Job Rated part 19

Jesse headed out to pick up Jeanie. He wasn’t sure he was doing the right thing, but he figured talking to his sister would at least be a start. He pulled up in front of her house where she was standing by the curb.

“Bout time you got here. What’s got your lariat in a twist?” she asked as she climbed into the truck.

“Um. I told her I loved her.”

“Okay, and what part of this was a mystery to you?” she asked.

“Jeanie!” he said as they headed into town.

“I know you’re in love with Neva. What was so hard about that?”

“Well, I’ve screwed up before and I don’t want to do that this time,” he said rather frustrated.

“Okay, so you’re checking with me to see if you’re crazy or not?”

“Yeah,” he admitted.

“You going to ask her to marry you?” she asked.

“Thinking about it. Thinking about just asking her to move in with me too.”

“Oh so romantic. Bro, ask her right. Get a damn ring, find a nice piece of meadow to kneel down on and ask her to marry you. Then the two of you can decide where you want to live. She has a job, you have a ranch. You need to do this right, because if you screw it up, I’ll kill you,” Jeanie said.

“That’s why I’m trying to talk to you in the first place! I don’t want to mess this up.”

“Okay, so is this all you needed from me? Don’t I even get lunch?” she asked.

“Well, I… um… I want your help picking out a ring,” he admitted at last.

Jeanie smiled.



Neva picked up the paint for JR after work on Friday. She and Jesse had planned to paint the truck on the weekend. They had finally decided on a red as close to the original as possible. Plus, they’d gone with a urethane and a two coat process. It wouldn’t be ‘original’, but it would last longer and the color would stand out beautifully. Once they were ready to paint, JR was moved into one of the sheds to avoid dust and flying debris embedding itself into the paint. Then it had been time to prep JR. They’d spent the last three weekends doing the last of the filler and patch work. Masking had taken an entire day. Primer work had been tedious. Neva loaded up the paint and headed towards the ranch.

When she pulled up, she realized that Jesse was already working. He had the sprayer out and was cleaning it up. She parked and grabbed the pain. “Hey there!”

Jesse looked up and smiled. “Hello gorgeous.”

“You know that and a credit card will get you enough pain to cover JR,” she teased.

He stood up from where he was working and wrapped his arms around Neva. “And what will a kiss get me?”

“A kiss,” she said as their lips met. When he finally let her go, she gave him the paint. It took a few minutes for Jesse to get everything ready. They ran down the last minute check list and then Jesse began to apply the paint. He worked in swift steady strokes and worked as evenly as possible. An hour later, they started to clean up.

Sunday they wet sanded and them applied the finishing compound and used the power buffer. When they were done, the two of them looked at the deep red of the paint and smiled.

“Next weekend, we’ll check it for blemishes and touch ups. After that, we put all the chrome back on,” said Jesse.

“Will it be ready by then?”

“I hope so. It’s costing me enough,” he replied.

“You know, we could have just painted it.”

“I know, but I wanted the chrome,” he said. “So, I’ll pay for it. Besides, all that work at the B&B has helped a lot.”

“Okay. Are we going to cook dinner or just go into town?” she asked.

“Well, since we both have to work tomorrow, shall we go into town? My treat?” he asked.

“Burgers or tacos?”

“Burgers,” he answered.

They headed in to clean up and then to town for dinner.


Jesse watched Neva as she got ready for bed. He’d thought twice about asking her to marry him, and then realized he wanted to ask her out at the ranch instead. He fingered the small box in his pocket as he mulled the choices over in his head.

“What you thinking about?” Neva asked.

“Oh, things,” he said.

“What kind of things?”

“JR, work, the ranch, spending time with you,” he said. All of it was true, he just left out a few details.

“Ah. You looked a thousand miles away,” she said crawling up on the bed next to him.

“Okay. I’ll agree with that. Would you mind if we just snuggled tonight?”

“Not at all. To be honest, I’m exhausted. That buffer beat my ass,” said Neva.

“Good. I’m glad I’m not the only one who was fighting sleep while eating,” laughed Jesse.

“Nope, not at all. I certainly did not need my french fries to hold up my eyelids, no sir!” giggled Neva.

The two of them laughed and crawled into bed. Jesse curled up behind Neva, his arm wrapping around her. He kissed her neck, and before he could do much more than say “I love you.”, they were both asleep.


“What’s with Jesse?” asked Ginny.

“What do you mean?” said Neva.

“He looks like someone just gave him a million bucks. All smiles and bouncy step lately.”

“I don’t know. Maybe because we got the truck nearly done? He has money in the bank for once? The chickens are laying well?” said Neva. “Or maybe because I said I love you?”

“Well, whatever it is, I hope it’s catching. Even Charles is being nice today and you know how much he loves Bridge Ladies day.”

Neva laughed. Jesse had become the darling of the Bridge Ladies. He said ma’am just right and after a month or so, knew what everyone drank, even the ones that claimed they were tea-totalers. It was to the point where Charles scheduled Jesse instead of Ginny or Dave for the day. She grabbed the napkins and silver for the back tables and went to set them up.


Five hours later, Jesse sat eating a steak sandwich and fries while Charles counted the takings for the day. Charles finished up the bags for deposit and the til trays. Then he turned to Jesse. “You realize that I’m never letting you out of Bridge days.”

“Yeah. Nothing like the blue haired set to make my day,” he laughed.

“Well, at least they tip you. Ginny never got a penny out of them,” said Charles as he handed over $75 in tips to Jesse.

“That’s because they are ladies and where else can they stare at a cowboy’s ass and get away with it?” said Jesse.

Charles snorted so hard, he coughed. “Damn!”

The two of them were still laughing when Neva came to see if Jesse was ready to head home. They explained why they were laughing and then left work.


Neva kissed Jesse as they stood in the shower with the water cascading across their bodies. They’d started out just cleaning up, and then Jesse wanted to play in the shower. Neva stroked his cock until he moaned. He turned her around and as she bent slightly, he slid into her pussy, which seemed hotter than the shower. He held onto her hips as they rocked and thrust.

“Oh, Jesse,” Neva moaned. She felt her body tingle with orgasm as he moved faster and faster.

Jesse heard Neva and felt her body tip over into orgasm. He thrust a few more times and felt his own orgasm roar up his spine. “Aaah,” he gasped. The two of them froze in pleasure as the water continued to pour over them. A moment or so passed before they separated, and rinsed off. Jesse got out and grabbed a towel to hand to Neva as she stepped out of the shower.

“That felt wonderful,” she said softly.

“Agreed. However, if I don’t get dried off soon, I’m just crawling in bed wet. When you find where you hid my bones, I’d like them back.”

“Felt good to you too?” she said with a smile.

“Oh yes.”

They dried off and crawled into bed. Once again, they were asleep almost before they finished saying ‘I love you.’

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