Beltane Fest (Story #7)

I made a mistake when posting and numbering stories. Please skip forward a few days and read story #6 first!

There he was, dancing to the words spoken by Dayffed. Spins, crouches, leaps. All in tune to the words and the drums. It was hard to connect this whirling dervish to the quiet man who’d been showing me jewelry earlier in the afternoon. Dayffed was coming to the peak of his story. I knew that they had practiced this bit, but I’d never seen it. I was standing on the edge of the circle and saw Keir working his way towards me. I looked up at Dayffed and he winked at me. Oh gods! I thought… what are they up to. Suddenly, Keir was right in front of me. Dayffed’s voice hit the peak of his story and…

“Boo!” said Keir as he winked at me and then danced away.

Those around me giggled as I startled, and then I too began to laugh. The story was about finished so I sat and got comfortable. By now, I knew that Dayffed wasn’t done when he finished a story. People were drawn by his voice as well as the tale itself. Keir had done a great job of physical illustration. You could see the raven or the fox as easily as the lost boy or the cagey wolf.

Applause went around the circle as Dayffed and Keir took their bows. They vanished in the crowd as people went up to thank them and chat. I sat and watched the flames as I waited.

“So, you liked my dance?” said a voice in my ear.

“Keir! You startled me! That’s twice now. No fair!” I said as I tried to get my breath back. I’d nearly jumped off my seat when he’d spoken.

Keir smiled. “I like that about you. Off in dreamland and you don’t notice things. Not the best thing to do, but it makes it fun.” He broke off talking to me as his partner Vashti approached.

“Hello Vashti,” I said.

“Hello Isabeau, Keir,” she said. Vashti had a voice that melted most men with its soft tones. Keir’s eyes shined when he looked at her. “Did you enjoy yourself, mischief?” she asked him.

“Always. Scared her twice,” he said, pointing at me.

I smiled and stood up as Dayffed approached.

“Thanks again Keir. We’ll have to team up again some evening,” Dayffed said.

“I’d like that. You’re a good storyteller,” Keir answered. He smiled, took Vashti by the waist and disappeared into the darkness.

“He’s a wild feral spirit,” I said. “Startled the hell out of me twice in the space of ten minutes.”

“That’s his nature. It is like watching Loki in human form sometimes. He skates the edges in a way I don’t often see.”

“I can believe that,” I said as we headed for the tent. We had it to ourselves for the night. Morgan and the girls were coming up in the morning. Devi had to work, so they were going to be late.”

I felt someone caressing my back and thighs. Oh, it felt so good. Warm fingers touching my inner lips, making me wet with anticipation. Kisses on my neck, almost biting in intensity brought me fully awake. I rolled over to face my love and greet him with a kiss. I opened my eyes…

“Morgan!” I said in soft exclamation.

“Ah you woke at last, my wee love,” he said.

Turning and snuggling into his embrace I looked up at this mountain of a man.

“And whatever made you decide to wake me up like this?” I said as his hands continued to pay attention to my lips and clit.

“When I came into the tent, the sun was just caressing your face. You looked so beautiful laying there that I had to touch you,” Morgan said.

His fingers delved deep into me, making me gasp with pleasure. This brought Dayffed around, and accessing the scene, he started kissing me and murmured a good morning to Morgan.

“Hello Dayffed, and how are you this fine morning?” Morgan asked.

“Sleepy. This wench had her wicked way with me last night and wore me out,” Dayffed replied.

Morgan laughed and intensified his fingerplay.

“Ooh..ayyaa,” I began to moan. My hips pushed against his hand, aching for more.

Morgan shifted me and pulled my leg up over his lap so that his cock slid between my lips until it nestled home.

“Oh!” I said, as the pleasure of having him in me began to spread as his hips met mine. Dayffed was kissing my back and caressing my body from behind as I rode Morgan. Morgan began to move faster and my body hummed with the pleasure.

“oh… Mm-orggan,” I moaned as his hands grabbed my checks to hold me firmly against him. I stiffened with the beginnings of orgasm as he reached down and started sucking on my breast.

“Ah… ahh!” I horsely groaned into his hair as we shuddered with pleasure. His hips grinding against me as he came. We slowly stopped moving, breathing in ragged gasps as our bodies recovered. Dayffed reached for my hand and brought it to his cock which was aching for attention. I took him in hand as Morgan cradled me against his chest, not wanting to let go of me yet. Dayffed didn’t need much help and was soon lying next to us snuggled in that blissful after sex state.

“This has got to be one of the best ways to wake up,” I said quietly. “Sandwiched between two lovely men.” I smiled. A few weeks ago I wouldn’t have dreamed of this let alone been eager to play so openly. Devi still teased me about the “poly-whatsits” comment I made. Which reminded me….

