Abduction Samantha part 5

Fair warning! Dragons lurk!

She woke up sore and aching in places she didn’t know she could hurt. The night before, she had been sent for and Haveer had used her and then let his friends have her. By the time she’d returned to the slave quarters, cum ran down her legs from both her ass and pussy. Her stomach had been full of cum as well.

“Slave! Get up!” Cala said from the doorway.

“Let me sleep,” Samantha said rolling over.

“No! You must get up now! The security men are here! You must hide!”

“I don’t want to hide! They can come take me,” said Samantha.

Cala disappeared. Hamaz returned a moment later and grabbed Samantha by the hair. Before she could protest, he slammed a ball gag into her mouth and buckled it into place. He cuffed her hands in front of her as well. Then he blindfolded her and dragged her out of her room.

She couldn’t tell where they were taking her except that it was downstairs. A few moments later, she was stuffed into a small area and a door was closed.

“No sound, or you will be thrown out into the desert to die,” Hamaz said. Then there was the sound of heavy objects being shoved against the door. The smell of onions permeated the space. Samantha tried not to panic or cry. It was hard to breath around the ball gag. Plus, she was jammed in a small space where she couldn’t do anything except stay curled up in a ball. After a while, she fell asleep.


“You have not seen either of these Americans?” asked the Interpol agent.

“No. I haven’t,” said Haveer.

“Two men reported that you had a new sex slave that looked like this one,” the agent said holding out a picture of Hillary.

“No, I have no red heads. You are welcome to search my home.” Haveer swept his hand across the area behind him.

The agent made a call on his cell phone and ten minutes later, another car pulled up and a woman got out and joined him. She walked over and stood with the first agent.

“Agent Shadem will go through the women’s quarters,” said the first agent.

“That is fine. Shall we get this over? You are wasting my time,” said Haveer. The three of them walked into the house and the agents fanned out to search. An hour later, they met back in the courtyard.

“Nothing,” said Agent Shadem.

“Damn,” said the male agent. “Nothing here except a kinky bastard. You should see his bedroom.”

“No thanks,” said Shadem as Prince Haveer walked up to them.

“Did you find these lost American women?” he asked.

“No. We will keep looking.” With that, the Interpol agents walked to their cars and drove off.

Prince Haveer watched them drive off and smiled. He made a few phone calls and then went out for lunch.


Samantha woke up. She was in a panic and then remembered that she’d been stuffed in a storage area. She tried to take deep breaths and stay calm. Unable to see, she had no idea of how long she’d been locked up. She was hungry and had to pee.


It was nearly midnight before Hamaz opened the door where the slave had been hidden. It was obvious that the slave had peed herself. He held part of his headscarf over his mouth and nose.

“Clean this thing!” he said to Cala and walked away.

Cala crouched next to the woman. “Come Slave. I told you to listen, but oh no. You had to be bad. If you had listened, you would have been out of here hours ago. Hamaz punished you by keeping you locked in the box. Here is a rag. Wipe up your mess.” Cala pulled off the blindfold and handed it to the slave to clean up the piss.

Samantha cleaned up her mess as best she could. Her hands were still cuffed and the gag was in her mouth. Drool had traced down her body. When the storage area was clean enough, Cala lead her back to the slave quarters where the gag and cuffs were removed. Samantha was allowed to bathe and then eat. Then she was shoved back into her room.

“Thank goodness for small favors,” she said to herself as she curled up on her mattress.


Prince Haveer was eating his breakfast when a man came out to the patio.

“My Prince, the work is done,” he said.

“Good. Hamaz will pay you,” Haveer said and then went back to his breakfast. As the man approached Hamaz, a syringe appeared in Hamaz’s hand. Before the man could do anything, the syringe went in deep. The man went down. Hamaz and another servant of Prince Haveer’s hauled the man out of the courtyard.

An hour later, Hamaz returned. “All is taken care of Prince Haveer.

The prince nodded.


