Abduction Halva part 6

Halva felt huge. At eight months pregnant, she was hot and uncomfortable in the heat of the day. She was horny as well, which seemed to be some kind of ironic torture. It had become more and more difficult to play and have sex, yet the lightest touch of Jamal’s hand on her body sent her into heated passion. Laying on a couch wearing the lightest of caftans, she tried to relax. She had been embroidering designs on baby clothes, and finally gave up. She put the sewing in the basket and closed her eyes.

Jamal walked into the women’s quarters and saw Halva sleeping on the couch near the shaded side of the room. Even swollen with the baby, her body excited him. He’d visited his other women when he needed rougher, energetic sex, but Halva had stolen his heart. He walked over and knelt next to her. Sweat made her caftan cling to her skin. So milky in color in comparison to the red of her hair. He could see her nipples through the material and reached forward to close his lips around her nipple. He sucked the nipple into his mouth.

Halva had been dreaming of the baby. She felt her nipple being sucked and opened her eyes to find Jamal by her side. He grinned up at her as he let the nipple pop out of his mouth. “I was dreaming.”

“You are a luscious dream,” he said holding a hand out to help her up. “I want to touch and lick you all over.”

She smiled and the two of them walked to her room. Once there, she pulled off her caftan and Jamal shed his clothes. She moved to lay down on the bed and got comfortable. Jamal lay beside her, kissing and touching her belly and full breasts. As he sucked on her nipple, he reached around and spanked her lightly on the ass.

“Oh Jamal,” she moaned.

He smiled. They’d adapted their play, as the baby sat too low for regular sex. Htey moved until they were a loose 69, his head on her inner thigh, and her mouth around his cock. She sucked and licked his cock as he played with her pussy and clit. Fingers touched, entwined, poked and thrust. They moved slowly, enjoying the pleasure as it built slowly.

Halva smiled as she felt her body contract in pleasure and worked to bring Jamal to orgasm. Her tongue worked the slit at the top of his cock as she sucked and licked him. Jamal groaned and finally let go, his orgasm pulsing down the back of her throat. She swallowed and sucked him until there was nothing left. He lay there gasping.

When Jamal had regained his senses, he intensified his playing with Halva’s pussy and clit. He stroked as deep as he dared and then came back to stroke her sensitive clit. He felt her body respond and begin to arch off of the bed. Her juices were dripping from his fingers as she arched in orgasm.

“Oh! Ohhh,” she cried.

Jamal held her, his fingers still between her leg and his head on her belly. Suddenly, something bumped his head. “What?” he said as he jerked backwards.

Halva laughed. “The baby kicked you,” she said with a soft laugh.

Jamal carefully put his hand where his head had been. The baby kicked him again. This wasn’t the first time he’d felt the baby move, but each time was so special. They lay there for some time, playing with the baby waiting to be born.



Jamal woke to hearing his name being called by one of the servants. He opened his eyes and tried to focus on what they were saying.

“Sir! Sir! The baby! It comes,” said Da`d.

Jamal woke fully, grabbed his robe and headed for Halva’s quarters. They had decided to have the doctor and midwife come to them, rather than go to a hospital, although many women did so now. He called to his driver to go get the doctor, only to find that the man had already left. When he got to Halva, she was walking slowly back and forth, stopping from time to time as the pains hit her.

“Halva, are you okay?” he asked totally unsure of what he should do.

“Yes. The baby will be here soon. I’ve sent for the doctor, and the midwife,” she said. “Ooohph.” The pain doubled Halva over and Jamal caught her.

“Sit down on the bed my love,” he said.

“Just hold me. The longer I walk, the faster the baby will be born,” she said.

Jamal did as she said in spite of his fear for her. A few minutes later, the doctor and midwife came in and took over. After they checked Halva, they let Jamal back into the room. He cornered the doctor. “Will she be all right?”

“Yes. She is very healthy, and so is the baby. It won’t be long,” the doctor said. Behind him, the midwife nodded in agreement as a labor pain pulled a moan from Halva.


Jamal paced outside Halva’s room. It had been three hours and he was anxious, although he’d been assured everything was fine. Da`d brought him some food and drink and insisted he eat. He’d grab a bite and walk. Da`d had teased him that he’d wear a rut in the floor. He’d smiled a weak smile.

The midwife popped out of the room and called to Jamal. “The baby is nearly here. Do you want to be with Halva?”

“Yes!” He moved into the room, ignoring the doctor and went straight to Halva. She was tired, sweaty and red in the face from pushing.

“One more big push,” said the midwife. She was crouched between Halva’s thighs, her hands busy.

Jamal turned away, and looked at Halva. “Sweet Halva, are you okay?”

“Hhold my hand,” she gasped between clenched teeth. She held out her hand and Jamal clasped hands with her. As the labor pain crested and she pushed, she squeezed his hand tight. It was his turn to take a deep breath as her grip was stronger than he expected.

“Push dear,” said the midwife.

Halva pushed. It burned. Her body worked hard to give birth to the baby and she was tired, in pain, and elated all at the same time. She pushed and then everything seemed to give. Her body shuddered in almost orgasmic relief as the baby was born. A thin cry filled the room.

Jamal looked at Halva, and then to the midwife and doctor.

“It is a boy,” said the midwife, holding up the small baby covered in birth fluids. She placed the baby on Halva’s chest. As Halva cradled her baby, she cut the cord and attended to the rest of the birth.

“He is beautiful, like his mother,” said Jamal.

“No, he is handsome, like his father,” said Halva, tears of joy in her eyes.

The doctor checked the baby while the midwife finished up with Halva and helped her into clean clothes. Da`d changed the bedding. By the time they were done, The doctor had checked out the baby and wrapped him in the blanket handed him by Da`d. Then the baby was given to Halva to nurse. The servants and the doctor left the new family alone.


Nine month old Haidar crawled on the floor, his baby cries mimicking his namesake, the lion. His parents laughed at his antics. While his hair was dark, it had deep red highlights in it and his eyes were deep green. He knew he was the star of his parents world.

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