“Morgan, where are the girls?” I said turning to face him.

“Devi and Helen are up in their own tent. They made it clear to me that it was girl’s night, so I came down here. He bent down and kissed me.

“So, that’s how you ended up here,” Dayffed said. “Waking up respectable people with your mad passions.” He laughed as Morgan swiped at him with a hand.

“You bloody Welsh…. twist the whole world with that tongue of yours!” Morgan said with a smile.

I wormed my way out of their sandwich and grabbed a sarong.

“I don’t know about you two, but I’m heading for the showers,” I said as I headed out of the tent. I saw Devi and Helen ahead of me on the path, and called out to them to wait for me. It’s always better to shower with friends. Especially when they can reach the bits you can’t.

“Morning ladies,” I said as I caught up with them. Kisses and greeting were exchanged.

“Well, I can tell Morgan woke you up Isabeau,” Devi said.


“Yes….. I can smell him on you,” she giggled.

I did reek of men, and joined her in the laughter as we headed towards the showers. We were the first ones there, and took over two sections. Our towels and clean clothes safely off to one side, we began to clean up. As Devi turned around, something caught my eye.

“Why Devi! When did you get the tattoo across the top of your buns?” I asked. It was a gorgeous blue Celtic swirl knot.

“I got it last week when I went up north to that conference,” she said. “Hasn’t it healed up well?”

I nodded. It was fine work, and very well done. I just stepped into the spray of water when another voice spoke up.

“Devi, may I see?” said Vashti as we turned towards her. Devi smiled and obliged Vashti with a view.

“That is nice work,” she said. “I have a new one too since I saw you last.” Vashti turned, lifted her hair and showed us a beautiful fairy that graced her shoulder and seemed to glide down her back.

“Oh wow…. Vashti, that is gorgeous,” I said, Devi and Helen nodding in agreement. I felt rather naked considering that everyone else had at least a bracelet tattooed if not more.

We finished showering as the breakfast gong started to sound. I dumped my shower stuff off at the tent, noticed that it was empty, but still smelled of our morning romp. The guys must have headed off to the showers too.

I found them at a table talking to Reg, Donald and Keir. All of them had their heads down in a most conspiratorial manner.

“And what are you gentlemen up to now?” I asked. They looked up. Dayffed and Morgan smiled while Reg blushed. I knew from that that they were planning mischief. “Come on now,…. No surprises!” I said. This bunch had pulled things on me and the other women before. It was like leaving kids in a candy shop when they got together. Keir just gave me this smile. The way his eyes danced, I knew that they were up to something.

Vashti walked up about then, looked at Keir, who began to smile even more.

“Keir, what are you up to?” she asked.

“Oh nothing,” he evaded.

Vashti and I sat down with our breakfasts. Devi and Helen came to sit down with us as well.

“The Lads are up to something,” I said.

Devi looked over to where they had shifted and nodded in agreement. She had known them the longest and saw just from the body language that they were up to mischief.

“I guess we had just better keep an eye on them. Who knows what they will get up to considering its Beltane,” she said.

We all nodded in agreement. Tonight the Beltane Bonfire would be lit, people handfasted, people celebrating births and all sorts of things. I knew Dayffed was storytelling and Morgan and the lads were in demand as the drummers. Question was… what were they up to, and just how would that involve us ladies.

After breakfast, Devi and I went up to the one pavilion to make wreaths. Helen went off to help with the drums and Vashti went off somewhere.

“Did you worm anything out of Morgan?” I asked.

“Not a smidgen. He just smiled and said I’d like it,” she said. “And, to be honest, that has me more worried than if he had just kept quiet.”

We both laughed. As the hair wreaths formed under our hands, I thought about how this crazy bunch had come into my life and how they continually sprang surprises. I rarely had a dull moment when I was with them. As for my sex life… ahhhh… I woke from my reverie as Devi tried to say that Keir was behind me. A cascade of flowers fell on me.

“Mphhrrrwhat!?!” I sputtered.

“Looked like you were running low,” he said as he smiled and trotted off down the path before I could even stand.

“You Imp!” I shouted at his receding form.

Devi was laughing. She finally helped me out of the pile of flowers and helped me make some sense of them.

“Oh! That was hilarious Isabeau!” she said. “He just popped up out of nowhere, and I started to say something and then it was too late.”

“I noticed,” I said. “Now we have to get this mess in some kind of order.”

We finally got all the wreaths done and made an assortment of garlands and decorations for the altars. Lunch had passed by without our noticing it, and we realized that it was time to set stuff up.

I got back to change just in time to see Dayffed race out of the tent.

“Hey! Where are you going?” I called.

“Off to get ready! I’ll see you at the bonfire!” he hollered over his shoulder.

