Birthday Fest (story #8)

 I had my hands deep in the dough when a second set of hands wrapped around my waist. Morgan pulled me tight against him as he leaned over me.

“Ach Lassie, you smell so good.”

“Oh you silly man! That’s just the pizza dough!” I said as I tried to free my hands from the sticky mass in the bowl.

“No, It’s you my dear,” he said as he nuzzled the back of my neck. Morgan held me closer.

I laughed. “Now let go of me, or there will be no dinner for anyone.”

Morgan nibbled my neck and then let go of me slowly, his hands caressing my body as he moved back. “Alright my dear, I’ll let you cook. Can I give you a hand?”

I smiled and pointed at the cutting board, and a colander full of veggies. “You can dice those up for me.” I got my hands out of the dough, wiped them off and handed Morgan the chefs knife and an apron.

Morgan rolled his eyes, put the apron on and started to cut the onions. The onions were very strong, and his eyes began to water. Morgan reached up to wipe the tears from his eyes just as Dayffed walked in the door.

”Oh Morgan! Is she picking on you again? You poor dear, slaving away in a hot kitchen again!” Dayffed came up and gave Morgan a hug and grabbed the corner of the apron to wipe away the tears. Morgan’s face went bright red, and the hand with the knife began to raise over his head.

“Dayffed you twisted minded Welsh imp!Those are onion tears!” he shouted.

Dayffed and I began to giggle and then laugh. Morgan looked at us, at the knife and began to laugh as well. “Oh you daft bugger!” he said between giggles.

We were all laughing when Devi knocked at the door. Morgan went to answer it, and the sight of him in an apron, tear streaked and knife in hand had her worried for a second. Then as she stepped in the door she heard the giggles and laughter.

“What on earth are you up to in here?” Devi asked as she moved past Morgan and deeper into the kitchen.

“I was trying to rescue Morgan from Isabeau’s slave labour. He was crying when I came in,” said Dayffed.

Morgan went red again, sputtered and tried to talk. Devi took pity on him and kissed him. She turned to me and said, “I’m so glad you’ve finally gotten him to do some work. She smiled.

I smiled too and gave her a kiss. “It’s taken a lot of effort.”

Morgan rolled his eyes. “I give up!” he said and went back to chopping veggies while the rest giggled.

I got the pans out and began to form the dough. “It will take a lot less time if you two stop laughing and give us a hand.”

Devi and Dayffed washed their hands and set to making pizzas. As the last pizza went into the oven, I took off my apron and tossed it on the counter. “I’m off to the shower. I’d appreciate it if one of you would watch the pizzas.” I said as I walked down the hall.

I picked up my clothes from the bedroom and walked into the bathroom. Dropping my clothes on the vanity chair, I started the shower. The water was a bit cool and I turned the hot water up a bit. The water felt good streaming over my hair. I grabbed my shampoo and began to wash my hair. The scent of oranges filled the shower as suds foamed down my body. A breeze moved across my back as the curtain moved. Hands circled my torso, and breasts pushed against my back as Devi moved into the shower.

“I couldn’t resist a shower,” said Devi.

“I’m glad. Have some shower gel.”

Devi took the bottle and after squeezing some into her hands, she began to rub the gel over my back. Her hands moved down to my butt and thighs. I moved my legs apart so that Devi could move her hands over the inner parts of tmy thighs. Her fingertips brushing the crease next to my lips.

“You are making it very hard to concentrate.” I said turning in the shower. I began to wash Devi’s breasts and soaped them with orange scented bubbles. Devi smiled and returned the favor.

“You on the other hand are just edible,” she said with a smile. We laughed as our hands moved over each other, soaping and caressing. Each touch raising the heat in the other until Devi was biting her lip and I started to moan softly.

The shower curtain moved and Dayffed stuck his head in the shower. He enjoyed the view of two soapy women for a moment and then spoke. “Pizza is almost ready.”

Oh Damn! You startled me!” sqeaked Devi. I laughed.Devi mooned him and he patted her butt.

“Get rinsed off you two! Cold water!” he said with a smile. He walked out of the bathroom and went to check the pizzas again.

We hurried up in the shower and dried off. I started to get dressed when I realized that Devi was standing there with just the towel. “What’s the matter Devi? Did Dayffed steal your clothes?”

“No, I was just thinking how much I didn’t want to get back into those jeans again.” she said with a sigh.

“Come with me. I took her hand and we went back into the bedroom. I opened the closet and said, “Pick something. We are near enough the same size.”

Devi looked through the clothes and picked an orange broomstick skirt and a sheer gold and pink tie dyed tunic. Slipping them on she looked around for the mirror. Her outfit complimented my blue silk tunic and lavender gauze skirt.

I showed her the mirror. “You look beautiful. Lets go shock the boys.” We walked down the hall and into the kitchen. The look on Morgan’s and Dayffed’s faces were worth the effort. Donald and Reg had arrived and were wolf whistling from the archway into the dining room. We smiled and gave everyone a kiss.

“Where is everyone else?” I asked. “I thought they’d have been here by now.” I moved pizzas from baking trays to platters.

“They should be here soon,” said Dayffed. He winked at Morgan.

“Alright, what are you two up to?” I asked.

“Nothing,” said Morgan with a wry expression on his face.


We gathered salads, drinks, pizza and plates. Out in the dining room, we sat down to eat. We’d barely started when Vashti, Keir and three more straggled in. Morgan handed them plates and Devi got more drinks.

“Sorry it took a bit,” said Vashti.

Keir smiled. “How’s life? Poly sex better than ghost sex?” he teased me.

“Just fine,” I said. They were still teasing me about the Samhain story telling trip.

Keir smiled that funny feral smile of his and started eating pizza. More people came in bringing food and drink.

