The Oak and Thorn part 9

She woke early and it took her a moment to remember that she was at Lord Duncan’s estate. She got up and went to the bathroom. She almost got back to bed when her Sir woke.

“Up early?”

“No Sir, it’s nearly 8am. That’s late for me,” she said softly.

“Well, let’s shower and see what the day holds,” he said getting out of bed and taking her by the hand back to the bathroom. She started the water for the shower and he joined her a moment later. He rinsed off the stickiness of the night and then began to touch and play with her. His hands pinched and squeezed in all the right places until she was gasping with need.

“Sir,” she started.

“No, not yet.” He ran his hand swiftly between her thighs and up against her pussy. As she leaned against the shower wall, he slid wet fingers deep inside her. As he fingered her clit and pussy with one hand, he slid his other thumb over her tight ass.

“Sssir, please,” she moaned.

“Do not come yet. I’d hate to have to punish you,” he gasped. His cock bobbed against her ass, and he moved his hands so that he could thrust deep into her pussy.

“Oh! Oh sir,” she said breathing hard. She squirmed against his body wanting to come, but trying hard not to do so.

He held her waist with one hand and braced himself with the other. Pumping hard, he felt his orgasm start to build. He slid his thumb across her ass and down against her asshole. “Come now Pet,” he hissed as his own orgasm began to spill across his emotions.

She gave into the feelings of pleasure. “Ahhh,” she cried against the tiles.

He thrust his cock hard as it filled her and he thumbed her ass, filling it until his hand cupped her ass. She squealed at the sudden pressure. He held her tight as she came and came, until she was limp in his arms. Slowly, he pulled out of her pussy, but kept his thumb firmly in her ass. He turned her towards him and stroked her clit, not letting up on it until she came again and again.

“Ohh, Sir,” she gasped, “Ppplease let me breathe.”

He smiled and made her come again until her knees buckled. As she knelt in the shower, he finished off and got out. He kept an eye on her and when she started to stand up, he finished drying off.


She came out wrapped in a towel five minutes later. “Sir, I only have the clothes I wore yesterday.”

“Yes, and Lord Duncan’s servants have supplied us with some clothes for the day. Yours are here,” he said. He was already pulling on a shirt and tucking it into chinos.

She walked over to the bed, drying her hair to find a tweed skirt, silk blouse, slippers and nothing else. She looked around for her bra and didn’t find it. “Sir? Where are our clothes from last night? I want my bra.”

“They are being laundered for tonight. No bra. No panties. You are to be open and available,” he said.

She nodded and dressed quickly. The clothing fit well. She followed her Sir downstairs and into a dining room where people were just eating breakfast.

“William! Good to see you,” said a man. “Did you hear, Jules got stupid last night.”

“No, I didn’t,” said William. He put food on his plate for himself and Pet.

“Grabbed one of the Dommes, and then wondered why he ended up in the cage. Duncan said he might get to come down by lunch,” said the man.

William laughed and shook his head. He took his plate over to the table and motioned for Pet to kneel on the cushion. He fed her bites as he ate. When they were done, they headed out onto a patio where people were socializing.

“Sleep well?” Lord Duncan asked William.

“Yes, I did. Wonderful shower this morning as well.”

“Ah good. I see the clothes fit as well. You really should just leave a suitcase here for the weekends,” said Duncan.

“Most likely. I just never think of it in time,” said William.

“And how is business?”

“Well, I have a new executive secretary who is working out very well,” William said with a smile.

It didn’t take more than a second for Lord Duncan to make the connection and laugh. “On purpose?” he asked.

“No, purely accidental. One of my clients said that he had an extra office suite in the City, and I took him up on the offer. I admitted that I would need a secretary, and he said he could take care of that as well. Not sure which of us was more surprised when Pet here walked in. To her credit, she kept her cool and old Duffy never had a clue,” said William.

Lord Duncan laughed.


The day was spent touring Lord Duncan’s estate. Pet was surprised to see not one, but two people stuffed into the cage that was suspended above the dungeon floor. She started to ask her Sir a question, but he shushed her with a kiss. Later he explained what would happen to the people and she just nodded.

After lunch, she got a tour of the dungeon toy room. There were things in there that baffled her, and she finally had to ask her Sir about one series of bars and loops.

“That is a body cage. The wing nuts allow adjustment of individual sections and the cuffs hold the limbs in place,” he said.

“Oh, that doesn’t sound comfortable,” she admitted.

“No, but when you don’t want to use a spreader bar, but want full access, it works very well,” he stated. “Let me show you.”

“Sir, I take your word for it,” she said realizing she’d made a mistake.

“Pet,” was all he said.

She took a deep breath and looked at the floor. He took a set of cuffs and put them on her wrists. Then he added a set of elbowed bars that formed a jointed W. Then he took her arms and adjusted her position until they were up over her head, and crossed. Her fingertips touched her elbows. Then he tightened the wing nuts. He cuffed her ankles and attached a V shaped set of bars that had a chain link that attached to the bottom of the W. Her legs were spread wide and her hands immobile. Then he adjusted the rods to bend her over and lean her across a bench. She was unable to move, and yet wide open to touch.


“Yes Pet?”

“I’m sorry for doubting you Sir.”

“That may well be, but I think I’d like to see just how well this works,” he said as he lifted her skirt. He began to spank her ass in a series of short sharp slaps.

She gasped at the air on her ass and then the first blows. Her face turned crimson as she realized that there were other people in the room, and that they were gathering around her to watch. She tried not to cry out, but he increased the power of his spanks until she did gasp out in pain. She tried to squirm away and realized that she could not move.

“Ow! Sir! Please, I’m sorry,” she cried.

“Yes. And I will finish in a moment,” he said. “How many swats is this?”

“Twenty-two, Sir.”

“Good girl.” He spanked her four more times and then began to caress her stinging flesh. He knew she was soaked, as her juices were running down her thighs. He pulled something from his pocket and rubbed it along her slit, coating it in juice. When it was soaked, he slowly moved it farther back until it was right against her ass. He held it there while his other hand stroked her clit.


“No orgasms,” he said still stroking her. She wiggled and moaned and just as he sensed she wanted to come, he slid the wet plug into her ass. As she gasped at the intrusion, he pulled down her skirt, and started releasing her from the constraints. Some of those present murmured appreciation or delight in what they had seen. When she was upright, he turned her to him and held her chin up to look in her eyes. “You will wear that until I say otherwise.”

She nodded. They continued the tour of the toys.

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