The Oak and Thorn part 12

Bunny had ridden the sybian saddle home, with much the same results. By the time the riders had gotten back to the mansion, the two subs were giggly puddles. William sent the two of them off to his room to bathe while the Doms inspected the saddle and listened to the story Lord Duncan told them.


Pet and Bunny ran upstairs. They pulled off their riding clothes and got into the huge tub to soak. The bubble bath topped off the tub.

“I can’t believe the way that felt,” said Bunny. “It was like the most persistent lover.”

“Yes. I realize now that Lord Duncan adjusted the stirrups so that I couldn’t stand up high enough to come ‘unseated’ if you know what I mean,” said Pet.

“Yes! He did the same to me. Is it wrong that it felt so good?” asked Bunny.

“No, I don’t think so. It’s like anything else we do for pleasure. Spankings, nipple clamps, dildos. That one was just attached to a beautiful horse,” said Pet.

“Oh yes. So glad I knew how to ride too. Otherwise, I’d feel split open!” giggled Bunny.

Pet nodded. “We best hurry up. The fancy dress party starts soon. We best get dressed.”

“Oh damn. I’ll have to run upstairs nude unless I want to put that sweaty riding outfit back on,” said Bunny.

“I’d let you borrow my robe, but…” Pet started as she got out of the tub.

“No worries. I understand. Wouldn’t want your Sir angry,” said Bunny drying off. She finished drying off and then gave Pet a quick kiss and left for her room.

Pet had just laid out the clothing when William came into the room. He smiled at her and headed for the shower. Pet didn’t know if she should get dressed yet, so she went into the bathroom. “Sir, should I get dressed?”

“Oh yes. And I have some jewelry for you to wear,” he said over the sound of the running water.

“Alright Sir,” said Pet. She went out and looked at her costume. She was a tart, while her Sir was meant to be a vicar. She slid on the thigh high stockings and made sure the seams were straight. Then she worked on getting the corset on. She almost had it done when her Sir came up behind her.

“Let me help you with that,” he said. He pulled the laces tight and she adjusted her breasts to make them just peep out at the top. It was brilliant green satin and the laces were red. Over that went a skirt that almost covered her ass. The last piece was her mask.

William dressed in his vicar costume, which was almost normal in appearance. When Pet looked closely, she could see that the ‘crosses’ were actually penises. She smiled.

“Hold still a moment Pet,” he said. Pet did as she was requested and he placed two clips on her nipples after adjusting them slightly. They were normal clover leaf clips with coin dangles. When she walked, they jingled. He also gave her a set of earrings that matched her corset. She slid them into place as he put on his mask. They headed downstairs to the ballroom.


People were everywhere. Masks rendered people indistinguishable. Pet had no idea of who was a sub or a Dom, unless it was painfully obvious. “Sir, do the same rules apply?” she asked.

“Yes. If a Dom asks, please obey. If you aren’t certain, ask me. You may eat or drink what you will. However, I caution you about alcohol. A little is okay. Being drunk is not,” he said.

“Yes Sir,”

“Now, go mingle for a bit. I think I see Bunny over there,” he said and pointed to a woman in a neon pink corset. Pet headed towards her new friend.


“Pet! You look so pretty! The earrings match. Are they real?”

“Never thought about it. I figure they are just costume, but I won’t lose one,” she said with a smile. The two subs walked around watching things for a bit and giggling over the two men still being punished. They had been dressed as tarts. Corsets, stockings, nipple clamps and a wisp of a skirt that left their asses and cocks showing. Pet and Bunny watched them for a moment before heading back to their respective Doms.


“Hello Pet,” said William. “Did you have fun?”

“Yes Sir. I… I didn’t know that Lord Duncan would still be punishing the two men.”

“He did say until tonight. I suspect that they will never be so brash again. Plus, if I’m not mistaken, the one has a very submissive side,” commented William.

Pet looked over to where one of the Dommes was spanking Jules. His cock was rigid under the satiny skirt. “I think you are right, Sir.”

William took Pet by the elbow and led her through the crowd. They watched demonstrations and party games. At one point, a sub dressed similar to Pet came up and stood next to her. Pet smiled at the woman and then went on watching the rope work. It fascinated her still and she knew that her Sir had made arrangements for her to have more rope time once they went back to the city.

“Do you mind if I stay next to you?” asked the sub.

“No, not at all. As long as your Dom doesn’t mind,” said Pet.

“No trouble there,” said the sub. “I’m suppose to hide. It’s one of the games.”

