Abduction Yaqoot, part 6

She rolled over as she woke up and tried not to cry out. It had been less than twelve hours since her body had been assaulted and pierced. She was in pain. Sitting up, she realized that her nipples were bruised and slightly swollen. With her right hand, she touched the piercings between her legs. Her labia were puffy and tender. Carefully, she got up and headed towards the door. It was unlocked. She slowly opened it and peaked out.

ياقوت ” Cala called. “Good You are awake!”

“What did you call me?”

Cala stood there for a moment thinking. “Yaqoot. It means Ruby in your language. It means that Prince Haveer values you enough to keep you. That is why he marks you,” Cala said pointing at her piercings. “Go bathe. There is work to do.”

Yaqoot headed for the baths. As she passed another door, she heard sobbing. There was no opening to peer into the room, so she simply walked past wondering who was the unlucky prisoner.

After her bath, Cala brought a salve to smear on the piercings. It stung, but smelled good. Then Yaqoot was given a light shift to wear. It was her first clothing in weeks. As she went about her work and classes in the women’s quarters, she occasionally passed the locked door. The sobs could still be heard. Finally, she asked Cala who was locked in the room.

Cala pulled her off to one side. “Do not pay attention to that room. Stay away from it.”

Yaqoot thought for a moment. “Someone piss off Prince Haveer?”

“That is a nice way to say it. That one will be lucky to live. Lucky not to be buzzard food. Now come. Time to dance.”

Yaqoot followed Cala and spent the morning trying not to cringe as her body moved and the piercings pulled. Her mind kept drifting back to the locked door.

Six weeks later, Yaqoot was told to bathe and prepare herself. Cala made sure she was clean shaven so that her piercings showed. Her body was lotioned and perfumed. Her hair was coiffed with pearls, bells attached to her piercings, wrists and ankles, and then the veil tossed over her naked body. She realized half way through the walk that she was not being taken to the bedroom. Hamaz stopped before a large door and then motioned for her to sit on a cushion off to one side. There were men in the room, and while she couldn’t see them, she could hear them.

“So, all is well? Can we begin again?” asked a male voice.

“Oh yes. Agent Shadem has been most helpful,” said Prince Haveer.

“I still cannot believe you took her,” said another man.

“Interpol is very lax here. They should bring their own drivers,” laughed the Prince.

Laughter filled the room. The sound of plates and glasses replaced voices. The smell of food teased Yaqoot as she tried to stay awake. Finally, she heard the sounds of plates being removed and smelled something sweet and coffee.

“And now, I have a treat for you. My latest slave, ياقوت will dance for us,” said Prince Haveer.

Yaqoot felt a hand at her elbow help her up. She was walked to the center of the room and the veil was removed. Music started up behind her and she recognized it. When it hit a repeat, she started to dance. She felt the jewelry move with her body and the music. She lost herself in the movement and danced the passion she felt.

When the music stopped, she came to a graceful pose as Cala had shown her and waited. The men clapped and even Prince Haveer smiled. He motioned for her to come and sit next to his feet. She tried to move gracefully. When she was seated, he turned to her and fed sugared almonds to her. Then she was ignored as the conversation turned to other things. As most of the conversation was in rapid fire Arabic, she soon found herself staring at the carpet, unable to understand what was being said. After an hour, the men began to leave until there were three of them left besides Prince Haveer.

“I am most grateful for the invitation,” said one man.

“It is the least I could do for you,” said Prince Haveer. He stood up and pulled Yaqoot to her feet. Then he took her hand and lead her over to the three men. “I will have Hamaz collect her in a few hours. There is a room for you through that door.”

Yaqoot knew better than to protest, but the panic she felt caused her to hold back.

Prince Haveer noticed her reluctance and bent to her ear. “You will be good, or I will cut the jewels from your body.”

She nodded and went with the three me.

She knelt as they undressed. One hardly looked old enough to shave. The other two were older and sported erections almost before their clothes were off.

“A pain slave eh?” said one.

She nodded.

“Give her to the boy first,” said the other man. “He can open her up for us.”

The young man approached her and pulled her to her feet. He lead her over to the bed and had her lay down. Then he inspected her like he’d never seen a woman. When he flicked the nipple piercings, she gasped. The men laughed. Then he pulled on the rings and watched her breasts bounce. She gasped in pain again.

The young man laughed and then began to pay attention to her pussy and the six rings in her lips. He tugged and pulled as Yaqoot gasped. The three men laughed as she became wetter and wetter with the petty torture. He thrust first one and then two fingers into her pussy. The older men lay on the bed to either side of her, playing with her breasts or kissing her. He said something and the two older men reached down to hold her legs. Yaqoot wasn’t sure what was going on until the two fingers became three, then four. She moaned. Then she cried out as he worked his whole hand into her pussy.

The men laughed and chatted away as the young man played with her pussy. When he finally pulled his hand out, she orgasmed from the combination of pain and stimulation. Juices ran down her ass and thighs as she squirted. The young man wiped his hand on his cock, and then tilting her up slammed into her ass.

Yaqoot screamed as he buried himself in her bowels. The two older men laughed. One fingered her pussy while the other kissed her breasts. The young man thrust faster and faster until he came deep in her ass. As he pulled out, the older of the two men crawled between her legs and thrust into her pussy.

Yaqoot moaned, but was grateful. He didn’t last long. Once he was done, she was turned on her stomach and her ass pulled up in the air. The third man slid into her pussy as he slapped her ass. The young man came around and thrust his erect cock in her face. Yaqoot was grateful that he’d wiped his cock off and that she wasn’t tasting ass as he pushed into her mouth. She had no way to stay away from the cocks. When she pulled off the one in her mouth, the one behind her thrust in deeper. She wondered for a moment if they would meet in the middle of her.

She nearly had a rhythm figured out when the man pulled out of her pussy and thrust into her ass. She screamed around the cock in her mouth. It was like it encouraged them. She felt the third man pull on her breasts. The one in her ass came first, and then the young man shot deep into her mouth. By this point, the men were worn out and the left her on the bed unsatisfied as they dressed. Two of them tossed small coins at her and then they were gone.

Yaqoot sat there with the coins in her hand waiting for Hamaz. She wanted to go clean up, but didn’t dare move. Finally a door opened and there stood Prince Haveer with Hamaz. He walked over to her and patted her head.

“You did a good job. Now I have insurance. You may keep the coins.” Then he turned and walked off. Hamaz gestured for her to stand and together they walked down to the women’s quarters.

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