Caught! part 31

The last of the carriages pulled away from the manor. Raven and Rachel walked back into the now quiet hall. Raven closed the huge door and then walked with Rachel down to the kitchen. The found the usually buzzing room quiet for the first time in over a week. Maggie and Morrin had taken off that morning for the local market. Tod sat on one of the tables and was eating leftovers from the feast as one of the kitchen maids cut up bits and pieces for a stew.

“Good morning Tod,” said Raven.

“Morning, M’lord,” said the boy around a bite of bread.

“Any more of that about?” asked Raven.

“Oh aye. Over there,” he said pointing to the remains of the feast. Raven and Rachel walked over and found cheese, fruit, bread and meat. They packed it into a basket along with two flasks of lemon water.

“Tell Maggie we’ll be back for supper,” said Rachel as they left out of the kitchen door. Tod nodded.

After a short ride to a secluded meadow, Raven and Rachel dismounted and spread out a blanket to sit on and ate their picnic lunch. As Raven lay with his head in Rachel’s lap, she stroked his hair. “Raven,” she said softly wondering if he were asleep.

“Yes, Rachel.”

“I need to talk to you about something,” she said.

“And what is that? Hopefully not another party,” he said.

“Oh, no, not that. Not for a few months at least, although we are expected at the Fowlers in a month’s time.”

“Then what is it?” he asked.

“Well, um…”

Raven rolled on his side and looked up at her. “What’s got you worried?”

“I… oh, I hope you won’t be mad at me,” she started.

“For what?”

“I… well, with the wedding and everything, but especially with being at Lord Hawkness’ for so long and all the plans and then coming home and all the work we’ve been doing and the preparations for the party, I forgot something,” she said.

Raven looked puzzled. “Forgot what?”

“Do you promise you won’t be angry with me?”

“No, unless you continue to stall,” he said. “What did you forget?”

“The tea.”

It took Raven a moment to figure out what she was talking about. Then it struck him. “Are you…” he started.

Rachel nodded. “I thought it was just the rich food and all the drink that was making me ill, but Lady Peri knew in a second and we started talking. Are… are you mad at me?”

Raven pulled Rachel into his arms. “No, of course not! When?”

“Around the Winter harvest,” she said. “And before you go getting all silly, when we talked, Lady Peri and I discussed sex. She said do what feels comfortable, and be a little more gentle.”

“You certain?” asked Raven.

“Yes. Apparently, she and Henry were having sex almost up until she delivered,” said Rachel.

Raven looked at Rachel and kissed her. “Fine, but the moment something doesn’t feel good or right, we stop.”

“Alright. In the meantime, can we take advantage of this lovely meadow and play in the sunshine?” she asked.

Raven smiled. He slowly opened the lacings on the vest Rachel wore until he could pull down her tunic and expose her lovely breasts. He sucked at her nipples as she sat astride his lap. The cloth between the two of them was driving him crazy. He pulled off her riding trews and then his own until they were wearing nothing but their tunics. He pulled her back onto his lap and for a moment, ran his hand over her stomach. It was still flat, but he knew that wouldn’t be for long. Her nipples were already a dark shade of rose, which he noted as he mouthed them once more.

Rachel gasped. Her nipples were sensitive from the pegs from last night and it was if his sucking on them today sent all the sensations straight to her cleft. She was straddled across his lap, and his cock teased her with light touches.

“Raven,” she moaned.

He smiled and moved her so that she slid onto his cock. He grabbed her hips and the two of them rocked slowly back and forth until they couldn’t. Raven lay back and let her ride him hard and fast until the two of them exploded in pleasure. Rachel collapsed to one side and curled up to Raven.

After a few moments, Raven rolled to face Rachel. He slid his fingers across her slick wet cleft and nudged her button until she came hard. He switched hand and as he cupped her mound with his fingers nestled inside, he spanked her bottom with his damp hand.

“Oh!” squeaked Rachel. The combination of pain and his fingers was scrambling her brain and she came harder than she had just a moment before. As she lay there panting and trying to catch her breath, Raven did it again. She shuddered with pleasure and felt as if she had sat in a puddle. He smiled down at her as she quivered.

An hour later, the two of them dressed and mounted their horses. They rode back slowly, as both were so very relaxed. When they got to the barn, Raven heard a noise.

“Rachel, stay put,” he said as he went to investigate. He walked quietly into the barn, keeping to the shadows. He covered his mouth not to laugh when he saw what the source of the noise was and crept back out of the barn.

“What is it?” asked Rachel in hushed tones.

He motioned for her to come with him to the far end of the corral. Once there, he took a deep breath.

