Abduction Hillary part 3

Jamal waited until Haveer left the room. Then he stood up and dropped his trousers. His cock, hard and damp with a pearl of come bobbed just below his tunic. He motioned for the girl to lay back on the cushion. Smiling, he picked up a piece of the halva and as he dropped in her mouth, he nudged her scarlet clad pussy with his cock.

She was wet and he slid in easily, resting his hips against her mound. Grabbing her hips, he stroked in and out, trying to contain himself. She was tight and beautiful. He was delighted in her hard pink nipples and the way her skin blushed as he touched her.

“Oh, little one, you are a delight,” he said as he touched her body.

Hillary had tried not to like being touched, but it did feel good, and she couldn’t resist. All of her boyfriends had been so clumsy compared to Jamal. She tried not to giggle when he fed her the bite of halva just before he took her. His hands under her hips raised her enough that their bodies moved together and her clit was bumped by his body. She arched in near orgasm.

“Not too soon little one,” Jamal gasped. He wanted this to last. He pulled out and rolled her over and slid back into her pussy. He rubbed the welts from her punishment and then held her as he sped up his rhythm.

Hillary couldn’t hold back the feelings that were rushing through her. Her nipples rubbed against the cushion beneath her and when he stroked her ass, as he plunged in and out, her body took over. She cried out into the cushion as her body jerked and spasmed in orgasm.

Jamal felt the woman beneath him give over to her orgasm and slammed faster as her muscles grasped his cock deep inside. He came hard and then tried not to collapse on top of her. He sat back and pulled her with him, so he didn’t leave her body. Reaching around, he stroked her clit. Her orgasm made her mewl and the contractions around his cock were divine. They lay there amongst the cushions trying to catch their breath and composure. As his cock slid from her body, he turned her to face him and nodded down at his cock.

Hillary was a bit shocked at being urged to lick his cock clean, but did so as carefully as she could. At one point, she took him all the way into her mouth. He moaned and held her head in places as he slowly slid in and out of her mouth. She felt him grow harder and she kept licking and sucking. He groaned in pleasure and stuck his fingers deep in her pussy as she continued to suck him.

Jamal felt his cock grow hard and held her hair as she sucked and licked him. It felt so good. As his fingers thrust in and out of her pussy, he was torn. Mouth or pussy? He decided on her mouth as it felt so good. He fingered her and enjoyed the moans of pleasure she sang against his cock. He came with hard thrusts, and poured his come down her throat. She gagged, but swallowed. His fingers in her pussy held her tight.

Hillary knew that swallowing was her only choice. He was holding her head tight and his hand in her pussy wouldn’t let her move back either. She swallowed and then realized that his fingers were making her come again. She tried to keeps sucking and cleaning him off as second time, but it got to the point where her own orgasm was just too much and she came up off of his cock gasping and shivering with pleasure. As she tried to recover, he just kept fingering her. Slowly and gently, he brought her again and again. When she began to sway, he gathered her in his arms and brought her one last time. She fell asleep in his arms with his fingers buried deep in her pussy.

Jamal smiled. He loved his present. Haveer always brought the best gifts. This redhead beauty was delightful. Responsive and a joy to touch. This was one present he wouldn’t share. Now to get her home. “Wake up little one,” he said wiggling his hand.

Hillary shifted and then woke up. She was still pinned on his fingers and blushed. He smiled at her.

“Your name?” he asked.


“An ugly name. You are now my sweet Halva,” said Jamal.

“Yes Master,” she said.

“Get dressed. We are going to my home,” he said.

Halva got up, dressed in her clothes and then waited as Jamal dressed and made arrangements to go home. The last thing she put on was the body covering veil. Jamal came a moment later and collected her from the dining room. As they walked down the hall, a manservant walked by with a woman on a chain. It was obvious she’d been caned and fucked. Halva recognized Samantha, and was glad for the long concealing veil. She liked Jamal and wanted to survive.

An hour later, Jamal pulled her from the car and walked into a huge house. He called for a servant who took Halva to a part of the house obviously intended for women. Once in the room, the servant barked orders to women in there and then left, locking the door.

The women were other concubines of Jamal’s. They showed Halva where the baths, clean clothes and sleep areas were to be found. After a bath, Halva wrapped in a silk caftan and then curled up on a bed to sleep. She drifted off to sleep knowing that her situation wasn’t ideal, but it could have been much worse. She could have been in Samantha’s place.

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