Flash Fiction Friday Switch off!


Jack walked in on her. He sat down in the chair to watch. It was punishment to watch her. She was masturbating, stretched out on the cool sheets. The fan blowing across her nipples made them stand up. His erection pressed against his zipper. He’d been late. There were consequences for him being late. She got to cum while he watched in silence. Then if he was lucky, they’d fuck.

The black stockings were such a tease. He loved the way the muscles in her legs were accentuated. She moaned as her fingers worked their magic. Her neck arched backwards as she started to cum. Eyes closed, she sighed as she nearly came and then stopped. She lay there breathing slowly.

“Damn,” he thought. “She’s really going to make me pay for being late.”

She rolled over and looked at him. “Go away. I’m not coming.”

“I’m only thirty minutes late.”

“No, you’re thirty minutes and a day late. And, you never said Happy Valentine’s Day.”

“You’re wrong. It’s February 13th.”

“It can’t be,” she wailed.

“It is. Look at my phone,” he said holding it out as he walked over to her. She looked at it and it read 2/13/13.

“Oh Fuck!”

“Yeah. I’m gonna love punishing you,” he said. He dropped his pants and climbed between her thighs wet from masturbating. He nudged his thick cock up against her pussy and then thrust in deep.

She gasped. It felt so good and yet… It had been so long since she’d lost a round in this game. She tried not to moan, not to let him know she felt so much pleasure.

Then he stopped. Held still, until he almost went soft. Then he started up again. He was enjoying himself. It was going to be a long night.


Our challenge this week for Flash Fiction Friday was multi-parted. There were two keywords, Love and punishment. The word limit was 300 and the bonus was to set the story on February 13th. I have to admit I am a bit scattered and rushed on this one. Not my best, but not bad either.

I’m working out of a hotel room after a long (12 hour) day at a professional conference in a large City. Yes, Wolf was with me at the conference, which was nice. Yet he so does NOT like the City… Which means that I will be spending quality time mellowing out Wolf and myself. However, the conference was fun and productive.

We will be home late Friday or early Saturday. Hope to have a new story up on Saturday night.

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