Abduction Halva, part 5

She sat in the garden of the women’s quarters and tried to work on the needlework. She was distracted, knowing that Jamal might call for her at any moment. He’d been gone on business for almost a month. It was just after lunch, but she knew his schedule and that he was due home some time today. She hoped to be the first one to see him. There were other women that he took to his bed, but she had realized early on that he was consistent in his attentions. No one was left out. No one forgotten. She went back to her needlework.

“Halva! The master wants you upstairs. Bath and and I’ll lay out your clothes,” said Da`d.

Halva put her needlework in a basket and ran for the baths. It didn’t take her long to bathe. She dressed in the clothes Da`d brought and adjusted the veil, curious as to why that had been added.

“Da`d, do we have company today?”

“Yes. Men. Please be good today,” the woman said.

“Of course. Why would I not?” asked Halva, rather confused.

“There is something going on and our master is very nervous. Please be good.”

“Of course.

Jamal paced. He was unhappy. He had arrived home to a mess. His brother had said that nothing would ever come up because of the gift. Now his front patio was occupied by three men. Interpol. They’d been here when he arrived. He’d had no time to talk to Halva, and could only hope that she would behave. He was trying not to panic. He finally saw the servant bring Halva to him. She was properly veiled.

“My sweet Halva, thank you for coming so quickly,” he said.

“Of course my lord. What is it you need?” she asked looking around and seeing three strange European men at the other end of the room.

“These men want to talk to you. That is all I can say,” he stated as they walked over to them.

“This is my consort, Halva,” Jamal said to the men. “I have given her permission to speak to you, but please be respectful.” Then Jamal showed Halva to a chair. He sat next to her, but didn’t touch her as he wished he could.

“Miss, um… Are you Hillary?” asked the first man holding out pictures of women.

Halva looked at the pictures. She barely recognized herself. “Yes, I was Hillary. I am now Halva, Jamal’s consort,” she said softly.

“Miss, are you a slave? Here against your will?” asked a second man.

“Of course not. Why? Why do you ask that?” said Halva, realizing exactly what had happened, and why Da`d had asked her to behave.

“We had reports that you’d been kidnapped by a slaver along with several other women. Then your passport and some papers were found on a resort beach a few weeks ago. We have traced several leads down and you are one of them,” said the man with the pictures.

“Well, I lost my passport when it was stolen from me months ago. It was right after I met Jamal. We were having a lovely time and when it happened, we reported it,” she said.

The third man said something in a whisper to the first man. “We would like to speak to Hillary alone if you don’t mind.”

Jamal started to take offense and then took a deep breath. “Fine I will go out into the garden.” He stood up and left. He knew what the men were doing and could only hope that Halva would not betray him.

The men waited for a moment and then turned back to Hillary. “Now that he is gone, you are free to speak.”

“To what?” she asked. She too understood the tactic.

“We know you were kidnapped and sold to Jamal by his brother Prince Haveer. Haveer was approached a few months back and soon afterwards, our agents were killed. We are certain that he has or has killed one of these three women,” said the third man, holding out three pictures.

She looked at them. None were Samantha, much to her relief. “I… I have met Prince Haveer once or twice. He isn’t the nicest man, but I have never seen any of his wives or consorts, nor any of these women.”

“If you want, we can take you from here and you can speak freely. We understand that these kind of men abuse women and use them in the coarsest manner. We can have you out of here in five minutes and back on a plane to the US in under three hours. You’d never have to see him again,” said the second man.

“I’m sorry, but I have no intention of leaving. You misunderstand my position here. I have no desire to leave,” she said.

“Lady, we know you were kidnapped and sold. They may make you think you’re welcome, but at some point, they will beat and rape you until you’d wish you were dead. They traffic in human beings!” said the third man.

Halva took a deep breath. “That may well be true. However, Jamal is not like that. We love each other and I am his consort by choice.”

“Please, this is our last chance to save you. Come with us and we swear you’ll be protected. If we get a conviction, he’ll be dead in a week,” said the second man.

“Halva shook her head. “I had hoped that this would not be necessary. However, I have no other way I can think of to explain to you that I will not leave Jamal. Would you please go get him?” she asked of the first man.

