Reset Nap

She flopped on the bed. “I’m exhausted.”

“So am I. Hell, I’m too sore and too tired to do much more than fall in bed.”

“Even to tired for a bit of sex?” she asked.

“Yeah. I think so. My mind says ‘yes’ and my body says ‘go on with your bad self’ and I realize that just can’t.”

“Well go take a shower while I make dinner,” she suggested while heading towards the kitchen.



She fried up some sausages and threw a couple of potatoes in the microwave while he showered. She heard the water turn off and him head to the bedroom while she was plating the food. Butter, salt, pepper, a little brown mustard and she put the two plates on a tray with silverware. She headed for the bedroom.

“I’ve got dinner,” she said as she entered. She was greeted by the sight of his naked body stretched across the bed, ass up.

He was snoring.

She put the tray down and sat next to his head and touched his shoulder. “Honey, wake up.”

“Huh? Oh. I fell asleep,” he said wiping the drool off the side of his mouth.

“Yeah, you did. Dinner’s ready.” She leaned over and picked up the tray as he pulled himself to a sitting position.

“Oh this looks good,” he said as he started eating.

“I think this is the only ‘sausage’ I’ll get tonight,” she commented.

“Yeah. I’m afraid so,” he said as he ate.


When they were finished, he crawled into bed while she showered. She came back in wrapped in a towel to find him asleep. Sighing, she dropped the towel and climbed into bed. She snuggled up to him and soon fell asleep.


She woke to feel something thump against her hip. “What the?” she thought. Rolling over a bit, she realized that his cock was hard and throbbing against her leg. “Hmmm.” She scooted down under the covers and began licking and kissing his cock. He moaned in his sleep. She kept it up and soon a pearl of cum crossed her tongue.

Smiling, she knelt under the covers and fingered herself until she was wet and ready. Then she licked his cock again and as he moaned and arched his hips just a tiny bit, she straddled him and sat down on his cock.

“Ohh!” he moaned, still half asleep.

She rocked back and forth, enjoying the feeling of being in control. It didn’t take long for him to wake up and grab her by the hips.

“I thought I was dreaming,” he said.

“You were ‘knocking’ on my thigh, and I thought I’d welcome you in,” she said with a gasp as her body began to enjoy all the attention.

“I’m glad it wasn’t a dream,” he said as he grabbed her nipples and tugged and squeezed. She gasped, leaned forward and they kissed. Then he grabbed her hips and drove in hard and fast. His orgasm boiled up his spine and he came hard, juices pulsing deep.

“Oh,” she gasped as he thrust deep. Her own orgasm wasn’t far off. He thrust a couple more times and her body tipped over into orgasm. Her muscles clenched and the two of them gasped and moaned in pleasure.

She leaned forward trying to catch herself and her breath. He held her tight to his chest as the rolled to one side. He looked over her shoulder at the clock and saw that it was 3am.

“I guess I needed a little reset nap,” he laughed softly.

“I think so. I love you,” she said softly as they spooned up in bed.

“I love you too,” he said as they fell back asleep.

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