“Raven, tell me!”

“It’s George and Rosie. He’s got her tied to a beam and is having a grand time licking her cleft. Plus, from the looks of it, he’s used a crop on her,” said Raven with a laugh.

Rachel began to snicker and then gave over to giggles. “Oh my.”

The two of them let the horses into the corral and left the tack on a fence rail near the barn. Then the two of them headed for the house. They could hear Maggie hollering orders in the kitchen, so they headed towards the front part of the house.

After dinner, Rachel went up to bathe. She was surprised to see Rosie standing next to her chamber door. “What is it Rosie?”

“May I talk with you?” Rosie asked. She had a basket in her hand.

“Of course. Let’s go into my room,” said Rachel.

“Rachel, I’ve… I’ve got some questions about… about some of the things in these books,” Rosie said at last.

“Alright, what do you want to know?” asked Rachel.

Rosie sat down and pulled out the books. She pointed to some of the things that she and George had tried and then asked questions. “Does it always feel that good?” she asked.

“Yes Rosie, when everything works, it does feel that good. Hadn’t you ever orgasmed before?”

“Well, kind of. I thought it more a duty than a pleasure, so I never bothered to learn any of this. Why doesn’t anyone tell you it can be this fun?” she asked.

“I don’t know. I’m just lucky that Raven is a good man and taught me how to pleasure myself as well as him,” said Rachel.

“Ah. That’s another question,” said Rosie. She went on to talk about sucking George’s cock and his licking her cleft. The discussion became a giggle session full of descriptions of play and looking through the books. Raven opened the door an hour later to find two giggling women who turned bright red as he entered.

“Did I disturb you two?” he asked.

“No!” said Rachel.

“Yes!” blushed Rosie.

“Ah, then I’ll leave,” said Raven.

“Well, you can answer a question for us,” said Rachel.

“Oh?” he asked spying the books at last as he came further into the room.

“Do men really come in such different shapes and sizes?” Rachel asked holding up one book with an illustration of variously sized cocks. Rosie went deep red in the face, but nodded.

Raven flushed a bit. “Yes, we do. Just like women’s breasts come in different sizes as do their clefts,” he said. “It just helps to have a good um… fit between partners.”

Rosie blushed furiously. Rachel smiled.

“Any other questions?” he asked hoping there weren’t.

“No, but I think I better draw Rachel’s bath and then get to bed,” said Rosie. She got up and headed for the small alcove where the bath had been placed.

Raven looked at Rachel, who mouthed the words, “later.”

Once Rosie had gotten Rachel’s bath ready, she excused herself and headed off. Raven closed the door behind her and then turned to Rachel. “A rather interesting discussion I take it.”

“Oh yes. George may wish he’d never complained about her laying still and watching the ceiling,” giggled Rachel as she slipped into the tub.

“Oh? Have we unleashed a wanton woman on the world?”

“No, simply awakened a woman to her own body. She’d never known it could feel good. I think George was almost as ignorant as she was,” said Rachel.

Raven came over and took the sponge from Rachel and began to bathe her. When he was done, they switched places. Rachel dried herself off and sat next to Raven wrapped in a bath sheet.

“I guess I can see that,” he said. “I think most people find out more by accident than being taught. I know the first time I figured out a bit about sex was after seeing two horses go at it.”

“That must have made an impression,” teased Rachel.

“Oh, it did. I worried for weeks that my wee cock simply wouldn’t be up to the task,” said Raven.

“How old were you?”

“About four. Morrin explained that things ‘changed’ when you got older, so I didn’t worry any more. Then I discovered maids about the time I was sixteen. My father took the crop to me more than once for screwing them.”

“Oh?” asked Rachel. “Why?”

“Because I was poaching his playthings,” said Raven. That made them both laugh. “Speaking of playthings, are you too sore or tired?”


“Good. For I ache to dine on your body and easy this ache deep in your cleft,” he said standing up out of the bath with an erection. Rachel giggled and ran in mock horror for the bed. He cornered her, still dripping from the bath against the bed. She tried to scramble up and over, but was snagged in the towel. Raven tossed her on her back and began to kiss her up one thigh, across her cleft and down the other. By the time he’d traversed her skin once again, he couldn’t wait any longer and climbed between her thighs and thrust in until he was nestled hip deep.

Rachel sighed as he lifted her hips up and fingered her while his cock moved in and out. It didn’t take long before the heat build between the two of them and they first froze in pleasure and then collapsed to the bed. Raven pulled Rachel close, letting his cock nest against her ass and her breast cupped in his hand. It didn’t take long before both were asleep.

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