He nodded and walked off to get Jamal. He returned in a moment. Jamal was worried and he could see that Halva was upset.

“Sweet Halva, what is wrong?” he asked.

“I would like your permission to take off my veil completely,” she asked.

“Um, I… I guess if it will make these men understand that you are my consort,” said Jamal.

“It will, only I wish this had not been necessary. I am sorry that I was not able to talk to you first,” said Halva.

Jamal wondered where she was going with this statement and wondered if she was about to betray him. He watched as she took off her veil. Her beautiful red hair was braided with pearls and swung down her back. She wore a simple but well embroidered tunic. She was modestly dressed and yet, something was different.

“I am sorry my husband that I was unable to give you this news in private,” Halva said as she smoothed her tunic over her stomach. “We are going to have a baby in about six months.”

Jamal took this news in and knelt next to Halva and gently placed his hands on the small bump.

“Gentlemen, why would I want to leave the father of my child? The man I love? Go away. You are mistaken. I eloped. Why the paperwork never got to the right sources, I do not know. However, I would like to be with my husband as he has been gone for over a month on business. You in your nosy pushy way have ruined my surprise.” With that, Halva dropped her veil back in place.

Jamal stood. “I believe my consort has answered your questions. Please leave.”

The three men made their exit. They shook their heads as they left.

Once the door was shut, and they heard the car pull away, Jamal looked at Halva and lifted the veil back off of her. “Really? Six months? That… that wasn’t just a ploy to get them to leave?”

“No! I’m pregnant! I was so sick right after you left that Da`d sent for a doctor. That’s when I found out. I made household swear they wouldn’t tell you. I wanted that pleasure,” she said sinking back into her chair.

Jamal smiled. “Thank you too, for not leaving me. You could have you know,”

“I love you. I gave my word when I took my new name. I realized that while I would miss certain things, that I liked being with you. Your brother frightens me no end, but you, you are the one who makes my heart beat faster.”

Jamal took her in his arms. “And tonight I will spank that sweet ass of yours until you cry out.”

“Yes, please.”

That night after the house had settled down from the excitement of the morning, Jamal and Halva were alone at last in his chambers. He sat on the bed. “Take your clothes off.”

Halva did as she was asked. She stood there naked. Her breast has begun to plump up and her nipples were a deep burgundy. They crinkled in the cool of the night. The slight rounding of her stomach was what attracted Jamal’s hands first. He ran his fingers over her body. Once she had spoken this morning, he realized that her silhouette had changed.

“So beautiful,” he said as he pulled her to him. When she was between his legs, he wrapped an arm around her and began to spank her with the other. She gasped as the first blows stung. Then the juices began to gather between her legs. He spanked her until he’d counted to twenty. “Those were for not having the doctor call me the moment he told you that you were pregnant.”

Halva nodded, the tears running down her cheeks. Then she felt his hand stroking her reddened ass. His mouth pulled one of her nipples into his mouth. She gasped as he sucked and licked each nipple in turn. She felt her juices begin to trickle down her legs.

Jamal slid his hand between Halva’s thighs and found her soaked. He stood up, undressed and then pulled Halva to him as they crawled onto the bed. He moved between her thighs and nudged the head of his cock between her wet lips. Sinking into her pussy was a small taste of heaven. He sighed as he buried himself in her heated body.

“My sweet Halva,” he said as he stroked in and out.

“Jamal,” she whispered as she wrapped her legs around him, pulling him deeper.

Although he wanted to make things last, his body had other things in mind. He stroked in and out of her until he couldn’t hold back any longer. His orgasm rolled up his spine and spilled pleasure. Halva moaned under him and she began to orgasm as well. A moment later, they lay in sticky delight.

“You will let me know when sex is no longer a pleasure, yes?” he asked.

“Of course. I realized how much I missed being spanked and sex when you were gone.”

“I missed you, Halva. Do you realize this is my first child?” he said as he held her.


“Well, it is, and I will be torn as to whom I wish to hold more. You or the baby,” he said.

Halva smiled. “For now, hold me.”

Jamal complied and they went to sleep.

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