The Oak and Thorn part 8

It was apparent to Elizabeth as they walked through the crowd, that there were Masters, Sirs, slaves and submissives in the room. As they stopped and chatted with people, she found it interesting. It reminded her of socials at work where the bosses and secretaries and clerks attended. The social groups didn’t mix, even if they were standing next to one another.

“Ah William, I see you have a new girl,” said one rotund gentleman.

“Yes, Adam, I do. Pet is rather new, but she caught the eye of Lord Duncan,” William said.

“Oh, very good. Very good. If she has a friend, let me know,” said Adam.

William nodded and then walked off. “Not in a million years,” he said under his breath.

She looked at her Sir, who gave a quick shake of his head.

“In a bit, we will go in for dinner. Do not balk at the rules,” he said softly in her ear.

“Yes Sir,” she said wondering what the rules would be.

“Dinner is served,” said a butler after a chime rang. The people began to move into the dining room which looked to Elizabeth like something out of a movie. Candlelight from chandeliers twinkled off the silver and china. When she looked at the table, she realized that the chairs were staggered. Between each chair was a cushion. Her Sir lead her to her cushion, and they all sat and knelt at the table.

Those seated fed those kneeling in a manner similar to how Sir had fed her at the Oak and Thorn. However, while the Doms and Dommes drank wine, those kneeling got water. When dinner was nearly over, all the subs and slaves were taken out of the dining room. She followed the line of people silently into another part of the house.

The door opened onto a room that while elegant, was perhaps the biggest dungeon she had ever seen. It was obvious the room had once been a ballroom. However, it now housed a number of fixtures that would only fit in the realm of kink. Some had obviously been here before, as they headed straight over to a small area with cushions. A few others headed for a small room. She wasn’t sure what to do when a woman came up to her.



“Your Sir requests that you kneel with the other subs there. He will decide later if you will be a plaything.”

She nodded and went to kneel on the cushions. They were very soft and she felt like she was sinking.

“You new?” whispered the redhead next to her.

“Yes. You?”

“Oh no. I’ve been here a couple of times. Just watch, and if you get picked, just behave,” the redhead said.


“Shush you two! You’ll get us in trouble,” said a brunette off to the other side.

The two fell silent just in time as the subs who’d gone into the small room came out in various states of undress and went to kneel on cushions near various pieces of furniture. A moment later, the Doms and Dommes came into the room followed by Lord Duncan.

“Good evening,” Lord Duncan said rather loudly. “We are here tonight to enjoy ourselves. The usual rules apply. Ask before you touch. Those who fail to listen will spend the night in the cage.” At this point, Lord Duncan pointed to a cage high above the crowd and off to one side of the ball room.

“Tonight, we have a number of people willing to show off their latest acquisition. Others will be holding master classes. Remember, the object is to enjoy yourselves,” said Lord Duncan. He then walked over to a young woman standing next to a wall and gave her some instructions. She nodded and flipped a number of switches which started music and lights.

Elizabeth knelt there in amazement at some of the things that were being done. A gentleman gave a demonstration on using the single tail whip. Another man played with a violet wand and a woman did rope work on a beautiful man. She was so enraptured by it all, she almost didn’t respond to her name.

“Pet, Please stand up,” said Sir.

She blinked and stood up. He lead her over to examine the rope work. The crimson rope against the man’s tan skin brought out everything in high relief. The knots, while well placed, didn’t seem to cause discomfort. As they watched, the sub was suspended by one leg and a complex knot at his shoulders. He looked as if he were swimming.

“What do you think of this Pet?” Sir asked quietly.

“Sir, it’s… amazing and somewhat scary all at once,” she admitted.

“Would you care to try it?”

She looked at the sub and then back to her Sir. “Um…” she hesitated.

“Your safe word is valid here Pet,” he said putting his finger under her chin to look into her eyes. “I would love to see you all trussed up.”

She took a deep breath. “Yes Sir, I think I’d like to try.”

“Good. Go off to the changing room and take off your dress and heels. There will be baskets for your clothes.”

She nodded and headed off to the room she’d seen earlier. She now understood why her Sir had allowed her to wear underwear tonight. They were some of the fancy ones he’d purchased for her and matched her bra. She was also glad she hadn’t worn stockings. Handing her basket of clothes to the attendant in the room, she took a deep breath before walking out into the room. She tried to imagine that her undies were just a lacy bikini as she walked out into the crowd. Little comments wafted past her ears.

“Very pretty.”

“A little plump for my tastes.”


“Ah Pet, rope work eh?” said Lord Duncan as he came up beside her to escort her the rest of the way back to her Sir.

