Job Rated part 13

The hot water ran over her skin, rinsing off the dust. As Neva reached for the shampoo, she heard Jesse’s boots thunk to the floor. She smiled when the shower curtain opened and his hands wrapped around her waist.

“Took you long enough,” she teased.

“Yeah, but I had such a lovely sight in my bathroom, that it took my breath away,” he said.

“That’s sweet, but how did you see me through the curtain?”

“I wasn’t talking about you. It was the bathtub!” Jesse said with conviction.

Neva choked, and then began to laugh. “I… I should have known.”

Jesse rocked slightly from side to side as they giggled. Once they stopped, Neva turned and began running her hands over Jesse. He returned the favor and soon they were both clean and stepped out of the shower. Neva was drying off and looked at her dirty clothes. She sighed.

“What’s the matter?” Jesse asked.

“Oh. I’m not sure which frustrates me more,” she started. “Having to get dressed, having to put on dirty underwear, or not having the brains to have a few things out here for occasions like this,” she said.

Jesse walked over to her and wrapped her damp body in his. “I have a solution.”


“Wear my robe for now. I’ll toss your clothes in the washer and you can wear them in the morning,” he said.

“I have to be to work in the morning.”

“Neva, what part of ‘I’m a rancher and get up with the cows’ tells you I can’t make sure we are up at the crack of dawn?” he asked.

Neva flushed. “Okay. Where’s that bathrobe?”

Jesse smiled and took it off the back of the door. It engulfed Neva, but he loved the sight of her in his robe. He grabbed clean clothes and got dressed. Once he was dressed, he grabbed the laundry and headed for the kitchen. Once the washer was going, he began to look through the fridge for something to make for dinner.

Neva walked up behind him and looked with him. “No piles of dead cow?” she teased.

“No, not today. How about you help me finish off this spaghetti?”

“Alright. Any salad or bread?” she asked.

“Salad in the bottom here and I’ve got garlic bread in the freezer,” said Jesse pointing.

“Spaghetti it is then.” Neva started handing Jesse stuff and they soon had dinner started. Jesse poured the noodles into the colander and then back into the pot to butter so they wouldn’t stick. Neva pulled the bread from the oven and put it on the table with the salad. Jesse filled two bowls with noodles and sauce and carried them over to the table.

Dinner was punctuated with giggles and small talk. When they were done, Neva washed dishes while Jesse put the wet laundry in the dryer. As she dried her hands, he came back into the kitchen with an armload of firewood.

“I didn’t think it was that cold,” she said.

“No, but I like the idea of cuddling in front of a fire.”

Neva smiled.

Hours later, the two of them moved from the living room to the bedroom. Jesse pulled Neva to him and held her as they exchanged kisses. Her hands moved down his body to touch him as they became more passionate. They’d been touching and teasing on the couch and now their bodies were primed. Neva’s hand caressed Jesse’s balls and cock, eliciting a moan. She moved down and pulled his cock into her mouth as Jesse began to lick and suck her clit.

The heat within them grew and Jesse pulled back from the brink and moved Neva so that he could straddle her thigh and slip in side saddle. He slid his cock in deep, his balls nested against her thigh. Neva pulled her upper leg up high and felt Jesse begin a pounding rhythm.

“Oh,” she moaned.

Jesse felt his body respond and he tried to hold back, but it all felt so good. He grabbed her ass and thrust in deeper. He growled as the orgasm raced up his spine. As he came, Neva responded, her body clenching tight onto his cock and her legs wrapping around his to pull him tight. When the orgasm let go of his brain, he rested with both hands on the mattress next to Neva. She lay beneath him panting and still twitching with the last bits of orgasmic bliss. Jesse slowly found the connections to his body that the pleasure had scattered and moved off to one side. He made sure the alarm was set and crawled into bed with Neva.

