Caught! Finale

Yes, it has to end. Gnashing teeth, pouting and threats will do no good. Besides, there are other stories waiting to be written!

Raven and Rachel watched as Devon and Madeline danced across the ballroom floor. There were people everywhere chattering and nibbling delicacies. Lord Kress moved slowly out onto the dance floor with Lady Merial and began to dance.

“It’s so good to see everyone again,” said Rachel as she leaned back against Raven.

“Yes, it is. After Belle and Tod married, I never thought that Madeline would ever choose a husband,” said Raven. “Although the expense and detail of all of these social events still floors me.”

“Agreed. Never would have managed though without Peri and her daughters,” said Rachel. She looked over to where Lady Peri sat on a settee, surrounded by daughters and granddaughters.

“I must agree. That woman still has such a force of presence.”

“She terrified me at our wedding. Then I learned what a heart of gold she has,” said Rachel.

Raven nodded. The music paused and Madeline came over to her parents. She hugged them both and then flitted off to dance again. Devon followed after her with a grin on his face.

“He has no idea of what he’s in for does he?” asked Raven.

“No, I don’t think so. Then again, as Lord Hawkness’ youngest son and namesake, I wouldn’t doubt that his father has at least clued him in,” said Rachel.

“And has Madeline found her copy of the books?”

“She asked for them,” said Rachel with a smile. Rachel had copies made for each of her children, and many more for those that requested them. “Granted, she found Jemma’s before her wedding.”

“I remember the questions. How on earth you explained any of that in a sensible manner to a ten year old, I will never understand,” said Raven remembering his youngest running in to ask about the funny picture book.

“It was easier to handle than the indignation of Edward,” said Rachel.

Raven nodded. He never in his life thought that any of his children would be prudish. Edward had proved him wrong. They had been blessed with two sons and four feisty daughters. Madeline was the youngest and last to be wed. “Would you care to dance?”

Rachel smiled and the two of them moved out into the melee of dancers. At dusk the newlyweds left on their bridal trip. Everyone waved them off from the front of the manor house.

“No rowdy singing for them eh?” said Lord Hawkness remembering Raven’s wedding.

“No,” said Lord Kress. “Miss that bit of singing though.”

Raven nodded. The rest of the wedding party began to leave in small groups. He helped Lady Peri into her carriage. “Thank you Lady Peri,” he said as he kissed her cheek.

“Ah, no trouble. Does me well to be out. I miss Henry, but he left me with plenty to do,” she said. Lord Fowler had died some years previous and she had taken over running the croft.

Rachel kissed her goodbye and waved as they departed. She stood there with Raven until the last of them were gone.

“Oh how Maggie would have loved this,” she said as they walked into the house.

“Yes. She’d have been a right terror and I would have welcomed seeing her do so,” laughed Raven.

“Well, now that’s over, shall we go to bed?” Rachel asked.

Raven smiled and chased her up the stairs. Once in their room, he helped her out of her fine dress. He held her close, running his hands down her corset. When he came to the laces, he smiled.

“Oh Raven,” she said half joking.


“Really? Is that what you want?” she asked.

“Yes. I want you helpless in my arms. Slave to my pleasuring,” he said teasing her as he had over the years. He flipped her around and pulled the corset lacings tight and tied her hand gently with them. Then he turned her back around and slowly undid the top hooks of the corset, allowing her soft breasts to nearly spill out. He pulled down the drawers that had replaced the longer chemise and ran his hands over her stockings. Then he lifted her onto the bed and undressed.

Rachel looked at his body, still firm in spite of the years that had passed. She loved the sight of his cock standing proud. Her own body had weathered childbirth, but was still pleasing, given years of horseback riding and good sex. She leaned back on her hands.

Raven smiled. He moved between her thighs and teased her cleft first with his tongue and then his fingers. Rachel squirmed and moaned as he brought her to orgasm. As she lay there gasping, he moved up between her thighs and slid his cock where his fingers had just been. Then he pulled her up so that she straddled his thighs. It drove his cock deep inside.

“Oh, Rrraven,” she moaned.

He slowly rose up and down, moving to stroke all those places Rachel loved. She writhed on his cock. As she started to orgasm, he slapped her ass.

“Ah! Ah!” she cried, her body reacting by coming. Her muscles clamped around his cock and it didn’t take long for Raven to empty himself deep inside. He gasped with pleasure and held her close. After a moment, he pulled out of her and then began to slowly undo her corset, one hook at a time. When her breasts were just free, he sucked and licked each nipple until it was hard. Then he slid his hand along her cleft, and when it was wet, he turned Rachel and spanked her ass once again.

Rachel moaned, cried and gasped as he continued to spank her. She couldn’t resist. Her hands still confined by her corset laces. She could feel her body respond as wetness coated her thighs. Just when she thought she could take no more, he undid her laces and freed her hands. Raven stroked her body, knowing what she craved. Touch. Pain. Pleasure. He caressed her skin and then ran his fingers across her cleft once more.

“Raven, please…” she said softly.

“Yes,” he said knowing what she wanted.

Rachel moved so that she could take his cock in her mouth. He was partially erect, and she loved rolling him around in her mouth as he became firm. His hoarse breathing told her that he was enjoying her attentions.

Raven grabbed Rachel’s hips and pulled her body toward him, so that he could touch and play with her while she sucked his cock. Nails over sensitive skin made her arch towards him, and he ran his fingers up until he reached her button and played with it. Rachel moaned and the vibrations against his cock were almost enough to make him lose control. Three times they played this game and on the fourth, he grabbed her by the hip and turned her so that she could mount him.

Rachel slid onto Raven’s cock and sighed. She felt so good. They rocked faster and faster until the two of them orgasmed at nearly the same moment. Rachel arched backwards as Raven lifted off the bed. The two of them shuddered and then melted to the bed. Raven puled Rachel to him and ran his fingers across her cleft until she nearly passed out from pleasure.

“Aaaah!” she cried as the last orgasm took away all sense, and left her with nothing but bone melting pleasure. Raven cradled her against his chest as he pulled the covers up. He went to sleep thinking of all the pleasures they’d had and of all those yet to come.

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    1. You’re welcome. There are a few others in that section you might like. Job Ready, Silver Service, Ladies Academy, Desert Dreams (fair warning, alien tentacles), the Tower and Sian. Then again, I like all of them.

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