Flash Fiction Friday

Flash Fiction Friday Abduction!


We’d sailed from Gibraltar on a luxury cruiser owned by some friends of Tom’s. Hillary and I enjoyed the sun, the Mediterranean, and life in general. The party that night had been fantastic. Rich oil sheiks, wealthy Italians, Greeks and that Arab prince. We’d danced and drank. Good wines, fantastic food. There was at least five men for every woman on board.

I hadn’t thought anything was wrong until Hillary went missing. She’d gone off with one of the Italians. He’d dangled an emerald necklace in front of Hillary and then they were off below decks. The last glass of wine made my head spin. When I went to bed, I thought I’d heard a launch head off. I knew we were near the Moroccan coast and wonder who’d left. I passed out on my bed.


I woke to realize I wasn’t on board the ship. In fact, my ass was on hard cobbles. My thigh burned. Looking around I realized that I was still in my party clothes. Plus, my ankle was chained to a grate in the middle of the bizarre alley. I stood up carefully to see if I could undo the chain. No dice. Brand new with a funky cylinder lock. I pulled.

Laughter cascaded down the alley. I looked up to see a man in silhouette.

“Can you help me?” I called up to him.

كنت لا تحصل على الأقدام. لدي المفتاح، وقحة.” he said.

I didn’t understand a word of what he said. “I don’t understand you! Can you help me?”

No se le escapa. Tengo la puta llave.” he said.

“Puta? You think I’m a puta?” I asked as I understood the Spanish.

“Sí. Usted es una puta. Te he vendido a Prince Haveer. Usted y su amigo me hizo una pequeña ganancia”

“You’ve sold me and Hillary to that asshole from Bahrain?” I asked still tugging on the chain.

“Sí. $ 25.000 para cada uno de ustedes,” he said.

“You bastard!”

He laughed.

“I’ll escape and you’ll regret this!”

“Adelante. Usted ha sido un microchip y tatuado el nombre de su nuevo propietario,” he said laughing.

I stood up and twisted to look at that burning spot on my thigh. There was a bandage. I pulled it off and there was a royal crest tattoo. “No! I screamed. “I will not be some asshole’s New Year’s present!”

He laughed as he walked closer. I was shocked when I recognized him from the boat. Shoving me up against the wall, he gripped my breast and ran his fingers up between my thighs. My panties were gone. His fingers slid in hard and fast, as I was soaked. He finger fucked me hard as he whispered in my ear.

“En primer lugar, no me llames idiota. En segundo lugar, yo soy el príncipe Haveer, puta. No es que el hombre haciéndose pasar por mí.”

I gasped as I worked out what he had said. Not only was he a slaver, he was the buyer.




Advizor, I loved this prompt. It was great. My first thought was that James Bond Movie, Never Say Never Again, where Kim Basinger gets tied to the post to be sold. From there, the story just wrote itself. 🙂 I also couldn’t resist the little twist at the end. 🙂

Our prompt was a 500 word limit, the use of the phrase New Year or New Year’s and the extra credit was to use a phrase in a foreign language. 🙂 I used Arabic and Spanish, as both those are used in that area rather interchangeably. I remember hearing that mix for the first time when we visited that region of Spain. 

27 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday Abduction!

  1. “كنت لا تحصل على الأقدام. لدي المفتاح، وقحة” — I love this! 🙂 Wonderful take on the photo!

      1. hehe good that you got the hint, now all we have to do is wait “patiently” 😉 sometimes a short simply asks for more, this is such a case. there are so many ways this can go. the girls can take/want revenge. they can “buy” their freedom, they could even fall in love with him or if he’s a real Dom could come to love their situation and lifestyle ^^

  2. okay, okay okay!!! that pushed *all* my fucking buttons…holy FUCK!

    That was fantastic!!!!!

    Loved the twist? Hell no…i fucking ADORED the twist at the end. You have one fucking clever and devious brain…no WONDER i like you so!

    *huge smile*


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