Abduction Samantha part 4


Samantha woke up stiff and sore. After she was brought back to the slave quarters, she was told to shower. Once she showered, she was taken to a small room where she was locked in for the night. There was a chamber pot in one corner and a mattress with a blanket. Looking out the small grate in the door, she could see other doors and that was it.

“Hello? Anyone there?” she called out. No one answered. “Hello?” Samantha looked out and then heard footsteps coming her direction. “Hello?”

“Shhh! Be quiet,” said a small woman in a heavily accented voice.

“Can I get out of here?” asked Samantha.

“You be quiet. I ask Hamaz,” the woman said and disappeared.

Samantha sat back on the mattress and wrapped the blanket around her. Ten minutes later, a key rattled in the door and the manservant from the night before stood there.

“Come,” he said.

Samantha stood up wrapped in the blanket and headed for the door.

He held out his hand and gestured for her to leave the blanket behind.

“No! I won’t walk around nude!” said Samantha.

The manservant rolled his eyes, and grabbed Samantha by the scruff of the neck and stripped her of the blanket. Then he hauled her down the passageway to a large open space. There were ten or twelve other women in various states of undress in the room. “Kneel,” he said pointing to a cushion.

Samantha sat, not knowing what to expect. She looked around and realized that no one would make eye contact with her. She started to speak, and the manservant cuffed her on the back of the head. She kept her mouth shut and waited. A few minutes later, Prince Haveer walked into the room. Everyone bowed or at least lowered their heads. When Samantha didn’t follow suit, the manservant thumped the back of her head until she lowered her eyes.

“Ah, Hamaz, I see our new addition needs to understand the rules?” Prince Haveer said.

The manservant, Hamaz simply nodded.

The prince walked over to Samantha and put his fingers under her chin to raise her head up. “You are a slave. You live by my permission. There are rules here. When I enter a room, you will drop to your knees and lower your eyes to the floor. You will not talk unless spoken to, and you will not shout or yell unless you are being beaten. Even then you may be requested to be quiet. Is that understood?” he asked.


Prince Haveer squeezed her jaw tightly. “The correct response is Yes, your highness.”

“Yes your highness,” she said.

“Better. Now, you will be naked unless I decide otherwise. You are mine to touch, fuck, beat or ignore as I please. You will sleep in your little cell unless you can show Hamaz that you are worthy of sleeping elsewhere. Your life is not yours anymore.” He dropped her head and started to head out of the room. He stopped and turned back. “Hamaz, bring her to the punishment room.”

Hamaz bent down, grabbed Samantha by the arm and started walking out of the room. Samantha had no choice but to follow. The only reason she stayed silent was out of pure shock. The punishment room was only a few yards away down a hall. There was a variety of furniture of sorts in the room. Hamaz walked her over to an X shaped frame and swiftly cuffed her to it. In a moment, she couldn’t move more than an inch or so as both wrists and ankles were confined.

“You are being punished so that you know what to expect. Plus, you were a noisy little slave this morning. You will learn to be quiet, or pay the price,” said Prince Haveer.

“I didn’t know the damn rules,” Samantha said.

“No, but now you do,” said Haveer. He picked up a cane and swiftly hit her across the ass five times. Samantha screamed and cursed. He smiled and gave her five more strikes with the cane. He smiled as she cried out. Haveer walked up to her and stroked her flesh that was red and welted.

“Keep screaming and cussing, and I will keep beating you,” he said. Then he turned and gave her five more strikes. This time, Samantha cried out but did not cuss.

“Better,” he said and stroked her skin. He ran his hand up between her thighs and found her soaked. He laughed. “For all your protests, your body betrays you.” He wiped his hand across her face. Then he walked back and struck her five more times. She hissed and gasped, but did not cry out.

“Good little slave. For that, you get a treat,” said Haveer. He plunged his fingers deep into her pussy and fingered her roughly. Just as she began to come, he thumbed her clit hard. Samantha gasped and shuddered with orgasm. Her juices trickled down her thighs and coated the prince’s hand. He laughed.

“Hamaz, make sure she is clean this evening and bring her to me. No clothes. Light meals. Chain and collar,” he said and walked out.

Hamaz nodded. He removed Samantha from the frame and walked her back to the main room. He left her there with the women and gave one orders. She nodded and disappeared.

Samantha crumpled to the floor and tried to ease her body into a position that didn’t hurt. She wasn’t certain which was more terrifying. The fact that she was a slave and could be beaten or fucked at any moment, or that her body responded in the way it did. After a while, she sat sideways on a pillow. One of the women sat a plate of fruit and bread next to her along with a glass of juice. Samantha ate slowly, but drank the juice down in one go. Her request for more was ignored.

“Come with me,” said the small woman from earlier.

“Just leave me alone,” said Samantha.

“No, you must obey. Or Hamaz will beat you.”

Samantha stood up and went with the woman. They walked out into a courtyard where other women were dancing. It didn’t take long for Samantha to figure out that she was expected to learn to dance. It was sort of like belly dancing and she felt very self conscious as she was the only one nude. After an hour, she realized that her muscles didn’t ache as much, even though the welts still stung.

