Abduction Yaqoot part 7


Yaqoot woke and stretched as she headed for the bath. Yaqoot realized that the crying from the room next to her had woken her. She was curious, but didn’t dare ask again. She had done so once and been lashed for her curiosity. For the most part, she wished the person would stop crying.

After showering, she dressed in a light caftan and headed to the courtyard for breakfast. Cala was there directing a naked woman in how to sweep the courtyard. “That was me a few months ago,” she thought. Then Yaqoot noticed the woman’s body. It was bruised and criss crossed with whip marks, burn scars and other evidence of torture. Her head had been shaved as well. “The crying woman!” She took her bowl of yogurt and fruit to a small table in the shade. Cala was not gentle with the woman, calling her slave, dung and other names as she beat her with a switch. When the slave was done, she was marched off to some other place. Cala came back to the courtyard and sat near Yaqoot.

After a few minutes, Yaqoot turned to Cala. “Is that our cryer who wakes me up?” she asked trying to sound more peeved than curious.

“Yes. That one is trouble. Better off dead,” said Cala.

“So why does the Prince keep her?” asked Yaqoot.

“She is what you call ‘insurance’ against his enemies.”

“Ah, like the night I had to service those pigs,” said Yaqoot. She had learned later that they had been filmed in secret.

“Yes. So, do not be too nice. This slave is a rotten one. Trouble,” said Cala. They finished eating in silence. Cala left and Yaqoot went to the dance class.

The music had already started, and Yaqoot moved quickly to get into place. As she danced, she noticed something didn’t look right off to one side. During a break in the dancing as the musicians got a drink, she looked again. It was the slave, tethered to the wall. One of the other women noticed where Yaqoot’s gaze wandered.

“Don’t see her! She is being punished!” the woman whispered.

“What did she do?” whipered Yaqoot.

“She was Interpol! Tried to find stolen women,” the woman replied.

“Ah,” said Yaqoot and then looked away. “Interpol?” she thought as she tried to remember the name she’d heard that night. It took a moment. “Shadem!” Then the music started again and Yaqoot turned her attentions back to the dance.

After lunch, Yaqoot was summoned to attend Prince Haveer. She dressed and perfumed herself and waited by the door of the women’s quarters for Hamaz. He arrived a few moments later and took her to Haveer’s bedroom. Once there, he ordered her to kneel at the end of the bed.


Wearing a silk bathrobe, Prince Haveer walked out of the shower to find Yaqoot waiting for him. He smiled. He liked that this slave had learned to survive. That she still fought back on occasion, but was perhaps the most receptive to pain sexually. He walked over to her and without warning, pulled her up by the chin until she stood on her tiptoes.

“Ah, Yaqoot, shall I beat you? Whip you? Or simply fuck you?”

“Whatever you wish,” she said in a whisper. She knew it didn’t matter. Whatever he did to her made her so wet and needy that she craved it and the release. It was exactly what he’d promised he’d do to her all those months before.

He smiled and let his hands drop to her breasts. Grabbing the rubies, he tugged. When she gasped, he smiled and slapped first one breast and then the other until they were pink and showing marks. His erection grew and showed through the folds of the robe. Pulling her down by the rings, he made her kneel. “Please me.”

Yaqoot took his cock in her mouth and began to suck and lick his cock as she massaged his balls. She knew just how to touch him. Failure to obey had resulted in whippings. Once she had pinched him by accident and had been made to wear nipple clamps on her pussy lips where she was now pierced.

Haveer felt his balls tighten and pulled out of her mouth. “Come with me,” he ordered, pulling her over to the bed. He sat and bent her over his legs and began to spank her ass. After a few strikes, he slid his fingers between her thighs. She wasn’t just soaked, she was dripping with juice. He laughed. He slapped her ass some more, this time his hand moved up between her legs and slapped her pussy. When his hand began to spray juices with each slap, he wiped his hand on his cock and then turned them so that he slid into her pussy. She was tight and wet. Her ass burned against his stomach.

Yaqoot tried not to moan with pleasure, but the pain turned on something in her head, and lit her body up like nothing else. She could hear her juices dripping onto the bedding and felt them run down her thighs. The feeling of the nipple rings rubbing against the bedding made her ache to orgasm. She was almost there when he stopped.

