Flash Fiction Friday Goal Post


They’d met at the Chai shop on campus. He’d laughed at her prayer beads, flowing skirts and frilly gauze blouses, not to mention her choice of Naropa University. They’d talked, exchanged info and began that D/s dance.


She’d been instructed to wear light clothing and be ready for anything. She’d cleaned her apartment, changed the sheets and had incense burning when he arrived.

“Bedroom now.”

Once there, he’d stripped her of most of her clothes. He’d tied one stocking around her eyes and then shoved her onto the bed. Using her like a chair, his weight shoved her head against the wall. He proceeded to tie her feet with the other stocking, and then stood up. Even through the blindfold, the room was still light. She wondered what was next.

“Don’t move. Don’t speak.”

She waited in the silence. Then she heard footsteps. She felt someone kneel on the bed behind her. Hands slapped her ass. She felt her juices begin to flow and she blushed. Rough fingers slid into her pussy. She gasped, and was rewarded with another stinging blow. The fingers brought her to a climax and then left her wet and throbbing.

A thick cock entered her pussy. Hands grasped her hips as she was fucked hard and fast. He came. Then another cock slid in. Smaller, but longer. She was a fuck toy. Her breasts were squeezed and pinched. Her clit was stroked, pinched and slapped as she orgasmed again and again. After the twelfth cock, her head was sore and cum ran down her thighs. The footsteps receded.

Hands slapped her ass as another cock slid in deep. “Sir?”

“Did you like the football team?”

“Yes, Sir,” she gasped between thrusts.

“Good. B squad will be here soon,” he said as he fucked her hard.



I have to admit that I wasn’t sure what would come of this picture and the prompt. We had two word choices… Dark or Light, but we could not use them both in the same piece. We had three different word lengths. 300 for 1, 150 for 2 or 75 for 3. Our extra credit this time was to tell the reader where she went to college.

Now. Add to that a bit of sleep deprivation due to happy happy playtime and Wolf being home means that I didn’t start this piece until Thursday. (yawnnnnn) So, I chose only one story and while I couldn’t use both of the prompt words, I did choose to make the story a bit Dark! 🙂 Oh, and the university is real. It’s in the Republic of Boulder… http://www.naropa.edu/

I hope you enjoyed my offering for today’s Flash Fiction Friday. I thought it came out pretty well. Thank you Advizor for hosting and I hope that lots of people played this time!

8 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday Goal Post

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  1. Man!! I knew I should have chosen football over the marching band… but then again, the football team didn’t get to see Donna W in shorts shorts all summer.

    Another excellent entry and one so powerfully erotic that I may have to go back and read it again and again….

    Thanks for playing and, BTW, I added your link to the main page!!!

    1. LOL! I’m glad that I painted an excellent picture for you Advizor. 🙂 May you enjoy it frequently. teehee…. Oh, and Thank you for adding my link. We um… overslept this morning and by the time we hit the ground, we were nearly late for a meeting. Didn’t get back until nearly 4pm.

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