Caught! part 30

By the time the women had giggled their way through the books, the men had returned from their ride. Rachel had returned to her room to dress for supper and was waiting for Rosie to show up. While she waited, she leafed through one of the books.

“Are you ready?” Rosie asked as she came into the room.

“Yes. I need my corset laced up a bit and helped into that dress,” said Rachel. She put the book down where Rosie could see it and waited to be helped with the clothing. She could see Rosie trying to peek at the book.

Rosie helped Rachel out of the day dress, tightened up the laces and helped her with the rose silk gown. When all was settled, she stopped to pick up the clothes. She also picked up the book. When she got a closer look at it, she gasped.

“What’s the matter Rosie?”

“This… this book! It’s full of naked people,” she said.

“Yes. Nothing wrong with that,” said Rachel.

“But… who… what? How’d you get ahold of a book like this?” asked Rosie turning scarlet.

“I found it when I was cleaning up in the library. Must have belonged to one of Raven’s ancestors. I showed them to the ladies today. They said that these kind of books can actually help people to understand sex better.”

“Oh? How? By having lots of…” Rosie stopped talking and looked at the pictures better. “Oh my. I didn’t know you could… Have you looked at this?”

Rachel looked at the book. It showed a woman sucking a man’s cock. “Yes, I’ve seen that and done that,” she said softly.

“You have?”

“Yes Rosie. We try a lot of things. Especially when Raven didn’t feel good, but we still wanted to touch each other,” she admitted. “The idea is to try things. If it feels good, do it. If it doesn’t, don’t, or at least give it one more try.”

Rosie nodded, lost in rapt fascination. She sat down on the footstool. After a few minutes, she looked up at Rachel. “Um… could I borrow these? I’ll bring ’em back.”

“Of course Rosie. Can you help me with my hair?”

“Oh! What was I thinking!” Rosie put the books down, helped Rachel with her hair and then the two of them left the room. Rosie had the books under her arm as she headed upstairs.

Rachel smiled and headed downstairs to the main hall. It was buzzing with people. All the ladies had changed into evening dresses while the men were still in riding clothes.

“You know, if I didn’t know better, I’d swear you’d invited all of the stable lads in for tea and fooling around,” said Lady Peri.

Rachel laughed quietly. “You know, there is something to be said for a man in sweaty work clothes.”

Lady Peri smiled and nodded. Henry, Lord Fowler and Raven were standing next to the fireplace, relaxed and comfortable in their riding clothes. The two ladies walked over to them and kissed their respective partners.

“Did you have a good time,” Rachel asked Raven.

“Yes. Chased a fox for a good few miles and then Lord Plaste fell. We had lunch while he got his head back in order and then we rode home. You ladies have a good day?”

“We did Lord Darkwing. Rachel showed us some remarkable books she found while renovating the library,” said Lady Peri with a smile.

Raven looked to Rachel. “Oh? Did they go over well?” he asked.

“I’d say so,” said Rachel. Lady Meriel studied them a bit and then Rosie asked to borrow them for the evening.”

Raven smiled. “Ah, that should be interesting.”

“What manner of books were these?” asked Henry. Lady Peri leaned close and whispered in his ear. He flushed a bit and then began to laugh. “Oh! That should be a right treat for George and Justin then,” he laughed.

Raven nodded. “Shall we go in to supper?” He led the way and the other couples followed. The room was an odd mix of rough forest colored riding gear and the ladies silk dresses.

Maggie came in with the first remove and clucked under her breath at the sight. Raven looked at her questioningly.

“What’s the matter Maggie?”

“You lot. No better than small boys. All these ladies dressed up pretty and you bunch looking and smelling like stable lads. I never,” she said and headed out the door to get the next course from the kitchen.

“Well, that told us,” said Justin, Lord Kress.

“Agreed,” said Lord Hawkness. “Good thing she isn’t a nanny. Otherwise the lot of us would be eating porridge for dinner in the nursery.”

That remark brought laughter cascading around the room. When Maggie came in a bit later, Justin approached her. “Maggie, you are absolutely right. We should have changed clothes.” He handed her a small pouch heavy with marks. “We should also thank you for all you do for us and Lord and Lady Darkwing.”

Maggie looked from Justin to the pouch and over to the rest of the lords and ladies. “Well,… um.. It’s just that I remember far too many of you in small britches. I like to see you all dressed up. Thank you,” she said holding up the pouch. She curtsied and left the room.

“Well done,” said Lord Plaste.

“Agreed. She is a treasure,” said Lady Helena. There were nods around the room.

“What’s on after dinner?” asked Lord Roger.

“Well, I haven’t decided if we should go for a walk, have some more music or just enjoy the gardens,” said Raven.

“Don’t know about you, but I’m for a wee bit more music and then early to bed,” said Lord Justin.

