Flash Fiction Friday Corset Contentions


Gabby sat in the chair, her dress pulled up to show off her thighs, and her shawl wrapped around her eyes as a blindfold. She waited in the hotel room. Waiting to see what would happen.

“Just for once I wish you’d think about the consequences!” he shouted.

“I didn’t think it would be a problem,” Gabby said.

“That’s just it! You Never Think! Otherwise you wouldn’t have shown up here on HER birthday.”

“How was I to know you had bought her the same dress?”

“That isn’t the point. You were NOT suppose to show up.”

That conversation had occurred an hour ago. Her Dom had grabbed her by the hair and hauled her into the room. Gabby had been sat in the chair, blindfolded and ordered not to move. She knew better. No matter how hard she listened, she could never tell if he was still in the room.

Henry walked to the door and stood there. He was furious. Luckily, Dani had not seen Gabby. Suddenly, Henry had an idea. Leaving quietly, he ran down the hall to the main party. There he found Giles, Phillip and James. Henry knew that Gabby detested the three men. She had declared her disgust in private. Henry would use that information to teach her a lesson.

Motioning to them to come closer, he explained the situation and his solution. Each man smiled and claimed he was in. The four men walked back to the room and entered.

“Gabby, you will obey these men in every way. Understood?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Gentlemen, she’s yours.”

Each man began to undress, stroking their cocks as they walked towards Gabby.



Alys was in love with the idea of being a damsel in distress. Greg was in love with Steampunk.

The dichotomy was a match made in lust. They had a long weekend and intended to play to the fullest. Alys was cast as the damsel, Greg as the villain and the rest of the men would be the ‘Do Rights.’

Greg drove Alys to White Sands National Monument. They hiked out to a secluded dune and began to set up the scene. Greg placed the chair at the bottom of the dune while Alys changed clothes. The black panties she wore had a vibrator that nestled up against her clit.

Alys sat on the chair while Greg tied her hands up in large knots. He blindfolded her as well. Once he was sure everything was in place, he texted the ‘Do Rights’. Then he sat off to one side to watch. Every ten minutes that passed, he turned the vibrator up a notch via remote control. It was the ‘Do Rights’ job to get there before she exploded… in orgasm. He smiled as he watched her squirm.

“Oh! Oh my!” she cried, a smile belaying her ‘terror’.

Greg looked across the dunes and saw the ‘Do Rights’. He turned the vibrator up.

“OH! Oh my!” Alys gasped as the vibrator worked it’s magic. Her cries got louder and louder as the vibrations increased. She squirmed against the hard wooden chair.

The ‘Do Rights’ crested the dune. “We come to your rescue!”

“Oh dear, oh my! Oh OH OH!” she cried.

Greg smiled, turned the dial and watched Alys orgasm explode just before they reached her.



These two pictures hit two different flavors in my brain. 🙂 One sort of sad, the other jubilant. I hope you’ve enjoyed my crazy take on these.

The challenge this week was two pictures, two keywords, Dichotomy and/or Waiting and a word limit of 275 per picture. Extra credit if we got another blogger to join in. And a 25 word bonus for each orgasm we help somone else have between now and Friday morning. Sigh.. Not gonna happen.

This week has been hectic. Bad weather, lots of meetings, familial obligations and Wolf’s computer hard drive died with his final paper on it. Yes, he’s good about backups, but he had been doing them monthly. Guess what… yeah. Now to daily. He was fortunate that Google Chrome kept his download history, so instead of hours of hunting the info, he managed it in just over an hour. Oh, and don’t forget the reading invasion from Canada! That was mind blowing. Hope they enjoyed all the stories.

So, I didn’t get to this until late Thursday night. No chance for working with another blogger or even a bit of playtime. Wolf’s paper is due in three days. He is living in his computer chair. Sigh… pout… 

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