The Oak and Thorn Finale

Pet was amazed. For a small man, Lord Duncan was well endowed and was vigorous in bed. They had started out with an extended 69. Lord Duncan lay back as Pet took his cock in her mouth. William moved so that he could lick and suck Pet’s pussy. Lord Duncan moved so that he could stroke and take William in his mouth. Pet had blinked the first time she saw that, but as her Sir didn’t mind, she dismissed it.

Before the men could orgasm, they moved and Pet took her Sir in her mouth while James, as Lord Duncan asked to be called slid into her pussy. He bumped her cervix which made her shudder in pleasure. Her moans had William thrusting faster and faster into her mouth. He came before James did and he played with Pet’s breasts as James stroked faster and faster until he came. Then the two me teased Pet and finally allowed her to orgasm.

She cleaned the two of them with her tongue as they relaxed and everyone touched in a puppy pile. Hands touched everywhere. Pet realized at one point that both men had fingers in her pussy. Then they moved so each had a nipple between their lips. They made her beg for nearly five minutes before they let her come.

While she caught her breath, she realized that both men were touching and caressing one another. James was still in charge, but she was fascinated. Just about the point that her mouth fell open, she found two cocks thrust at her. She licked and sucked them until they both dripped pre-cum. This time James took her mouth and William her pussy. She realized that her body was so sensitive that it was difficult not to come.

“Please Sirs,” she said quickly between thrusts of James’ cock.

“Not yet Pet,” said James.

She tried to hold back, but William came hard and fast, his cock caressing her to the point where she couldn’t hold back. She cried out her orgasm against James’ cock, precipitating his orgasm. She choked a bit on the volume, but could not stop coming. The three of them collapsed in a pile. When they all caught their breaths, James smiled at her.

“Now what are we to do with our disobedient wee Pet?”

“I’ve always enjoyed making a sub choose their own punishment,” said William.

James smiled. “Yes, but tonight, I will choose. We will start in a few minutes.”

“Yes Sirs,” said Pet.

William and James relaxed as Pet licked them clean once more.


Forty minutes later, Pet was tied to the bedframe and James had been spanking her with a steady rain of blows from his hand. Her ass was bright red. She’d tried not to cry out, but the last three blows had pulled cries from her.

“Ah, so you will cry out eventually. Very good Pet,” said James. He smiled as he liked her, and could see the potential in her to be a very good sub.

“Yyyes Sirs,” she gasped.

“And please save us any protestations about not liking it. Your little thighs are just running with cum,” James said laughing softly.

“I have to agree with him Pet,” said William. He was watching her from the other side of the bed.

“I think I need to cool off my hand,” said James. He slid his reddened hand between her thighs and thrust three fingers up into her pussy.

Pet gasped. She felt his hot hand on her body. Then she felt him paint her ass with their combined juices. She was on hazy edge of subspace, and missed that James was painting her ass in a certain spot right up until he slid his fingers up her ass.

“OH! Sir,” she cried.

“I hear you aren’t fond of anal, and that it is taking you some time to get use to it,” James whispered in her ear.

“Yes Sir,” she said flinching a little as he slid his finger in and out. She felt him kiss her neck and then slide his cock deep into her pussy. She moaned.

“Do not come yet. Do you understand?” James said in a tone that demanded obedience.

“Yes Sir,” she said.

William slid forward on the bed and undid her bonds and lowered her face to his cock. James stroked in and out from behind her as they stood. The two men exchanged glances and nods as the watched Pet and the orgasm within her build.

Pet began to moan and wriggle, as her body built to orgasm. She tried not to come, but it was beginning to be more difficult. She pulled off William’s cock long enough to say “Please?”

“Not yet,” said William. He looked at James again who held up his hand with three fingers. William reached under and pinched Pet’s nipples, knowing it would start to send her over the edge. Pet was moaning louder as the two men played with her.

“Pleeez,” she gasped.

William looked to James who nodded.

“When I say three,” said William. “One. Two. Three.”

Pet began to come and James pulled out of her pussy and slid into her ass he’d been stroking with a finger.