“Ah, ’tis a fine party,” said Dayffed. He smiled and kissed me. He tasted of pizza.

“Well, it isn’t every day I get to celebrate my birthday with thirty of my closest…”

“Lovers?” Morgan interrupted me.

“No! You brat!” I said.

“Alright seventeen closest lovers,” he teased.

“Keep that up, and I’ll be back down to one and it won’t be you,” I said. That brought laughter from every corner of the room. I’d finally wrapped my head around polyamoury. It was alright to love more than one person at a time. The key being to communicate needs, wants and desires and to keep a good record of date nights. I had a calendar up on the wall of festivals, club nights and even who was suppose to share my bed. It didn’t make life easier, but certainly less complicated.

“Does the ghost count as one of your lovers?” teased Keir?

“No!” I said laughing.

“Why not?” asked Keir.

“Because Lord Ewan doesn’t share!” laughed Dayffed.

I blushed.


“Before we have cake, I want to give Isabeau her present,” said Dayffed.

“Okay,” I said expecting a song or maybe a new scarf.

“Well, first off, you have to close your eyes.”

I did so and Dayffed wrapped a scarf around my eyes and then led me outside. Once we were out, and everyone gathered around, he took off the scarf.

“Open your eyes.”

I did so and there was Magic Bus… My 1967 green and white VW bus. All polished and looking good as new.

“Oh! Oh my! Oh!” I cried. I hugged Dayffed. The last time I’d seen it had been in the side court of a garage, looking sad and forlorn. It had died on our way to that selfsame Samhain storytelling festival and we’d not been able to fix it. What we thought was a broken belt had turned out to be serious engine trouble.

“How?” I asked Dayffed.

“Ask Morgan and Keir,” he said with a smile.

I turned to the two men who were smiling. “How? How did you fix Magic Bus?”

“Cheated. Got a new engine,” said Keir. He danced a little ‘rain dance’ in place.

“That wild one there knew of a dead BugBus with a good engine. So, we’ve been fixing it and cleaning it up. Go take a look,” Morgan said handing me the keys.

I ran over and opened the door. The insides were as nice as the outside. No more scuff marks or torn seat backs. Even the floor was new. I sat on the edge of a running board and let the tears run down my face.

“Ah lass,” said Dayffed. “We love you.”

“I… I… oh my,” I said.

“Keir did the engine work while I did the upholstery,” said Vashti. “Reg and Donald hunted down parts and I think everyone took a turn polishing or cleaning.”

“You lot make me so happy! This is the best birthday present,” I said.

Everyone moved forward and hugged.


Hours later, it was just the seven of us. We were curled up on pillows and cushions on the floor. The room was warm and candlelit. Keir held Vashti while Morgan had Devi on one arm and Helen on the other. Dayffed and I were snuggled up too. Dayffed pulled me into his arms, and began caressing my body. I started to hesitate, and his grip let me know that he was going to touch me regardless of my protests. Being held like that excited me in a way I didn’t totally understand. His hand worked up under my skirt and played with my lips until I was wet. I moaned.

Morgan had Devi in his lap, and Helen was kissing up and down Devi’s spine. Keir and Vashti were lost in their own world of touch. As Vashti pulled Keir’s shirt over his head, I realized that he had a new tattoo running across his chest. Falcon wings. He caught me looking and smiled.

Dayffed pulled my mouth back to his and began to finger me. I had straddled his legs, which meant all he had to do was open his legs to spread mine. As he stroked my clit, hands began to touch my back. My tunic was lifted over my head and then two sets of lips were kissing my back. Devi and Helen.

Morgan laughed and began to move to touch the two women. His hand caressed me as well, especially as Dayffed shed his clothes. Soon all the clothes were in one pile, as were the bodies. I gave up trying to figure out who was touching who. I just enjoyed.

A cock came near my mouth. Devi and I were sucking on it while other hands touched my clit, my breasts. My hand found a set of balls and a breast to touch. A set of wings flew past my eyes, just before my attentions were focused by the cock sliding deep inside of me. I felt so full. Morgan.

Devi’s clit came under my tongue and she was licking my clit as Morgan slid in and out. Dayffed filled Helen’s pussy. Keir fondled my breasts and Vashti was being fingered by Helen. We were a Twister puzzle of bodies that just moved as the pleasure spread.

I came hard, and felt Devi orgasm as well. Morgan filled me and then made me come again. In gasping breaths, we all seemed to fall to the floor in a sticky pile. Keir was making Vashti come while Dayffed sucked her breasts. Helen was kissing Devi and Morgan holding the both of them on his lap.


As daylight filtered into the room, I realized that I was sticky and sweaty. I tiptoed away to the bathroom only to find it occupied by Vashti and Helen. I joined them in the shower. It was a little snug, but fun. When we were finished, we raided my wardrobe again for clothes. Then it was off to the kitchen for tea and breakfast.


“Tea?” asked a sleepy Morgan.

“It will be ready by the time you shower,” I told him. He nodded and walked naked down the hall.

“I don’t know how you don’t walk bowlegged after sex with him,” said Vashti.

“I thought I did the first couple of times,” said Devi. We smiled. There were more ribald jokes about men, cocks and sex as people woke up, showered and came into the kitchen for food.

“Ah Dearie, what do you want to do today?” asked Dayffed as he came in wrapped in a towel that did little to hide his cock.

“Well, besides ravishing you later on, I’d like to go for a ride in Magic Bus,” I said.

“It shall be done my Isabeau,” he said and headed off to get dressed.

I smiled. It had been a great birthday.

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  1. Always wanted a VW van, thought it would be the perfect fishing vehicle for getting there and taking a nap if need be. Can’t imagine being part of a birthday party like this one, at least at my age now. I wouldn’t be a very pretty sight. Tip

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