The music stopped and most of the women disappeared. Samantha didn’t know where to go and looked for the short woman. She walked over to her. “My name is Samantha. What now?”

“My name is Cala. You have no name, just Slave. No name until Hamaz or the Prince give you a name. We eat now,” Cala said and headed back to the main room. Samantha followed in stunned silence.

After a meal of more fruit, couscous and tea, Samantha followed Cala to where the women were doing laundry. Samantha helped hang clothes and empty wash tubs. By the end of the afternoon, she was exhausted.

Hamaz appeared in the doorway. “Clean up. Now,” he said and disappeared. Cala took Samantha by the hand and showed her where the bathroom was and how to find towels, soap and combs. Samantha cleaned up and combed her hair. She was sitting in the sun trying to dry her hair when Hamaz came up to her with a collar, chain and long veil. By now, Samantha guessed what was coming and didn’t fight. Hamaz led her through the long hallways as he had the night before. When they reached the bedroom suite, the veil was removed and she was chained to the wall once more. Hamaz told to wait quietly. Then he left.

Samantha sat still, not wanting the chain to slip and choke her. It wasn’t long before Prince Haveer walked into the room. He smiled and began to undress.

“So, have you decided to behave?” he asked.

Samantha nodded.

“Giving up so easily?”

She nodded again.

“I do not believe you.” He walked over to her and grabbed her hair. She winced. He shook her, and instinctively, she grabbed at his hands to stop him. He laughed. “Suck my cock, and if you bite me, I will cut off your feet.”

Samantha looked up at him and before she could move, he gripped her hair tighter and thrust his cock into her mouth. She gagged, but he didn’t relent. She worked on sucking and licking as he ordered even though he controlled her head. She finally figured out a rhythm and felt she was doing a good job when he stopped, pulled away from her mouth and dropped her hair.

Samantha gasped and tried to catch her breath. She watched as he walked over and pulled a cane out of the wardrobe. “No,” she gasped.

Prince Haveer raised an eyebrow. “No? You are telling me no?” he said.

Samantha realized her mistake and dropped her head to the floor. “I’m sorry your highness.”

“Better, but not good enough.” He put the cane on the bed, and grabbed her once more by the hair. He pulled her to her feet and undid the chain from her collar. He walked her over to the bed and threw her face down. Picking up the cane, he proceeded to lash her ten times. Every time she moved too far away, he pulled her back. When he was done, he pulled her to the edge of the bed and thrust his cock deep into her sopping pussy.

“I think you like pain little slave,” he said as he thrust in and out.

Samantha shook her head back and forth, not trusting her voice.

“I beg to differ. Your pussy is soaked. The bed is wet where you were laying. And I would bet that if I touched your clit, you’d explode in orgasm,” he said.

Samantha shook her head again. He laughed and spanked her ass with his hand. Her body responded by clenching around his cock. He laughed harder and reached up under her to stroke her clit. It only took three short strokes and Samantha cried her orgasm into the bedding. Her juices rand down her thighs and puddled under her. Prince Haveer laughed as he fucked her hard until his own orgasm added to the juices running down her thighs.

When he was finished, he turned her over and shoved his cock in her face once more. “Clean me off,” he said.

Samantha swallowed hard and began to lick and suck him until he was clean of their juices. By then, he was hard again and he shoved her back onto the bed. Pulling her legs up to her chest, he slid his cock into her sopping pussy. At the same time, he coated his finger with her juices and thrust it deep into her ass.

Samantha cried out as she tried to cope with the finger deep in her ass at the same time she was being fucked. The prince responded to her outcry by laughing and fingering her roughly.

“You are very tight. We will fix that,” he said.

Samantha tried to fight him, but he held her in place with one hand while he ravished her body. After a moment, he thrust two fingers into her ass as he slowly fucked her. Once again, he laughed as she cried out. He pulled out of her pussy and ass. He placed the head of his cock against her rosebud.

“No, please, no!” she cried out.

“You cannot tell me what I will or will not do to your body,” he said. He flipped her over beat her ass with his hand. When her ass cheeks were bright red, he pulled them apart and thrust his cock in her pussy to coat it with juice. Before she could catch her breath and protest, he drove deep into her ass.

Samantha cried into the bedding. First there was pain. Too full. Too hard. Too everything. Then she felt his hand rubbing her clit and she exploded in orgasm. Her juices flowed everywhere and all of her muscles clenched, including her ass. The prince groaned in pleasure and grabbed both of her hips tightly as he drove deep and hard. He came for what seemed like forever. Then he pulled out of her and was gone. As Samantha tried to catch her breath and figure out why her body betrayed her with so much pleasure, she felt her collar grabbed. It was Hamaz. He clipped the chain to her collar and led her down to the women’s quarters. She felt filthy as she walked naked behind him. Sticky fluids trickled down her legs as she walked.

8 thoughts on “Abduction Samantha part 4

  1. These type of stories, the forced submission ones, always pull the most intense reaction from me. I’m almost ashamed by how aroused I get. Fab writing.

    1. Thank you. I have to admit I was a bit hesitant at first to write these, but I find they do work well. And as a friend of mine says, sometimes you have to go a little dark… Confronting those demons helps balance out thing.

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