Haveer knew that she was close and yet wanted to tease her. Make her so wanton, that later on tonight, she would do anything to come. He turned her around and grabbed her by the hair and thrust his cock into her face. It didn’t take long for him to come deep in her throat. Once he did, he made her lick him clean and then stood up. “No orgasms. Not one. Understood?”

“Yes Master,” she said although her body ached to come.

Haveer walked over to a drawer and pulled out a pair of cuffs. He cuffed her hands and then linked them to her nipples. She could move, but couldn’t touch her clit without ripping off her nipples. He told her to kneel. “Stay.”

“Yes Master.”

Haveer smiled and dressed.


Yaqoot tried not to squirm. She had to hold her hand up, or risk pulling on her nipples. She tried to think calming thoughts, to no avail. Finally, she managed to find a position that let her body start to calm down. Ten minutes later, Hamaz came into the room.

“Come with me,” he ordered.

Yaqoot followed him out into a courtyard where the prince sometimes entertained guests. There on the wall was a set of rings that Yaqoot recognized as the same kind that had restrained the slave that morning. Hamaz attached her cuffs to the rings and left her spread eagle against the wall. He came back a moment later and placed a blindfold around her eyes. Then she heard a curtain being pulled.


It seemed like hours before Yaqoot heard anyone enter the room. The deep voices of men and the scents of food reached her. It was muffled and she realized that she was behind the curtain. Unseen. Waiting.

Haveer looked over at the curtained area. He planned to entertain his guests. He also needed insurance that the men wouldn’t talk. Hamaz would take care of that detail. Dinner was served and the guests began to eat.

After dessert had been served, Haveer stood up. “Gentleman. I would like to provide you with a bit of forbidden fruit. I have a slave that reacts well to pain. She is an American, so you may use her as you please.” With that, he nodded to the servant by the wall and the curtain was pulled.

Yaqoot had heard Haveer and understood about half of it. She heard the word ‘American’ and then felt the air move as the curtain opened. Then she felt hands touching her. Poking, prodding and pinching.

“Look at the piercings,” said one.

“We’ve barely touched her and look at the wetness running down her thighs,” said another.

Fingers pinched and slapped. A crop came down across her ass and she cried out. Ten lashes and then it stopped. AS she caught her breath, fingers thrust into her pussy.

“Haveer! Can we take her off the wall?” asked a voice.

“Yes. Just keep her blindfolded. Oh, and don’t let her touch herself. If she is to come, it must be by one of you,” he said as he leaned back and watched.

Yaqoot felt her hands being uncuffed and she was led over to a set of cushions. Once there, she was fucked. Cocks in her mouth, pussy and ass. She was spanked, whipped, and pinched. She gave up trying to figure out how many men were in the room. They laughed when they stood her up and cum mixed with her own juices ran down her thighs. Her stomach was so full of cum, she thought she’d slosh. Yet through all the stimulation, she’d only come a handful of times. Her body ached for a good orgasm. One that would send her into oblivion, even if only for a few minutes. Finally, she was left on the cushions, hands tied to her nipples once more.

Haveer walked over to Yaqoot, watching her squirm, covered in cum, bruised and marked. “So, do you want to cum?”

“Yes Master. Please?”

“The little orgasms didn’t please did they?”

“No Master.”

Haveer grabbed her by her wrists and hauled her to her feet. He took the blindfold off and led her to his bathroom. There, he let her relieve herself and then stood her in the shower. He clipped her wrists together instead of leaving them hooked to her nipples. The water was warm and she felt as if pounds of sexual juices slid off of her skin. She felt Haveer climb into the shower with her and then felt his hands on her skin. The sponge he had was rough against her skin, but felt good at the same time. He scrubbed her between her thighs until she nearly came. He scrubbed the rest of her and then bent her over as he slid into her pussy with the water from the shower cascading over them.

Yaqoot felt her orgasm build and just before she climaxed he once more pulled out. Rather than making her suck him off, he slammed into her ass and fucked her hard and fast. The next thing Yaqoot knew, her body went into overload and she came. She cried her orgasm into the water and against the tiles of the shower. Haveer gripped her hips in a bruising hold as he too came hard. Before he slipped from her ass, he slid his fingers up against her clit and brought her to orgasm again and again. He moaned as her body convulsed around his cock.

Finally, he let go of her, finished showering and walked away. Yaqoot finished showering and then dried off and waited for Hamaz.

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