Flash Fiction Friday Photo-Graphic!


“You wouldn’t!”

“Yes, I would. I’ve had it, I’m tired of him calling me a virgin or perverted.

Ben kissed Jilly and they started pulling off each other’s clothing. He stripped off the last of his clothes, but left her tank top half on. She sucked him until he was hard. Then Ben fingered her as they touched. She was sopped. Ben turned her and slid in from behind as they stood in front of the mirror. He loved the way she looked. He stroked in and out slowly.

Jilly moaned with pleasure, her eyes half closed as Ben picked up his brother’s expensive DSL camera and began to take pictures. He swore that Jilly was getting turned on by the pictures. Her face in the mirror was gorgeous as he wrapped his fingers in her hair. The rest of it cascaded down her side, hiding part of her body.

“Oh, Oh!” Jilly cried. Ben hit the shutter release and the camera started taking rapid fire shots.

“Call me a fucking pervert,” Ben said hoarsely. “Guilty as fucking charged!”



Our challenge this week for Flash Fiction Friday was to use the keyword charged and a word limit of 160. We could get 10 extra credit words for every orgasm we’d helped with this week. Oh, and we had to tell how we earned those extra credit words.

This picture reminded me of my one son. He did a lot of things that I… um… ignored as a mum in order to cope. He tried to play a mean game of “squick the parental units.” It worked on his dad, but not me. He’d come in and give me a ‘stroke by stroke’ account of his dates. I in turn did the ‘oh, have you tried this technique?’. We decided it was an even battle, but he didn’t stop until he moved out. If one of his brothers had had a camera, he certainly would have taken pictures. 🙂

Ah Advizor, you are such a voyeuristic brat! 🙂 I love the idea and wish I could have had more than my 20 extra words, but it’s been a rough week. The extra words came from our own playtime. 🙂 We’ve been trying to catch up on lost togetherness. While I could go for a few more orgasms, I’ve been wearing poor Wolf out. 🙂

For the rest of you! Come Join Us! Flash Fiction Friday is a hoot!


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        1. Sit in corners, write things on our computer screen and then stick them in the file system never to be seen again. Then in 100 years, someone would write a paper on the perversion of solitary writers.

          The internet and blogging is so much better.

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