I was a bit surprised as Dayffed and I always went together. I began to wonder just what the lads had in mind. I couldn’t find the tunic dress I had planned to wear. It was gone. I tore through the tent and didn’t find it. More mischief. I had to settle on a sheer over tunic with a deep purple sarong underneath. I just hope it wasn’t going to get too cool this evening. I grabbed my sandals, daubed on some lavender perfume and headed up the hill to Devi and Helen’s tent. I could hear the growls of frustration and see things flying as I got nearer.

“Hello the tent!” I called, not wanting to find a shoe or frying pan flying my way. Devi stuck her head out, saw that it was me, and softened her tones.

“Hello. Did your clothes for tonight disappear?” she asked?

“Yes, they did. I had to make do with a filmy lighter set of clothes than I originally planned,” I said.

“All of our nice gather clothes are gone,” said Helen in a not too pleased voice. “We are having to make do with some sarongs and shawls. I’m not happy,” she finished.

“Hmm,… I wonder what this has to do with tonight?” I said. “Dayffed went running out and headed up the hill towards the drummers circle. He didn’t even have his gather clothes on.”

“Oh shit. What are they up to?” Devi puzzled.

After we dressed, we stopped to find Vashti. She too along with other women was missing their normal gathering clothes. And, their men had disappeared too. We grabbed our flower wreaths and headed down the path.

The drums began to beat, so we moved towards the circle. We got there and stood in amazement. There were two bonfires as usual, but up to one side was a stage and behind that, Morgan’s pavilion. Helen, Devi and I looked at each other. Now things were really getting confusing. When did they set that up? None of us thought that we had been that oblivious today. We sat down and waited. The drums increased their tempo, and as the crowd grew quiet, the torches on the edge of the stage were lit.

Morgan’s big drum began to echo and Dayffed stepped out onto the stage. He was covered from head to toe in a cloak.

“Creation,” he said. “In the beginning there was the Goddess…”

As he spoke, the curtains on the stage moved aside to show five or six figures. As they stepped forward, Devi gasped, as did we all.

“There are our clothes!” she said trying to whisper.

“Oh my hairy Goddesses!” I giggled, for I could see that each of us had lost our gather clothes to one of the lads, and hairy Goddesses they were in deed.

We all started to giggle as Dayffed continued to tell of the beginnings of the universe. Of how the Goddess became lonely and wanted a lover. The figures on stage moved to the story. When it came time for the God to be brought into the story, half of the men disappeared behind the curtain and came out nude. Well… not totally nude. They wore spirals of woad on their bodies. Beautiful blue gods. They made advances on the Goddesses, and they led them behind a curtain that was backlit. The shadows showed the intimacy of their lovemaking and they lay in repose after their pleasure as Dayffed finished his story.

We were all on our feet clapping and hollering our delight at this storytelling. The stage went dark, and then the bonfires sprang to life. As they started to flame upwards, Morgan appeared between them. He was dressed, as the Green Man, complete with a beautiful mask of leaves, the horns just peering out from the mass of his wavy hair that was loose and threaded with more greenery. Around his waist was a huge leaf… which sent Helen and Devi into hysterics. I was giggling pretty hard too at the sight of him.

From behind Morgan came Keir. He was dressed as Pan, and we looked towards Vashti who was blushing.

“Oh my,” she said.

It was the way she said it that told us he wasn’t wearing anything except horns and a pair of shearing chaps. They had painted his legs and feet as well as his face. He was magnificent. Keir was scampering around the crowd playing a set of pipes, and was actually herding the crowd towards the bonfires.

“Come to the Fire, Come to be Wed, Come fill desire, Come take them to bed!” he sang as he danced.

Couples who were to be handfasted came forth and Morgan led them through the fires to the Priestesses and Priests doing the rites. Others were dancing with Pan/Keir and were taking the blessings of the Green Man/Morgan as they passed between the fires. Vashti danced with Pan and was laughing so hard that her wreath came tumbling off.

Finally, it was our turn. Devi, Helen and I danced up to Morgan. He swept us up in a hug. Kisses all round, and then Dayffed was there too. He too was one of the blue gods. I could see his woad spirals by firelight. He kissed Helen, then Devi, and then took me in his arms.

“Ah, are you mad at me my love?” he asked as we kissed.

“No dear man, but it would have been nice to have helped you out so that we weren’t left in scarves,” I said.

“Oh, but that too is part of our devious plan,” he said with a smile.

Morgan was smiling too, and they led us up to Morgan’s pavilion. Others were still dancing, and Reg and Donald were playing the drums, so no one noticed us go. Many people were pairing off for some Beltane fun. We were just part of the flow.

