Flash Fiction Friday… An Unusual Invitation.


“Sir, the car is here.”

“I’ll be ready in a moment James.”

He walked out to the car to find a nubile woman in the back seat. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m your invitation.”

“To what? I thought I was attending a fund raiser.”

“You are. I’m your sample. Should these thighs, breasts, and warm cunt be delightful enough, perhaps you will bid on me.” Her hand pulled the edge of her lacy dress up, exposing her thighs and a promise of more.

“Well, this isn’t exactly what I had expected.”

“Please come with me?” she asked. Her voice was heavy with lustful need.

He got into the car. The privacy partition was up between them and the driver. When the door closed, he smelled the heady scent of sandalwood perfume mixed with succulent cunt.

Her fingers moved in and out of her cunt. She held them near his nose for approval. He took her hand and sucked her fingers clean of juice. Leaning close, he kissed her breasts as his hand plunged between her thighs. She was wet and welcoming. As he stroked her nub, she came with a small cry. Then she moved to touch him.

She unzipped his trousers and pulled his cock free. Her lips wrapped around it, licking and sucking. He gasped. She moved close so that he could play with her cunt. She moaned against his cock. She licked and sucked until he shot deep into her throat. She licked him clean and redressed him. She straightening her clothes just in time for the car to pull up in front of the event venue.

They got out of the car and when he approached the host for the night, he handed the man a check for $100,000 cash. “I love a good invitation.”


I wasn’t sure where I was going to head with challenge. 300 words and invitation as a prompt. What kind of invitation? Where were they going? I wasn’t sure. It didn’t help that I only picked up the challenge this week at 11:30pm… It’s now 40 minutes later. Ah… but then what is a good challenge without a deadline. 🙂 Thank you Advizor for this delightful Flash Fiction Friday Challenge. These keep my mind sharp and fingers nimble. Oh… and as for your extra credit… I worked it into the story. 🙂 LOL!  

Oh, and listening to the Old Blind Dogs, a Scottish music group I love and have seen/worked with in concert.

12 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday… An Unusual Invitation.

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  1. I love that you put the FLASH in to Flash Fiction Friday. You had to write with a deadline, and he had to act quickly before the limo arrived. It’s sometimes good to hear the clock ticking in the background.

    And you used one of my favorite words, succulent. Sensuous to say, lovely to hear. Thanks for joining in. The next prompt goes up on Sunday!!!.

    1. Ah, Advizor, I do love FFF. 🙂 It keeps me sharp. 🙂 It was also good practice for NaNoWriMo… 🙂

      Pleased that you enjoyed my Limo quickie. 🙂 See you on Sunday!

    2. LOL…first thought that popped into my head…you must love going to garden centers (succulents!) …my bad… I do like the sound of that word, too. It’s a very evocative word.



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