“Yes, Lord Duncan,” she said slightly surprised to see him.

“Well, I’m certain you will find it an experience. Hopefully a good one,” he said. “Here you go William. Safe through the gauntlet.”

“Thank you Lord Duncan. I saw them honing in on her, but wasn’t quick enough. I didn’t think they’d be so bold,” said William.

“Ah William. There is a reason for the rules and the cage. One or two of them will end up there before the night is over,” sighed Lord Duncan.

“Perhaps,” William said. He escorted her the rest of the way over to the woman unwinding the ropes off of the sub. The sub knelt and in a moment, a woman in blue leathers collected her sub. They disappeared into the crowd.

“What is her name?” asked the woman.

“Pet,” said William. “Her safe word is leaf.”

The woman nodded. “Stand here Pet. Do exactly what I tell you to and it will be pleasure and not pain you experience.”

Elizabeth nodded. In the course of a few minutes, she was trussed up with her arms behind her, hands at the small of her back. A knot against her mound felt snug, but not uncomfortable. Ropes went up under her breasts, forming almost a corset and down between her legs. When the woman wove the rope between her lower legs, Elizabeth wasn’t certain what it was for, but waited patiently.

“Lean forward onto your Sir’s hands,” said the woman.

She did so, and suddenly felt her body tilt farther forward until she was hanging much as the previous sub had. The ropes pinched her nipples through her bra, and opened her legs up as her ankles were pressed to her ass. The knot that had sat on her mound pressed against her clit insistantly. The woman pulled on the ropes and tugged until she was tilted up at a 45 degree angle. Then the rope was tied off. The pressure on her breasts, nipples and clit were having their effect. She was so turned on.

“Well Pet, what do you think of the ropes?” asked her Sir.

“Very intense, Sir.”

He walked up behind her and stroked her thigh. Then his hand grazed her panties between her legs. “Why Pet, you are growing very wet.”

“Yes Sir. The knot on my clit is um… Oh,” she gasped as her body began to react to all the pressures.

“No coming yet,” he whispered in her ear.

“I’m trying not to Sir,” she said.

“Well, aren’t you all pretty,” said Lord Duncan from behind her. “I see her body likes it.”

“Agreed Lord Duncan. She’s rather affected,” admitted William.

“Well, then reward her,” said Lord Duncan. He smiled at William.

William nodded. He stood next to her and stroked her body where the ropes didn’t cover her skin. “Come little one. Come my pet,” he said softly. He let his hand trail down across her ass and between her thighs.

She gave into the feelings that were building up inside of her and as his fingers danced over her clit, she came. The jerk on the ropes translated into her body, bringing her harder a second time. She hung there gasping. Then she felt herself being lowered to the floor of the ballroom. As the ropes came off, sensations raced over her body. She trembled when the last of the ropes finally fell clear of her body. She understood the dazed look of the sub that had been roped before her.

“Come with me Pet,” said her Sir. They walked over to the cushions and he had her kneel on one. He petted her a little, kissed her and then walked off into the crowd. She felt as if she was floating as she watched him walk off. Her skin was so sensitive, she swore that sound felt like touch. Glad of the soft cushions, she focused on a detail on the wall opposite her trying to find her equilibrium. Time stopped.

“Pet, drink this,” said her Sir.

She blinked, not sure where he’d come from, or how long he’d been gone. It was orange juice. When she finished, he disappeared again. She still felt dazed. The rest of the night was a bit of a blur.

“William, you can use the bedroom at the top of the tower if you’d like,” said Lord Duncan. “Your Pet was well and truly taken away by the rope work. So responsive.”

“Agreed. Thank you for the invitation. I accept,” said William. He nodded to Lord Duncan and then walked over to were Pet sat. He took her hand, and the two of them left the ballroom.

The room was well appointed. William had stayed there before, and helped her find the bathroom, towels and the like. When they’d both showered, he tucked her into bed, and snuggled up behind her. His cock slid between her thighs and up into her pussy. He put his hands across the marks the ropes had made, pressing the same nerves as he pounded in and out. It didn’t take long before Pet was moaning and writhing.

“Sssir, please may I come?” she cried.

“Yyes,” he hissed as he came hard.

She cried her orgasm into the pillows. Without pulling out, he cradled her to his chest and the two of them fell fast asleep.

12 thoughts on “The Oak and Thorn part 8

  1. This is a great guide for those that need to train or be trained and it is just great that you are going to write dozens of chapters on Elizabeths training. Just excellent. Tip

  2. I’ve been rather fascinated with the idea of suspension. Your description does not lessen my interest. Thank you.

    night owl

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