Dawn came early, and while Neva dressed, Jesse made toast and coffee. The two of them ate in groggy silence. Dishes in the sink, Jesse grabbed stuff he needed as they headed out the door. He kissed Neva goodbye and watched as she drove down the drive and onto the highway. Then it was time to feed animals.

Neva drove into town, knowing she’d have to stop at the house to change clothes. Blue jeans and flannel shirts just didn’t pass for work clothes. She dashed into the house and as she dressed, she realized that she was smiling. The scent of Jesse in the room had her thinking inappropriate thoughts. She brushed her hair and dashed out the door for work.

Jesse checked on the cattle in the far pastures first. He stood there watching the cattle move towards the truck and got lost in thought. He came to when the one cow tugged on his pant leg mistaking it for a bit of hay. He tossed the rest of the feeder bale out and slowly drove home. He knew he had to finish up the chores before he could make a phone call. Parking the truck, he headed for the chicken coop and began to gather eggs.

“Can you please get me another beer?” asked the guy in the loud plaid shirt.

“Just a moment sir,” said Neva. She grabbed another Budweiser, popped the top and handed it over to the man while taking his money. After popping the money in the till, she looked up at the clock to see if it was time to go home yet. It was only 1:24pm. She had five more hours. Sighing, she turned back to help the next customer.

Jesse put the eggs into cartons and checked to see who was coming by for eggs. Then he sat down and called his little sister. “Hey. Yeah, I know I haven’t called in ages. No, everything is okay. Right. Sort of okay. Listen. I… I need a bit of a reality check. Can you come out to the ranch so we can talk? Sure. That would work. Oh, and I have a ton of eggs if you want some. Okay. See you soon.” He hung up the phone and started looking around the house to see what he could clean up. He started with the kitchen.

Neva was eating her lunch when Charles came by. She nodded at him and he kept walking by and then stopped. He turned around and came back to where she sat.

“Hello Neva, I have a question to ask you,” he said.

“What’s up Charles?”

“Well, we’ve got that series of concerts coming up over the next few months. You think that Jesse could clean up a bit more and act as an evening concierge?”

“What about Dave?” she asked.

“Dave is fine, but we really could use an extra hand at times. He’s okay, looks good and if we need to toss a drunk, he can do it,” explained Charles.

“I’ll ask him. Same pay rate as before?” asked Neva.

“Umm… How about $9 and tips?” haggled Charles.

“I’ll talk to him. When would you want him to start?”


“I’ll call him after work,” said Neva.

“Alright. Thanks,” he said as he walked off.

Jeanie drove up to the ranch house. She saw her brother working on JR. She walked over to him making enough noise that he stood up when she got close. “Hey big bro,” she said.

“Thanks for coming over Jeanie,” he said giving her a hug.

“So, what’s got you all tied up?”

“Let’s go in the house and I’ll tell you,” he said. He put away the rust treatment he’d been using on JR and then they went inside.

Jeanie sat in the kitchen while Jesse made sandwiches and coffee. She listened while he talked. Other than asking a few clarifying questions, she just listened.

“So, I figured I’d talk to you, since you said I was a fool to marry Betsy and I wanted a second opinion on Neva before I do something stupid,” he said.

“Well, I am amazed,” said Jeanie.

“About what?” asked Jesse.

“That you actually want my opinion. You must be in love,” she said laughing.

Jesse blushed and nodded.

“So, do you want me to go down to the Fitz and have a beer? Lunch? Have a bevy of my girlfriends spy on her? Or what?” asked Jeanie teasing her big brother.

“She gets off at 7pm tonight. I thought we could go into town for dinner. Just have you meet her. Okay?”

“Yeah. You’d better call soon though. That place has gotten really popular. Oh, and please tell her you’re bringing me. Last thing I want is her mistaking me for a date,” said Jeanie.

Jesse looked at her, blinked and then it dawned on him what she was on about. “Right! I knew those doctors were right when they said women had brains,” he jested.

Jeanie slugged him.

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