The Oak and Thorn part 11

Sunday dawned warm and sunny. Pet woke to the sunlight streaming into the bedroom. Sir was already in the shower. She got up and headed for the bathroom. Once there, she waited while he finished. When he stepped out, she handed him his towel.

“Thank you Pet. Please shower. We have a full day today and then a part this evening.”

“What is going on today, Sir?” she asked as she stepped into the shower.

“First off a bit of a ride and then tonight a Tarts and Vicars party. As it’s a bank holiday, we won’t have to be back until Tuesday. Good thing, knowing Lord Duncan, tonight will be a very interesting party.”

“Alright. Am… am I expected to go riding?” she asked.

“Do you know how?” William asked.

“Well, it has been a long while, Sir.”

“Ah. I’ll make mention of that. I’m not sure how many are being invited to ride. There may not be a choice, you understand,” he said.

“Yes Sir.” Pet finished her shower and then went to see what was available for clothing for the day. In the closet there were two clothes bags. The first one was obviously for the party. The second one held riding clothes. Male and female. She sighed and laid the clothes out on the bed. Her outfit was comprised of a corset, a riding skirt and jacket. Her Sir had a more elaborate outfit. She was placing the last of it on the bed when he came over to the bed.

“Well, I see you are meant to ride,” he said.

“Yes Sir. I’m a little nervous.”

“Relax. You will be fine. I doubt that Lord Duncan is fox hunting,” he said as he dressed.

“I hope not Sir.” She began to dress and needed her Sir’s help to get the corset on just right. When she went to step into the riding skirt, she giggled.


“There’s… there’s a seam missing. There is plenty of material, but the skirt is open between the legs,” she said.

“Ah, Lord Duncan must have some sort of game in mind then. Just remember that he likes you and therefore may favor you.”

“Yes Sir.” She finished dressing and pulled her hair up into a pony tail. They walked downstairs to the dining room. Once again, subs knelt next to their Doms and were fed by them. She felt almost overdressed in the riding clothes. There were four other subs dressed as she was and wondered again, just what would happen today.


William gave Pet a last drink of tea and then they proceeded out to the large patio that faced the open fields. There the riding party was assembled and awaiting Lord Duncan. He appeared a few moments later swinging a riding crop back and forth.

“Ah, So good to see everyone up and ready for this morning’s adventure,” he said. “How many of you are decent riders?”

Twelve of the thirty or so people gathered raised a hand. Lord Duncan nodded.

“And how many have never sat a horse?”

Fifteen held up their hands, including three of the subs. Lord Duncan nodded again.

“Therefore, the rest of you are either jolly good, or barely cope. I guess I’ll take it easy on you then. No fox hunting, jumps or galloping frenzies today. Would all of the subs please come to me?” he said.

The five subs walked over to Lord Duncan and knelt where he pointed, Pet included. Once they were in place, he nodded to the grooms who began to bring the horses around. One of the saddles was very odd, and while no one said anything, everyone looked at it with interest. Lord Duncan smiled.

“Ah, I see my lovely sybian style saddle has caught your attention. One of you lovely subs will earn the right to ride that horse first. The three that have never sat a horse go stand with your Dom or Domme.”

Pet and the one other sub looked at each other and wondered how they would be assessed. She wasn’t sure what a sybian saddle was, but it looked uncomfortable.

“Now, Pet and Bunny. Stand up and grab your ankles,” Lord Duncan directed. They stood up and did as asked. Seconds later, the crop came down across their asses. Even through the heavy material, the crop stung. Bunny cried out. Pet hissed, but didn’t cry. The crop came down a handful of times and then stopped.

“William? Devon? Do you mind if I check?” asked Lord Duncan.

“No, of course not Lord Duncan,” both Doms answered.

No sooner had the words left her Sir’s mouth than she felt fingers brush between the fabric and her thighs. Pet heard Bunny gasp as she too was fingered to see how wet the crop had made her.

“Ah, Bunny, you must wait for the return trip. Pet, you sopping sub, are the one who gets to ride first on the saddle,” said Lord Duncan with a smile.

“Um, Sir, Lord Duncan, I’m not a very good rider,” she admited.

“Ah Pet, don’t worry. William and I will ride with you,” said Lord Duncan as he led her over to the mounting block. He held her hand as she straddled the horse. “Just pretend that the leather cock of the saddle is just a wee toy. Snuggle down onto it and then make sure your feet are well in the stirrups.”

Pet did as she was asked, clearing her skirts just a bit. She understood why the center seam was missing as the ‘cock’ slid through the material. It took a moment, but she then slid down onto it. It was softer than she expected, and not as big as her Sir, for which she was thankful. A ridge of leather came up between her lips and lined up with her clit. She made sure her other foot was well in the stirrup, and Lord Duncan adjusted them just a bit. When she was seated, Lord Duncan walked her horse around for all to see. Pet realized that she felt ever movement through that leather cock. She shivered.

Lord Duncan handed her the reins and then mounted his own horse along with the rest of the party. In twos and threes, the riders headed down the bridle path at a slow walk. Pet was relieved that her Sir and Lord Duncan were to either side of her. Some of the other riders were having issues and various people were helping them. Once everyone was managing, Lord Duncan urged his horse to a slow trot. The experienced riders began to post so as to not be jarred as the horses moved faster. Pet knew how to do this, but she had an unexpected surprise. The leather cock slid in and out of her pussy. In effect, the trotting was causing her to fuck herself. Pet gasped and Lord Duncan looked over and smiled.

“Sir?” she said in a soft voice.

“Yes Pet? Are you enjoying Lord Duncan’s saddle?”

“It… it is most unusual.”

“And a bit stimulating eh?” asked Lord Duncan coming up beside Pet.

“Yyes Sirs,” she gasped. Her face flushed and she felt the beginnings of a deep ache in her body that was not pain. The saddle stroked her clit and she could feel her body react as they continued down the bridle path.

Lord Duncan smiled and clucked to his horse and they began to canter. Some of the riders stayed behind at a slower pace. When Lord Duncan knew that it was just the more experienced riders with him, he brought his horse up to a gallop. Pet’s and William’s horses followed suit and they galloped with Lord Duncan.

The gallop was the undoing of Pet. She’d coped with the increase at first, but then he body was on fire. “Sir, Sir! I’m… please, please may I…” she tried to call to her Sir.

Lord Duncan heard her and rode closer as William tried to catch up. “Please me Pet,” he cried out.

Pet barely heard Lord Duncan as a powerful orgasm ripped though her. She cried out and her body flexed in response to the intense stimulation. She never noticed Lord Duncan lean over and take a rein and slow the horses. By the time that the horses had slowed to a walk, Pet had come half a dozen times. When the horses stopped, she fell forward onto the neck of her mount.

“Pet, are you alright?” asked William and Lord Duncan almost at the same time.

She raised her head and smiled. “I feel wonderful Sirs,” she said with almost a giggle.

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