“Oh, alright,” said Pet. She tried to get a better look at the sub, but the lighting was low enough that it was difficult to do so. She wore gloves that reached almost to her elbows and a bolero over her shoulders like about half of the tarts in the room. There was something not exactly right about the sub, but Pet couldn’t put her finger on it.

William turned to Pet to see who she’d been talking to and saw the other sub. He looked again and decided to mind his own business.


A bell rang at quarter to midnight and everyone turned to see one of the Doms standing on top of a chair. When he had everyone’s attention, he began to speak.

“Tonight has been the Tart’s and Vicar’s party. All of us are masked, and for some it is difficult to tell who is a sub or Dom. Our host has decided to challenge us all to a game of hide and seek. Lord Duncan is the one who has hidden, and we are those who must seek him. The rules are that no one may take off their mask. No clothing may be removed, although it can be touched. If you are mistaken as Lord Duncan, the challenger will be brought up to the stage area for punishment later. If you discover Lord Duncan, you will be rewarded. At quarter past midnight, the bell will ring again. If Lord Duncan has not been found, he will give all of us a forfeit. Ready, Steady, Go!”

There was a mad scramble of bodies as people tried to find Lord Duncan. Pet, William and the sub just moved farther away from the chaotic scramble.

“Aren’t you going to look for Lord Duncan, Sir?” asked Pet.

“No, I’m not. It isn’t worth the danger of the fray,” he said. “I suggest that you stay put as well.”

“Yes, Sir.”

The three of them watched as people began to trickle up onto the stage as they wrongly accused people. Pet looked around and caught a good look at the sub on her right. She gasped slightly and then turned back to her Sir. “Um,…” she started.

William looked at her and shook her head. Pet nodded and said nothing. The sub next to her just watched the chaos along with them.


The Dom stood up on the chair again and rang the bell as the clock hands came to rest at quarter past midnight. “If I can have everyone’s attention! While we have a number of people on the stage who misjudged their fellow party goers, we have no clear winner. Has anyone found Lord Duncan?”

No on answered. Everyone looked around. Finally, the Dom on the chair rang the bell again. “In case no one found Lord Duncan, who is obviously a better hider than any of you are a seeker, I was to bid all of you good night and note who joined the party on the stage. Goodnight everyone!”

The dungeon ballroom began to empty. William just stayed where he was, and Pet remained with him. The sub that had been standing next to Pet had disappeared. Pet turned back to her Sir. “Sir, did you…” she began again.

“No, Not at first. Just keep quiet and when the chaos has settled down a bit, we will go up to our room and talk,” he said.

Pet nodded and waited. After a few minutes they left the ballroom and headed upstairs. Once they got into their room, Pet turned to her Sir. “The sub next to me was Lord Duncan?”

“Yes. Do you realize what really was going on?” he asked.

“I’m… I’m not sure. I think it was a kind of test wasn’t it?” she asked.

“Yes, and you passed with flying colors.” He had no sooner finished when there was a knock on the door. William opened it and let someone in. Pet turned to see the sub who had stood next to her at the party.

“Ah Pet, you are such a delight,” said Lord Duncan. “Even though you weren’t totally comfortable with the odd sub next to you, you didn’t say a thing.”

“No Sir.”

“Nor did you cry out when you discovered who I was. You simply turned to your Dom to ask permission. Lovely.”

“Thank you Sir,” she said feeling the blush rise in her face. “Your costume was very good.”

Lord Duncan smiled. “I should hope so. I must have shaved three times,” he said with a smile. “Oh and these heels. You’d think after years of playing these games, that I’d find a pair that worked.” He kicked off the high heeled shoes and stretched his feet. “I do have a reward for you,” said Lord Duncan.

“Sir, I don’t need a reward,” she said.

“No, you do. It will match the earrings,” said Lord Duncan. He handed her a box.

Pet opened the box. Inside was a necklace with emerald cut and colored stones. The settings were modest and did match the earrings. As she looked at the box, she realized that the silk lining said Harrods. In a flash, it dawned on her that the earrings were not costume jewelry, but the real thing. “Sir? I don’t know how I can accept such a gift,” she said.

“It is very simple. Hand me the box,” said Lord Duncan holding out his hand. Pet handed him the box. He lifted out the necklace and looked at Pet. “Kneel.”

Pet knelt and felt the heavy weight of the necklace rest on her neck and collarbones.

“You look beautiful. Now, will you indulge an old man one more time?” asked Lord Duncan.

Pet looked up at him. “Yes Sir.”

“Would you mind being my companion for the night?”

Pet looked up over his shoulder to her Sir. William nodded. “Not at all Sir. How may I serve you?”

Lord Duncan smiled.

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