The Oak and Thorn part 10

And the world learns what happens when Lord Duncan is displeased…


Lunch was served on the patio and as the Doms and Dommes were eating with subs at their feet, the cage with the two miscreants was rolled out onto the patio.

“My dear guests. I am sorry to bother your luncheon, but we must deal with our compatriots who either could not or would not behave. Jules and Anthony have chosen to let the Domme and sub they harassed choose their punishment,” said Lord Duncan in a tone one might use at a children’s party. It was full of joy and mischief. “Bella and Fiona, please come forth.”

A tall woman dressed in leathers and a slight blonde in a summer dress came to stand by Lord Duncan. He spoke quietly with them for a moment and then went over to a basket. He pulled out two collars and leads. He also pulled out a bag that clanked a bit.

“Pet, watch carefully, and remember to never make Lord Duncan unhappy with you in any way,” William said.

“Yes Sir.”

Lord Duncan then motioned to two burly men who opened the cage and took both men by the scruff of the neck. “Jules and Anthony, I hereby sentence you to spend the rest of today and all day Sunday as the subs of these two women. You’ve been at my house more than once and you should know the rules. However, this time you will pay the full price.” He walked over to the two women and handed each of them a leash and collar. “What do you two have to say for yourselves?”

“Lord Duncan, I’m sorry. Drank a bit much,” said Jules looking down.

“I’m sorry,” said Anthony. “But how in the hell was I suppose to know she was a Domme? She was dressed like some slutty sub.”

Lord Duncan looked at Anthony with disdain. “Never judge a person by their appearance, Anthony. Otherwise, I’d have to say that you dress like some sort of Fleet Street hustler,” he said. Laughter bubbled across the patio.

Anthony went red in the face. Fleet Street, synonymous for news both good and bad in England was a slap in the face to the editor of a rather famous television news program. “Sorry Lord Duncan.”

Lord Duncan turned to the two men. “Strip off and accept your punishment and nothing will come of this. Decline your punishment, and I will make sure that you will regret it.”

The two men looked at each other and began to strip. When they were nude, Lord Duncan motioned for Bella and Fiona to ‘collar’ a sub. Once they were collared, he handed the bag to Bella. She looked inside and smiled. Pulling something out, she handed one to Fiona who smiled and took one out for herself as well. They stood in front of the two men.

“Sir, what are they doing?” asked Pet.

“I believe they are attaching cock cages,” said William.

“Oh,” she said.

“And knowing Lord Duncan, they will be put in situations where they can’t help but be turned on,” he added.

As predicted, a few moments later, both men were lead away by their mistresses wearing cock cages.

“Now that our two new subs are having a lesson in discipline, how does a bit of racing sound?” Lord Duncan asked. There were cheers and the crowd moved inside to the huge toy room. Lanes had been set up and people were moving around to the sides.

“Pet, do you wish to run?” William asked.

“Um.. not really Sir. I’m not very good,” she admitted.

“Well, I think you should run at least once,” he said in a tone that brooked no disagreement.

“Yes Sir.”

William lead Pet over to the starting line where other Doms were leaving their subs. At the far end were Jules and Anthony. “Run well, and maybe I’ll remove that plug you disdain.” He patted her on the ass and walked away.

There were ten subs and the two men at the far end. Everyone was barefoot. The finish line was about 150 yards away. Most of the subs were ready when Bella waved a flag for their attention.

“Ready, steady, go!” she called and dropped the flag. Everyone took off as quickly as possible. Pet was surprised to find herself at the front of the runners. She finished 3rd. The top four subs were sent off to one side. The eight losers were taken over to one side and each sub received five swats with a cane. The two men were crying out by the time they were done. The other subs just looked at them.

“You’d think their mums never spanked em,” said the sub that took 2nd places.

“Agreed,” laughed Pet.


