Job Rated part 20

Neva stood in the yard and just stared at JR. Jesse had just finished buffing the last bit of chrome and glass. They’d covered the seats rather than reupholstered them, and new mats lay on the floor. The paint gleamed in the afternoon sun. She smiled.

“You know, I never thought she could look so good,” said Jesse. “Think you might let me buy him back?”

“No. This truck is mine, and I can’t wait to drive it into town and park it in front of Fitzgerald’s B&B.”

“Well then,” Jesse said as he walked over to Neva. “Do you think you might consider another deal?”

“What kind of deal?”

Jesse pulled his hand out of his pocket and palmed the small box. “Well, this truck deal worked out pretty good for the two of us.”

“Yes,” she said. “What’s the new deal?”

Jesse picked up her hand like he was going to kiss it. “Will you consider marrying me?” he asked as he dropped the ring box into her hand.

Neva stood there. She blinked. She shook her head like her ears weren’t functioning right. She looked at the small box in her hand and then back at Jesse. “Did… did you just…”

“Open the box Neva. Please?”

Neva, still in a state of shock, opened the small box. Inside was a ring with a ruby in the center the same shade as JR and two diamonds off to each side set in a platinum band. “Oh,” was all she managed.



“Will you marry me Neva?” Jesse asked once more.

Neva looked up at him, jumped into his arms and wrapped her legs around him. “Yes,” she whispered in his ear.

Jesse smiled, because his face was buried in Neva’s neck and couldn’t say a word. Instead, he slowly turned in a circle holding her. She finally looked at him and tears were tracing down her face as she smiled.

“Oh Jesse.”

Jesse finally let go of her and he took the box from her hands and placed the ring on her finger. “I love you.”

“Oh, I love you too. Did Jeanie help pick this out?” she asked.

“Yes. How did you know?”

“She has good taste. And only you would have matched the paint with a ruby,” she said.

Jesse laughed. “You’re right. The first three rings I thought that you’d like she hruumphed at until I put them back. She suggested a ruby flanked by diamonds and I had some of the paint on my jeans, so we matched it,” said Jesse.

Neva just smiled. “So, where are we going to eat tonight?”

“Um… Depends on if you want to show off JR, your ring, or just smile like a Cheshire cat.”

“Damn, difficult choices. I think I want a nice quiet dinner to get use to this idea of being engaged,” said Neva.

“Steak? Up at the Roadhouse?” Jesse suggested.


They piled in Neva’s car and headed out for dinner after throwing a tarp over JR.


“I don’t believe you,” said Charles.

Neva smiled and showed him her hand. He blinked. Not because it was so dazzling or over the top, but simply because he truly hadn’t believed she’d ever marry.

“Well, you can’t quit until you have a replacement trained. For both of you,” he said.

“Who said we were quiting? I just want a couple of weeks off for a honeymoon,” said Neva. She loved the idea that Charles was so flustered.

“Oh…umm, okay. So when is the happy day, and are you having the reception here? Wait. Let me put that a different way. When and what time is the reception?” asked Charles.

“Charles, we haven’t made any plans yet. I don’t know.”

“Well it’s the least you can do for me if you’re going to deprive me of Jesse for two Bridge days in a row,” said Charles with a smile.

Neva smiled. “Fine. I’ll ask Jesse.” She stood up and headed into the dining room. It was going to be a busy Saturday night.


“Reception eh? So even if we elope, he’d snag us afterwards?” asked Jesse while they were on break.

“Yes. It’s his gift to us. Plus he said we ‘owed’ him for being gone for a couple of Bridge days.”

“Damn. Forgot about the blue haired brigade,” winced Jesse.

“Yeah, they’ll get over it. Charles might not, but they will. So, did you have a date? Or we just going to wing it?”

“I thought you might have a date,” admitted Jesse.

Neva rolled her eyes and headed off to seat a table for four.


By the time their shift was over, everyone knew and people were tossing around dates like it was their wedding. Jesse just smiled and kept saying it was Neva’s choice. Neva smiled, showed her ring and said she was thinking about it.

“You should just go do the Justice of the Peace thing,” said Ginny as the two of them waited for Dave and Jesse.

“I’ve seriously thought about it. No matter when we get married though, Charles wants to do the reception here. Is there any weekend open when there isn’t a party or concert in the next few months?” Neva asked.

“Let’s look,” said Ginny. They pulled up the schedule on the computer and found three empty Saturdays. Neva wrote them down and stuffed the paper in her pocket. Then she went to find Jesse. She found him and Dave in the back laughing.

“What’s so funny?”

“We’ve been watching Charles through the hatch. He keeps looking at the cook books and pulls one from a pile and then puts it back. Then he starts over,” said Dave.

Neva looked through the hatch and watched for a moment. “Oh damn! He’s looking at wedding cakes!”

