“Oh,.. Sir,” she said hesitantly.

He stroked her clit with the head of the dildo and then slid it back in, making her moan. He knew she was close to an orgasm and kept working her body.

“Ssssir,” she begged.

“You may come,” he said. As she did, he slid the small anal plug inside. Then he flipped her over so that she was sitting on both the plug and dildo.

“Oh Sir! Oh,…” she gasped.

He opened his robe and held out his cock for her to suck. As he fucked her face, he knew that both toys would be bounced inside of her. He put his hand on her head to hold her in place as her body betrayed her and came hard. He thrust and came deep in her throat. He held her there as he came and came until she had to swallow to breathe.

“Llick me clean,” he gasped.

She did so, still vibrating from the force of her own orgasms. Bouncing up and down on the two toys had rolled her senses. When she’d licked him clean, he had her spread her legs and he removed the dildo.

“Sir? The plug?” she asked.

“No, that will stay there for the night. No touching it.”

“Yes Sir.”

They got into bed and he pulled her close to him and they went to sleep.

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