There were four more heats, and each time the top four were sent off to rest while the losers were caned. Once the last race was run, the first two groups of winners ran again. Pet was 4th in that race. When it was time for the last two sets of winners to race, Pet was nervous. She stood at the staring line and waited. Bella stepped forward as she had each time before and called out. “Ready, steady, go!”

Pet ran hard. She pulled her skirt up a bit to let her legs stretch farther and aimed for the finish line. When she crossed it, she had no idea of where she’d placed. She stood breathing heavily.

“Good job Pet. You came in 2nd,” said Lord Duncan who kissed her on the forehead.

“Oh. Thank you Lord Duncan.” She looked around for her Sir. He smiled as he came walking up to her.

“So much for ‘I can’t run’, eh Pet?” he said.

“Yes Sir. I… I didn’t want to lose.”

“Didn’t want to be caned,” he said with a smile.

“Yes Sir.”

“Well, come here,” he said and pulled her over to a corner of the toy room where he sat on a bench.“I promised you a reward.”

Pet stood there wondering what he was going to do. He took her hands and bent her over his knees. He pulled up her skirt and spanked her ass. As he soothed her skin, he pulled the plug from her ass and wrapping it in a handkerchief.

“Now, is that better?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Good. Now take this upstairs and meet me in the main dungeon as quick as you can,” he said handing her the handkerchief. She took it and ran.

Lord Duncan walked over as she left. “She really is a delight.”

“She is that indeed,” said William.

“Is she responsive to the whip?”

“I don’t know Lord Duncan. She is with a crop or my hand. Why do you ask?”

“Well, I have a little demonstration to give on the whip and would love a good sub. Would you mind?”

“No, I don’t. I will ask her though if she would like to serve,” said William.

“Oh of course. I’d hate to get two strokes in and hear her cry out a safe word,” said Lord Duncan. “See you in a little while. I start at 5pm.”

William nodded and went to find Pet.


Pet walked into the dungeon and she tried not to giggle when she saw the two men from earlier in stocks. Each one had a sign around their cocks which read, “Please stroke my balls.” She was trying to walk past them when her Sir walked up.

“Hello Pet.”

“Hello Sir.”

“Did you read the sign?” he asked pointing over to the two men.

“Yes Sir.”

“Well, did you do as it asked?” he asked.

“No Sir, I… I didn’t think it was for subs, just Doms or Masters to touch them,” she said.

“Oh no, it is for everyone. Come along,” he said.

They walked over to the two men and Pet went up to Jules first. She felt a bit awkward, but she stroked his balls.

“Come on Pet, pretend it was me, and you want to please me,” said William.

Pet blushed and then stroked the balls in her hand again. This time Jules moaned. His poor cock was straining against the cage. Then she moved over to Anthony. He was looking up at the ceiling, trying to ignore what was happening. Pet stroked him, but got no response. She stopped and began to turn when her Sir stopped her.

“Try again. Only this time, tease his balls with both hands,” he said softly.

Pet turned back and cupped the red and slightly swollen balls with both hands. She traced over them with her nails and then tugged on the hair. She kept it up until Anthony moaned and bit his lip.

“That’s enough Pet. I need to talk to you about something,” he said as they walked away.

Jules and Anthony looked at each other. The look that passed between them was one of shared misery.


“He wants to what?” said Pet, not totally understanding Lord Duncan’s request.

“He needs a good sub to do a whip demonstration. He won’t hurt you, at least no moreso than any cropping or spanking I’ve given you. Plus, if you perform well, there are rewards,” explained William.

“Will… will he know my safe word?” she asked nervously.


“Alright,” she said not knowing if this was a good idea.



Twenty minutes later, she was strapped to a St. Andrew’s cross, minus her blouse and skirt. She’d been a bit surprised and nervous being naked in front of all the people, but Lord Duncan slipped a blindfold over her eyes, which helped. He kissed her on the cheek and then stepped back.