“Ohgods!” Pet cried out as her body shuddered. She almost stood up straight and James held her tight. William slid forward, between her legs and James’. James lifted her slightly and William slid into her pussy recently vacated by James. Pet gasped, moaned and kept on orgasming. It didn’t take much for both men to join her in release. When James pulled out of Pet, he then picked her up and the three of them headed back to the bath. When it was full, he cradled Pet while William washed her. The two men took turns holding and washing Pet and themselves. Then they dried off and tucked Pet into bed. The last thing Pet remembered was William and James kissing each other good night.



In the morning, Pet and William found their clothes waiting them. They dressed, breakfasted and then were almost ready to depart when Lord Duncan looking well rested joined them in the main hall.

“I hope that you slept well,” said Lord Duncan.

“Yes, as always when I’m here,” said William

“Yes, Sir,” said Pet.

“Well, know that you are always welcome and that I hope to see you from time to time at the Oak And Thorn,” Lord Duncan said.

“Of course,” said William. He embraced the older man and then stepped out of the way for Pet to say her goodbyes.

“You were a delight, and are welcome in my home any time,” said Lord Duncan.

Pet blushed, knowing exactly what he meant. The earrings and necklace he’d given her weighed heavy on her skin.


A few hours later, they were back in the city and William dropped Pet off at her apartment. They said their goodbyes, and Pet headed upstairs. It would only be a few hours until it was time to be to work. She picked up her mail, returned a few phone calls and then showered and crawled into bed. It would be a busy week.


“Miss Roth! Where is that portfolio?” called Mr. Baxter. He had been looking all over his desk for it.

Elizabeth ran into the office with the portfolio. “You left it on my desk sir,” she said and then went back to work. It had been a very long week and from what she could tell, the weekend would be even more difficult. Mr. Duffy had wanted Mr. Baxter to join him at a club upcountry. It meant that she would be alone for the first time on a weekend in ages.

She sat back down at her desk and went through the mail that had arrived that morning. In amongst the bills, advertisements and junk mail was a letter. It was addressed to her.


Miss Elizabeth Roth


She tore open the envelope and began to read the letter.


Miss Roth,


I was very impressed with your abilities to organize and control yourself while you were visiting my estate last weekend. I would like to offer you an opportunity to excel at this. My regular hostess will be gone for the weekend, starting Friday evening and will not return until Sunday evening. Would you perhaps care to fill in for her at the Oak and Thorn?




Lord James Duncan.


Elizabeth read the letter twice. She heard Mr. Baxter call her from his office and stood up still holding the letter.

“Yes sir?”

“I wanted to make sure that you had my train tickets ready for the weekend,” he said.

“Oh yes. I have your rail pass updated, hotel booked in case the club doesn’t suffice and a list of pubs where the food is edible,” she said.

“What’s that in your hand?”

“It’s… It’s a letter from Lord Duncan.”


“He’s asked me to be the hostess at the Oak and Thorn for the weekend. Did you arrange this Sir?”

“No, but I knew of it. He mentioned that he’d like to have you there on a regular basis which would give Celia some time off. Do you mind? If you do, I can arrange for you to do something this weekend,” he said with a straight face.

“No Sir. I would be honored to work at the Oak and Thorn.”

“Then I suggest that you call and let him know you will be there,” he said with a smile handing her a business card with a phone number on it.

“Thank you Sir,”

“You’re welcome Miss Roth.”


She saw William off at King’s Cross station and then headed for the Oak and Thorn. There Lord Duncan was waiting for her. He gave her a tour of the establishment which astounded her. She had never realized just how big the building was. She was introduced to various people she would need to work with during the weekend and her quarters while she was there. They were not the same as the rooms she and her Sir used.

“Lord Duncan, why am I staying here the entire weekend? I could have gone home after closing.”

He smiled. “Ah Pet, but then who would keep me company at night?”

Pet blushed. “Yes Sir.”


The older woman walked into the dark oak paneled dining room and stood there looking around. Pet met her at the door and asked if she was meeting someone.

“No,” she said. Pet smiled and lead her off to a semi secluded area and seated her at a table for two.

“Someone will be with you in a moment,” Pet said handing her a menu. The woman took it and began to look it over. Pet smiled, knowing the feelings the woman was experiencing as she looked at the menu. Pet then walked into a separate lounge and walked over to a number of people next to a close circuit TV.

“Excuse me, but I would like to bring to your attentions that a new woman has been seated in the main dining room.”

“Thank you Pet.” said Lord Duncan.

Pet nodded and then headed out to see if the woman had any questions about the menu.

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