“Sounds good,” said Raven. “Music it shall be.”



Towards midnight, Raven and Rachel were on their way to bed, when they heard giggles coming from Lord Kress’ room. Raven looked at Rachel who smiled and put a finger across her lips. When they got to their own room, Raven closed the door. And then looked at Rachel.

“Lady Meriel was very interested in the books today. I suspect that dear Justin has been having a problem or too. I also believe that she found some ‘help’ in the books today.”

Raven smiled. “And as Rosie isn’t hear to help you out of your clothes, do you think it is because she’s hauled George off to bed?”

“I do hope so. Would you undo my gown?” Rachel asked.

“Gladly.” Raven walked up behind Rachel and began to unbutton the top of the silk dress. When it was loose, he pulled it up and over her head, draping it across a chair. Then he removed her petticoats and Rachel kicked off her shoes. Running his hands over her corset, he pushed her breasts up a bit more and held them there as they bloomed in his hands.

“I love the look of your breasts like this,” he said kissing them.

“I love your kisses,” she said. He wrapped his arms around Rachel and then turned her. He tugged and adjusted her corset so that it pushed her breasts up high, while not totally taking her breath away. With the extra lengths of laces, he tied her hands behind her back, which increased the way her breasts stood out.

“Raven, what are you up to?”

“You’ll have to wait and see.” Raven then walked Rachel over to the bed. He helped her up on the bed, and then undressed. Lifting up her chemise, he bared her cleft. He licked and sucked her cleft, dancing his tongue over her button until she began to squirm. Then he stopped, took out the toy from the drawer and slowly slid it in and out of her cleft. Slowly, he lay down next to her, never letting go of the toy. He sucked her nipples that were peeking out of her corset until they were hard red nubs.

“Raven, pllease,” she moaned.

“Not yet my love.” He had two small pegs in his hand. He squeezed one open and placed it over her right nipple. Then he placed one on the left nipple.

“Oh! Raven, that hurts,” she gasped.

“Wait,” he said and began to play with her cleft again. She was soon close to orgasm, and just before she tipped over, he stopped.

“Awww,” she groaned.

He moved so that his cock slid into her mouth and he could still work the ivory cock in and out of her pussy. Rachel responded by licking and sucking his cock. He felt himslef begin to thrust more and more into her mouth, but held off just short of coming. He could feel Rachel begin to writhe with pleasure and knew it wouldn’t be long before she came. He pulled the ivory toy out of her pussy, undid the pegs off of her nipples and then slid his cock deep inside her.

“Oh! Oh my,” gasped Rachel. Her body arched up off the bed, thrusting her breasts high. Raven pulled Rachel up onto his lap, his cock still deep insider of her and held her body close to his as he drove in and out of her pussy. Her nipples rubbed against his chest.

Raven loved the feeling of Rachel being helpless while he made love to her. He thrust harder as he felt his orgasm build. Rachel responded and he undid the laces, letting her hands free. She wrapped her hands around his neck as he thrust harder and harder. His orgasm overwhelmed him and he thrust deep, freezing in that moment of pleasure. Rachel, pinned on his cock, came hard. She gasped out her pleasure against his chest and shuddered.

When Raven regained the ability to move, he lowered them both to the bed. He grasped the ivory toy and slid it in and out of Rachel. She was so sensitive, that she came twice more. The bed beneath her ass was soaked.

“Oh Raven,” she said, half dazed.

“You are so beautiful when you come,” he said holding her close.

She smiled. “Undo my corset, please.”

He sat her up, with the toy still in place, which made her squirm. Then he unlaced her corset. Tossing it to one side, he lay back on the bed, and pulled Rachel to him. Pulling the toy from her, he replaced it with his cock, which was standing firm. She laughed as she slid down onto him. They rocked back and forth until they came once more in sticky splendor. This time as they collapsed, Raven pulled up the covers, spooned up behind Rachel and the two of them were soon fast asleep.

8 thoughts on “Caught! part 30

  1. It looks like I will have to go back and read all the previous chapters. How do you keep these all sorted out in your head? I would love a look inside your brain. 😉

    night owl

    1. It’s a very good story. Slavery, spankings, D/s, battles, corsets… all sorts of interesting stuff.

      Writing…You know, it’s like reading a book. I look at the last chapter I wrote and just start writing the next bit of the story. This is one I have no notes on. The MTJAFT series has the most notes, maybe 9 pages and most of that a genealogy of who’s parents are who’s. I didn’t even know I needed one until Buster showed up.

      And yes, it drives Wolf mad that I can just sit down and start writing. Even more so that my 64k NaNoWriMo has maybe three pages of notes.

      If you opened my head, I think you’d find a bunch of elves or fairies running around with pen and paper… 🙂

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