Samantha spent the next few days doing what felt like every ‘shitty’ job that could be found. She scrubbed bathrooms, walls, changed beds, and in general worked until she was too tired to stand. She fell asleep over dinner and they laughed when she had to clean up the food she spilled. She had only crawled into bed and swore her eyes had closed when Cala was waking her up for the next day’s work. On top of all the work, she was still expected to attend the dance classes and other work that the women did in the quarters.


After the midday meal, Cala found her scrubbing walls and bad her to follow. Samantha followed her to the bathroom. There she was the one scrubbed, shaved and perfumed. Of course, by this point, she knew what was next. When the veil was thrown over her, she followed Hamaz quietly.

Instead of being chained to the wall, She was tethered to a large wooden X. Arms and legs spread, she waited.

Prince Haveer walked in and smiled. “I see you survived. Next time listen when you are told to move. Because of you, six people are now feeding the buzzards.”

Samantha wanted to ask questions, but didn’t dare. She just stayed quiet.

“Good. You have learned a little lesson. Tonight, I will be making some changes. You have no choice in this. Submit.”

She nodded, and hoped it wasn’t another party of men to fuck her until she could barely walk.

The prince walked over to her and stroked her body. Then he quickly slapped her breasts, causing her nipples to respond. He laughed. Then he pinched them hard between his fingers and listened as she gasped. When he let go, he ran his fingers between her legs.

“You do like pain. You are soaked. Good.” He then walked out and in a moment came back in with a man carrying a bag. They spoke quietly and then the man turned to look at her.


“Agreed,” said Prince Haveer. He then sat back on the bed and watched the man.

“Don’t move. I’d hate to cut off a perfectly good nipple,” the man said to Samantha. He then pinched her nipples hard. After a moment, he walked back over to the bag and pulled out a long needle.

“No!” she cried out when she realized what was going to happen.

“Be quiet. Or there will be more than just your nipples pierced,” said Prince Haveer.

“Please, no. Please don’t do this,” she cried.

Prince Haveer walked over and stuffed a ball gag in her mouth and strapped it on. “Do the nipples first.”

The man nodded and quickly pierced both nipples. He slid in gold loops and the capture bead was a ruby set in gold. He wiped the blood off and then turned to the prince.

Prince Haveer appraised how his slave looked. “Go ahead with the rest,” he said.

Samantha’s eyes opened wide wondering what else would be pierced. She watched with horror as the man turned a knob on the side of the X and it tilted until she was horizontal. The man stuck his fingers into her pussy.

“She does like pain. In spite of all of her cries, she is very wet,” the man said as he felt her labia.

“I thought so. When you pierced the second nipple, juices began to run down her thighs and puddle on the floor,” said Prince Haveer.

“How many?” the man asked.

“Three each side. Match the capture balls to the nipples.”

“Yes my prince,” said the man. “Hold very still slave.”

Samantha’s head whipped back and forth trying to scream no. Her protestations got her slapped. Then her thighs were tied down tightly. She tried to cry out against the gag, but it was of no use. Six sharp pains pulled screams from her body. The extra restraints were removed. Then she was left alone in her pain as the man left.


The prince walked over and looked at his slave. Even though she was in pain, her body reacted by dripping sexual juices all over the floor tinted with spots of blood from the new piercings. He carefully fingered her. Then with his fingers coated, he stroked her clit. He watched as her body arched up to an orgasm in less than a minute.


She could do nothing but lay there. Her body betrayed her. He pulled the gag from her mouth and she gasped. Before she could say a word, he stroked her clit once more. She arched in orgasm, and as she settled back down, she felt his cock nudge its way into her ass, coated with her juices.

“I cannot use your sweet pussy for a few weeks. However, I can take your ass,” he said as he thrust deep into her.

She gasped at the added pain. And then she felt herself begin to orgasm. He thrust harder until he came deep inside her. She had continued to orgasm until he pulled out, leaving her limp on the X.


Hamaz took her back to her cell after her bath. She’d been told to keep herself clean and now the biggest issue was finding a comfortable position to sleep.

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