Flash Fiction Friday Hazy Sex


He sat stiffly in the chair, going over in his head what his parents had told him to say. “Come home,” he said.

“Why? To have babies? Live on that damn farm? I don’t think so.”

“You must. We’re married. Please Helga.” His traitorous cock was getting hard, pressing against his button fly.

“No, It’s Helen now. Helga died. She didn’t want to live in your simple ways. Up at dawn, to bed at dark, and fumbling under the sheets for a quick fast jab with that cock of yours. So she left. Came to the big city. Overnight, Helen was born.”

“Helga! Please! Papa will give me the farm when we come home. We can live like you want. Even keep your pretty dress. We can have help with chores. And… I promise, I will try to learn more about what makes you happy.”

“I’m happy now. All the sex I want, money, nice clothes and good friends.” She leaned to her left and kissed Annie’s naked breast, knowing it would upset Alf. She slumped down in her chair and opened her legs wider. She draped her hand across her mound.

He sat there stunned. His thoughts were as hazy as the room. Helga smoking! Kissing that woman’s breast. He wanted to get down on his knees and beg for her to come back. To do all the things he dreamed of but the Elders said they were sinful. His cock twitched. He’d never thought that mousy Helga could be so enticing. A drop of pre-cum soaked his homespun trousers.

“Please Helg- Helen. I love you.”

“It isn’t enough. Go home.”

“Would you let me show you how I can change?” His cock tented his trousers.

“One last time?” Annie whispered to Helen.

“Okay. One last time,” Helen said.



“So, do your parents know you’re in the city?” Sophie asked the farm boy sitting before her.


“Do they know you’re in a whore house?”

“No. I… I want to have sex before I am married. I want to be experienced, and make my little Katie happy.”

“You got money?”

“Yes. I saved up $50. Will that be enough?”

“Oh you are so naive. We should be charging you that much just to look at Betsy and me.”

“I… um… I just want to know what it’s like,” he stuttered.

Sophie looked at him suggestively. Her hand rubbing her pussy through her dress. She watched as his cock grew hard under his homespun trousers. She blew a cloud of hazy splif smoke towards him.

“We could give him a discount. Make him please us first,” said Betsy. “I know you’re just as bored and horny as I am.”

Sophie nodded. “Take out your cock farm boy.”

He thought about it for a moment and undid the button fly. He pulled out his cock.

“Stroke it.”

He stroked his cock, embarrassed and yet excited. He could feel his balls tighten. This was so wrong and yet.

Sophie and Betsy watched as his cock grew thick and long in his hand. “Oh yes,” whispered Betsy. They watched as the pre-cum pearled at the top of his cock.


“Cut!” called the camera man. “That was a great take and I’ve got enough here for this scene.”

Sophie walked over to the camera man. “What’s next? Him jacking off or us in a threesome?”


Farm boy walked over. “Good. My balls ache after three takes. I never thought you’d get that scene in the can.”

“Agreed. For the next scene, can we please have some heat? My nipples are frozen!” said Betsy.



I had two thoughts when I saw this prompt. The hat screamed farm boy or Mennonite, and hence the two stories. I could see a woman having the urge to run away from all that was proper and correct. Especially, when the hard life of being a farmer’s wife is so lacking in glamor. I could also see a young man wanting to impress is wife on her wedding night. I was trying to figure out where the camera man was and POOF! A porn film was born. 🙂

Flash Fiction Friday was brought to you by the creative mind of Advizor. Our prompt this time was a 300 word limit, the use of the word hazy and extra credit if we could figure out who was taking the picture(s) or where the husband was. I think I managed both sides with a bit of fun.

I hope you enjoyed our little romp and perhaps you’ll join us next time. It’s fun!

18 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday Hazy Sex

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  1. Oh I loved the 2nd one. The first one was good, it was…but the second one? LOVED the twist. Very lovely, funny, and erotic-not an easy combo to nail…so to speak. *giggle*


  2. As always, you hit them both out of the park, but, if I had to pick, I loved the 1st one. The shock of leaving the farm to find your wife’s mouth on the breast of another woman combined with the myth of re-invention for her makes for a powerful first act.

    1. That’s what I was working for in that story. We always see stories where the guy leaves the farm, but rarely the girl. And, if we do, it’s always sweet and pretty. This was gritty, and I did have fun with it.

  3. Both stories were very good, I was just thinking maybe you should do TV shows, they would be very different, and I would watch them no questions asked. Tip.

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