Dave snickered and Jesse rolled his eyes.

“You think it’s funny, but he’s going to do something really over the top unless we manage to set a date for the reception and do it fast,” said Neva.

“He wouldn’t,” said Jesse.

“Oh yes he would. I saw him when his friend Kurt got married. He had three months to think about it and the whole thing just got more and more elaborate,” said Dave.

Jesse looked at Neva who just nodded.



Three days later, Neva came in to the office where Charles sat. “We’ve decided on the 17th.”

Charles looked up. “That’s only two weeks away!”

“Yes, and it is plenty of time to get everything ready. The date is open and there are no conflicts. Ginny booked the spot for me. It will be for about forty people, and we’d like everything as simple as possible. No five tier cakes, no candied roses and it needs to be real food.”

“I… well, um…” he stuttered.

“Let me know when you have the menu drawn up and we’ll take a look. Thanks Charles,” she said and walked out the door.

Ginny was waiting at the end of the hall, trying not to laugh.

“You can let go of that belly laugh,” Neva said as they headed to the dining room.

“That was perfect. I love hearing him stutter,” said Ginny.

Neva smiled. “I’ll see you tomorrow. I have a wedding outfit to buy.”



“If I see one more dress, I think I’ll collapse,” said Jesse.

“Well, you said getting married in something other than jeans was what you wanted,” said Neva as they left another bridal store.

“Yes, but I never thought there were so many options. When I got married the first time, I just wore my uniform.”

“Jesse, if you want to get married in your bathrobe, that’s fine by me. I don’t want a huge dress and veil, or to look like some fashion plate,” said Neva as they walked down the mall to the next shop.

“Alright. How about this. I’ll wear stuff like I do when I work, only a little newer. You find a dress you like and we’ll go from there.”

“Deal!” Neva took his hand and they headed back to the Western Corral, a slightly upscale store. In twenty minutes, they’d found Jesse a suit, shirt and tie. Then they headed to Neva’s favorite store. It took three different attempts to find the right dress. It was a deep blue with lace inserts. The shoes took nearly an hour to find, and Neva finally settled on a pair of cowboy boots that came up almost to her knees, and had roses stamped into the leather highlighted in almost the same shade of blue as her dress. Jesse had thought she was crazy, but Neva promised they’d be fine.


“Alright, now that we are home and I’m exhausted, will you please put the dress and the boots on and show me that I’m wrong about how they’d look,” said Jesse as he hung up his suit.

“It will take just a minute,” she said dropping the bags on the bed. She shimmied out of her clothes and put the dress on. Then she put on a pair of black heels. “Now take a look.”

“Alright, Looks fine to me, but then I love your legs, especially as that dress just skims your knees.”

Neva smiled, kicked off the heels and then put the boots on. They were slim and seemed to hug her calves. She stood up, walked towards him and then twirled. The lace inserts in the skirt of the dress swirled out.

Jesse just sat there with his mouth open. “Oh damn.”

Neva smiled. “Told you.”


Jesse made up for his lack of faith in how Neva would look by giving her a massage. As he worked down her back, he worked all the sore muscles. His hands grazed the sides of her breasts and then traced over her ass. Then he worked down her thighs. The scent of her teased his nose and he brought his lips down to kiss the base of her spine.

“What are you doing?” she asked softly.

“I’m giving you passionate kisses.”

“Ah,” she replied.

He continued to kiss her body until he’d trailed down to her toes. Then he worked his way back up. When he reached the top of her thighs, he kissed his finger and stroked between her thighs until he touched her clit.


“Like that?” he asked.


He rolled her over and began to kiss her breasts and mound until she was grinding her hips against his lips. Jesse obliged her by licking his way into her folds. His tongue wrapped around her clit and then dove down to her pussy. Neva moaned.

Jesse kept it up until Neva was panting and her hand tried to hold his head against her mound. He raised up and moved up until his cock was at the opening of her pussy. He slid in as he picked her hips up.

“Oh Jesse,” she said softly.

Jesse smiled and stroked in and out as slowly as he could manage when what he wanted was to slam hard against her pubic bone. She was tight, hot and wet.

Neva pulled him down and kissed him. The taste of her juices on his lips made her smile. She moaned and arched her hips upwards. Jesse gave in and sped up his strokes. His balls slapped against Neva as he moved faster.

“Oh, oh Jesse,” Neva gasped as her body responded to him.

“Ahhh,” he groaned as his balls tightened and he came hard. He felt his body spasm and then Neva’s contract around him. It felt so good, it was like a second orgasm. Jesse shuddered and then held himself up on his arms as Neva shivered beneath him. Slowly they moved so that they were both on the bed.

“That was worth all the shopping,” Jesse said softly.

“Yes, it was. Especially the look on your face when I put on the cowboy boots and twirled.”

Jesse just smiled.



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