Abduction Samantha part 3

A little more of the tale of our two abducted women. Dragons lurk here. 


Prince Haveer walked to his bedroom, feeling his erection rubbing against his clothes. He hoped that the woman was worth the expense. Otherwise, he’d auction her off faster than she could draw breath. He walked into his room to find her standing against the wall with her arms above her head.

لديك خياران. قتال أو تقديم.” he said.

“What?” she asked.

“Usted tiene dos opciones. Lucha o presentados,” he repeated.

“Fight or submit? To being fucked by you?” she snapped back.

“Si.” He walked over to her and shoved her up against the wall. His hand went under her gauzy clothes and found her pussy. His smile was hard. Almost as hard as the fingers he thrust up between her legs and into her pussy. His other hand held her immobile against the wall. Quickly and brutally, he brought her to orgasm. As she sagged, he let go of her and walked away. He undressed and came back over to her, his erection bobbing before him.

“Lucha. Adelante. Voy a hacer que usted envíe,” he said.

“I will fight you,” she gasped. “My body may submit, but never my mind,” she threw back at him.

He laughed. “Usted, puta.”

She gasped. Then it hit her. He spoke in Spanish, but he understood her English. “You bastard! You understand me!”

“Yes, my little whore. I will make you crave me. Desire me beyond even the food you eat. You will submit, even as your body did a moment ago,” he said taking the leash and tugging it until he had her off of the wall.

Samantha tried to jerk away, but under estimated his strength. He laughed and pulled her close. Stripping her of her clothes, he appraised her body. He smiled and then captured her lips with his mouth and kissed her as she tried to pull away. As she struggled, he pulled the chain between her legs and then up, so it snugged itself against her clit and worked between her wet folds. Samantha struggled to get away, but there was no give in his arms. He pulled her across his lap and slowly pushed the chain up and into her pussy. When she was full, he tipped her back a little and then sat her on the bed. She was pinned by her own body.

“Shush my little whore.” He smiled and walked over to a closet. Haveer found a cane and took it out. He showed her the cane, and watched her eyes go wide. “Ah, you understand?”

Samantha nodded her head.

“Smart little whore. Now for some fun.” He rolled her on her stomach, hands pinned beneath her and the chain still in place. He stroked her ass with the cane and then unexpectedly, brought it down hard.

“Ouch!” cried out Samantha.

“Shush. You will be quiet, or there will be more,” he said. Once again, he stroked her with it and then unexpectedly brought it down on her ass. This time she cried into the bed. Her reward was one section of chain was pulled from her pussy. Haveer repeated this cycle. As long as she cried into the bed, he removed a section of chain. If she was loud, he put more back up inside of her. By the time she was free of the chain, her ass was red with welts and and her juices soaked the bed under her. She writhed as the last bit of chain pulled free.

“No coming yet my little whore,” he said as he hauled her to her feet. “I want to slack my thirst.” He dropped her to the bed on her back and moved swiftly between her thighs. His cock rammed home before she had a chance to even think. He was hard and pummeled her pussy. Each thrust slammed her burning ass into the bed. One hand gripped her breast while the other held her hip.

Samantha felt her senses roll and she tried to listen to his commands, not wanting another beating. His body kept slamming into hers with a vigor that she hadn’t experienced with any of her boyfriends.

Haveer felt his orgasm building and slammed harder, pinching her breast and watching the nipple grow hard. “Come little whore,” he gasped as his orgasm roared up his spine. He felt her come hard and added to it by thumbing her clit as the last of his orgasm shuddered through his body. As he caught his breath, he clipped her chain to a link on the bed and then walked off to the bathroom.

Samantha lay on the bed, curled up on her side. She’d never felt so used and yet so pleasured in her life. She listened to a shower run and wondered if she’d be put back on the pillow or taken away to some other place.


He walked out of the shower with a towel robe wrapped around him. Haveer picked up a phone and spoke rapidly. After a moment, he put the phone down. A moment later, the manservant who’d brought her to the room came to collect her. Picking up the chain, he started walking out.

“You’d better follow little whore,” Haveer laughed as she was pulled to her feet.

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