“Tonight, with the assistance of Pet, I will demonstrate the use of a single tail whip,” said Lord Duncan. He stood there in his casual clothes, minus his tweed jacket. He uncoiled the whip and shook it free. Limbering up his arm, he walked up to Pet and draped it on her body. He caressed her with the length of it and then walked back to a mark on the floor. Over the next ten minutes, he worked the whip. Sharp cracks hit the floor and her skin was kissed by the whip on her shoulders, ass and thighs. While she cried out from time to time, she realized that the noise was almost scarier than the touch of the whip. She hurt, but not as much as when Sir had spanked her with the crop. The kisses of the whip increased in speed and on occasion, in intensity. As she tried to cope with the pain, she realized two things. First, she felt her juices running down her thighs. Secondly, she knew she was slipping off into that state her Sir called subspace. One final set landed right on her ass and burned. She gasped, trying to catch her breath.

“And that is the correct use of the single tail whip,” said Lord Duncan. There was applause and congratulations.

Pet breathed and tried to relax. Then she felt the touch of hands on her body. They were rougher than her Sirs. “Lord Duncan?” she thought.

“Pet, you were beautiful,” said Lord Duncan as he caressed her back, touching the marks he’d made. “Thank you for trusting me.” He took off the blindfold.

“You’re… you’re welcome Sir,” she said trying to connect with the world around her.

Lord Duncan unfastened her from the cross and then held her as she tried to gain her feet. He walked her over to a cushion and let her kneel there while he found a silk robe for her. As it settled across her shoulders, she saw her Sir walk up to her.

“You did very well Pet,” he said.

“Thank you Sir.”

“If she’s not recovered enough in a few moments, take her up to your suite,” Lord Duncan told William.

“Of course. Are the two subs going to be released from their cages?” William asked as he stroked Pet’s hair.

“Yes. In a few moments. Two subs have offered to help,” said Lord Duncan with a gleam in his eyes. He walked off to another part of the dungeon.

“Pet, how do you feel?”

“Floaty,” she answered.

“Do you think you might cope long enough to see the two subs punished one more time?” he asked.


“Yes. Their cages are coming off, and two of the subs have offered to help them,” said William.

“I… I think so. Might I have a drink of water?” she asked.

“Oh. Yes. Just a moment Pet.” William walked over to a table and brought back a glass of lemonade. Pet sipped it until it was finished. Then she stood and wrapping the robe around her body, the two of them walked over to where a crowd was forming. Both men were still in the stocks, but four women knelt next to the men.

“For good behavior, we are removing your cages for the night,” said Bella. “However, there is a price. The last one to come will get to sleep in a bed. The first one to come, will not. Ladies, please begin.”

The men were shaking their heads no, but the women removed the cock cages and began to caress and play with their cocks. When their erections swelled, the women took turns sucking and licking their cocks. Each man had mixed emotions cross their faces. Relief and panic were the best descriptions as they tried not to come before the other man.

“See now why I said never to anger Lord Duncan?”

“Yes Sir,” Pet said with a giggle in her voice. They watched the two men struggle not to come. Two of the women who’d been licking and sucking their cocks winked at each other. They licked their fingers and then moved them up and behind the balls of the two men. It was apparent to all that watched where those wet fingers went as the men yelped and their cocks seemed to grow more rigid. It wasn’t long before both men were groaning and gritting their teeth, trying not to orgasm. Neither one lasted under the assault of the women and the two of them came all over their own bellies and thighs at nearly the same time.

“It appears that we have a tie!” cried Fiona. “Therefore, both of our new subs will get a shower and a bed.” She and Bella grabbed the leashes of the two men and lead them off.

“Will they really get to sleep in a bed?” asked Pet as she and her Sir headed upstairs.

“Yes, they will. A rather rough shower and then the two of them will be cuffed to a bed, much as I have done to you on many a night,” he explained.

“Oh, Sir. May… may we go to bed now?” she asked yawning.

“Of course Pet.” he said.

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