They had stuck it under the trees, and had covered the ground with rugs and pillows. Candles were lit and food was set out on low tables. It was amazing.

“Well, what do you think?” Dayffed whispered in my ear.

“Oh Dayffed, it’s beautiful. I’m amazed. When did you ever find time?” I said.

“Morgan is a genius. He got the stage crew to set it up for him,” he said.

I looked across to Morgan, and he just smiled. It was wonderful with all the Green Man stuff still on his face. I blew him a kiss.

“Ah, what good is that?” Morgan said. He walked over to me, picked me up and gave me a kiss that nearly took my breath away.

“Morgan!” I gasped. I still wasn’t use to being bear hugged by this man. He kissed me again and then let me go. His hand trailed across my ass. Morgan was such a rogue. We sat down on the cushions as the men gathered plates of goodies for us. I went to reach for a piece of fruit, and Dayffed pulled the plate out of my reach. He picked it up and fed it to me. We were to be goddesses for the night. Waited upon by our blue and green gods.

“You know, I could get use to this,” Devi said.

Helen and I nodded in agreement. My mouth was too full of strawberry to talk. Dayffed was moving between Helen and I while Morgan gave Devi his full attention. Helen reached over, and snuggled nearer to me. She gave me a kiss and then opened her mouth to take a blueberry from Dayffed. We ate and talked and touched until none of us could take it any more.

Helen started kissing Dayffed and I moved up Helen’s legs, nibbling her soft flesh as I worked my way up. Dayffed was kissing her breasts as his hands moved down to her other lips. She was moist and wet. My lips and his fingers met. Dayffed’s fingers drove into her wet pussy as I began to lick her clit. Helen moaned and pulled Dayffed’s head to her breasts.

Across from us, Morgan held Devi’s hips while he licked and sucked on her clit and lips. She moaned and squirmed with pleasure. His arm moved up her body until he grasped her breast and began to kneed it gently.

Helen arched in orgasm from our attentions. Dayffed then pulled me to him and slid his fingers into me. Finding me very wet, he then knelt, and pulled me into his lap. His xoxks slid across my ass and then deep into me. His arms crossed over my chest and each hand held a breast. Helen recovered from her pleasures, knelt in front of me, kissing my face and nibbling my lips. Her fingers ran down my body, caressed my mound and then began to play with my lips. The attention of Dayffed’s cock sliding in and out was driving me wild. I could feel the lips of my cunt contract around him as I began to orgasm. Helen left my mouth to kiss my breasts and her fingers played with my clit stimulating me more and more.

Dayffed began to orgasm, his thrusts becoming more urgent. His arms held me in place as I too began to stiffen with pleasure.

“Ooh… Day-ff-d,” I moaned as the orgasm rocked me. Helen’s fingers were bringing me to a frenzy matched by the strokes of Dayffed’s cock. I hugged Helen to me as I came. Dayffed held us both in a passionate orgasmic embrace.

We shuddered to a halt, falling over onto the pillows. I felt like I was floating away. Morgan and Devi had just finished up as well. He sounded like a bull when he came. So much noise. All I could do is smile. Devi lay there with a glazed look on her face as well. It was Beltane. I was a goddess, satiated with pleasure. I fell asleep.

I woke early in the morning. We were all snuggled together in the middle of the pavilion on the pillows. Our sarongs and wraps had served as blankets. I tried to figure out what had woken me when I noticed that Devi, Helen and I each had a piece of jewelry on or near us. As I tried to figure this out, I heard laughter cascading down the path from the pavilion. It was Keir.

Our Loki had struck again.

7 thoughts on “Beltane Fest (Story #7)

  1. Always delicious. I love the image of the blue woad swirls around the men’s naked bodies, and the Green Man with his oversized leaf.

    Lovely. I could hear the music and the drums as I read.

    night owl

  2. This does sound like something that would really interest me, I do have trouble with names at times and this would drive me crazy, I have enough trouble with Betty, Joan, Bill etc. But that is just me. Once again this sure sounds like fun. Tip

    1. Names in the story, or names in bed? In real life, pagan festivals are really funny, because everyone goes by ‘pagan names’, which may or may not be their real names. So you get Wolf, Raven, Hawk, Winter/Spring/Summer Hawk/Stag/Wolf etc, Mari, Rhiannon, Soldad, etc… It’s even worse when you know someone as George in real life who goes by Summer Leaf at a festival, and won’t answer to George if you forget!

      As for names in bed… Tip, to be honest, after the second kiss, you don’t bother with names. 🙂 Unless it is Sweetie, Dear, Luv, Honey or comeherelover…. 🙂 It’s just all touch and sensation until your brain melts. 🙂 Or, as one lover said, “The only name of anyone after they are horizontal is Beautiful”

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