Flash Fiction Friday Frantic!



Assistant Wanted.

Good physical health

$150 an hour.



He’d read the ad a hundred times. His girlfriend thought he was making porn films. The interview took minutes. The next thing Dave knew, there was a check in his pocket for $1500 and an address to report to by noon.

Dr. Calavicci. QP Laboratory.

Dave opened the door and walked in.

“Ah, Glad to see you here. Come this way.” said the man.

Dave did as he was told. The laboratory was odd. Suddenly he tingled all over and everything went black.


Dave woke find himself in bed. Naked.

“Oh honey. I was so worried about you. You came like a fire hose and then passed out!”

Dave looked at the woman. It wasn’t his girlfriend and she had antennas. “Um.. lady Where am I?”

“Why Sammy, you’re in Eugene. In my bed. Don’t you remember?”

“Um, no ma’am.” he said looking for his clothes. He didn’t see any and grabbed a sheet in a frantic rush as he headed out the door. He ran. Outside didn’t look right. Cars hovered. Signs looked like they were written in Cyrillic. There was a siren and lights behind him. Dave ran towards a tunnel, loosing the sheet.

He glanced back as he ran. The lights were getting closer. He began to tingle all over and the last thing he heard was a voice saying, “Oh Boy!”



First off, as you are reading this, I’m heading 260 miles north to see Wolf for the first time in 39 days. So, if I don’t answer comments for a bit, you’ll know why. 🙂

The rules for todays FFF were: 234 word limit, and the word Frantic. Extra credit if quantum theory or Martha Stewart’s latest cookbook were involved. Now, while extra credit is Advizor’s way of screwing with our brains, I like it. It helps me keep that edge. 🙂 I like limits and rules on occasion. 🙂 And yes, Advizor, you can read all you want into that little statement. LOL!

Now, for the story. I don’t like Martha Stewart, so I was left with Quantum Theory. Hm…. Didn’t want to do Schrodinger’s Naked Man, so, I came up with an idea. Anyone catch what I did?

For all of you reading Flash Fiction Friday, I dare you to give it a try. Just once. It’s like eating potato chips. You can’t eat just one, nor can you write just one. Give it a chance! Hunt down Advizor’s blog here and let’s see what happens.

14 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday Frantic!

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  1. I don’t know what you wanted us to figure out what you did, but I’m sitting here with a phone in my hand looking for the rest of the number. Have a great time. TIp

    1. LOL! Ah advizor. you teased us with extra credit. Quantum theory. So… I borrowed from the show Quantum Leap… the doctor’s name… Al. who always said “oh boy” when he messed up. 🙂 Michelle got it. 🙂
      And now after a 39 day separation due to work and a few other things, Wolf and I are together again. Nilla is notifying the NOAA that it isn’t seismic activity here, just us having playtime in 20 minutes. 🙂

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