The Meeting part 3

The Dungeon was subtly lit. Between walls, curtains and in some places open areas lighting varied from bright to nearly dark. Zoe saw a disco ball in one corner, torch style lights in another and plain LED lights in other areas. She tried not to look at some of the areas. While she didn’t consider herself a prude, it wasn’t ever day you saw a naked woman being whipped or a man dressed in what looked like black latex with cut-outs.

“If you just stand there, you’ll be run over,” said Tim as he cupped her elbow again.

“I… um…”

“Feel a little lost?” he asked.

“Yes. You know you hear of all this stuff, but most people in my acquaintance don’t do this.”

“While many in mine do. It’s much better than my day job,” Tim said.

“You… you have a day job?”

“Yes. I run a car rental agency. Over on 16th,” he replied.

“Oh. Is that where the computer knowledge comes from?” Zoe asked.

“No. That is a hobby. One that helps run this place,” said Tim with a smile. “And now you’re trying to figure out how I was at that meeting, aren’t you?”

Zoe nodded. “Yeah.”

“I’m complicated. For now, let’s go look at one of the demonstrations.” Tim led her into an area where the lighting was fairly bright. In the center of the ‘room’, a man was knotting rope around a woman.

“Isn’t that painful?” asked Zoe.

“Yes and no. The constriction allows for the person to relax. It also heightens sensations because of the blood flow issues. For those who like the sensations, it is very pleasurable.”

“Oh. I still don’t get it,” she said trying to watch and figure things out.

“Come with me,” he said and began to walk towards the center of the room.

“Um, no, I would rather um…” she stalled.

“No, you need to understand how things work,” said Tim as he pulled her closer. His grip on her elbow kept her from pulling away. “George, can you explain in simple terms what you are doing? Zoe here is a newbie and doesn’t quite get it.”

“Sure Tim. This is a silk rope,” he said to Zoe, holding up the piece he was wrapping around the woman’s breast. “It doesn’t cut the skin, but allows for proper pressure and is soft. I’m wrapping her breasts to constrict blood flow. This will make her breasts more sensitive. At the same time, I’m taking the rope down her back and between her legs. The rope will press between her lips and up against her clit, causing pressure and excitement.” He then went on to show how he was tying knots and moving the woman’s body at the same time. The woman gasped and moaned.

“Doesn’t that get uncomfortable?” she asked Tim.

“Ask her.”

“I… I couldn’t.”

Tim took her by the chin and turned her face up to his. “Ask her. Now.”

Zoe realized something had just happened, although she didn’t know what. Some of the people around her were smiling. She felt herself being turned towards the woman. “Excuse me, but does that hurt?”

“Yeah, but in a damn good way. It’s like a massage. It hurts and feels good. Plus, when the ropes come off, all the endorphins kick in and oh… the rush,” she said with a moan that couldn’t be mistaken for anything other than pleasure.

“Thank you for answering my question.”

“No problem. You should try it,” the woman said.

Zoe just stood there not knowing what to think. Tim took her by the elbow again and they moved to the next demonstration. This time it was the tiny woman working a whip. She was using a single tail whip on a man easily twice her size. He wasn’t the same one she’d been riding earlier, as he had on jeans, but no shirt.

“That is Belinda. She’s a Domme and brooks no rudeness. She’s teaching a sub the meaning of control,” said Tim softly as they watched Belinda use the whip on the man.

“How does this teach control?”

“The man is an executive. He is always in charge, and he comes here to relax. He made the mistake of calling her ‘babe’ and she takes great exception to that. So, she is teaching him a lesson. Normally he gets spanked and humiliated and then he goes home. Tonight he is getting a bit more than he expected. She is showing him that sometimes life is not what it seems. He mistook her for a sub.”

“Okay, let me make sure I have this right. A Dom is dominant and in control. While a sub is submissive and not in charge?”

“Yes. So, the man is getting a lesson in controlling his mouth, his attitude and temperament,” said Tim.

They watched and during the time they were there, the man went from stoic to sobbing. He hadn’t been hit that much, but between Belinda’s comments and her whip work, the man had collapsed. Zoe watched Belinda walk up to the man, pet and soothe him and then spank his ass. The sound of the spanking was loud.

Tim watched Zoe and then led her off to another section where there were various bits of equipment. He explained their use and how various bits fit into the D/s world. The last area they visited was packed. The man in leathers was there. In a chair was the naked man from earlier. The man in leathers wasn’t touching the naked man. He was quietly talking to him and the man was nodding and shaking.

“That is Boris. He specializes in the mental side of D/s play,” said Tim.

“I don’t get it,” said Zoe.

“Some times people are so walled into their heads that they can’t relax or enjoy life. Boris has lead a very interesting life and knows how to figure out what makes people tick. So much so that he can make you cry without ever touching you. Or, he can make what Belinda does look like a feather touch,” said Tim.

“Okay, I think I get it,” she said watching as the man began to cry tears and then Boris knelt next to him offering a towel that seemed to appear from nowhere.

Tim looked at Zoe and made a decision. “Have you had dinner?”


“Let’s go have dinner and you can ask questions. You look like you’re on overload.”

“I am a bit. This is a lot to take in at one go, and I do have questions.”


“Oh. Yes.” she said watching the man be allowed out of the chair as the ‘scene’ broke up. He hadn’t even been tied to it, but acted as if he was. She was amazed. Before she and Tim could turn to leave, Boris walked over to them.

“Hello Tim,” said Boris.

“Hey Boris. Good work.”

“CEO’s are so easy,” Boris laughed softly. “They really are big babies.”

Tim laughed too.

“And who is this?” Boris asked Tim.

“This is Zoe. She’s curious. We met at a business meeting.”

“Hello,” Zoe said as she started to hold out her hand to shake Boris’ hand. Boris took her hand, kissed the back of it and then used it to turn her around. When she’d completed a 360 degree turn, he looked her straight in the eyes.

“You my little hawk will learn that jesses are a pleasure you will enjoy,” he said softly.

Zoe felt shivers run across her skin. “Um…”

“Oh Tim, she will be delightful. Have fun.” With that, he walked off so softly, that he seemed to float.

Zoe was still standing there stunned. “What just happened?” she asked as Tim began to move them towards the Dungeon doors.

“You my dear have just had a thirty second session with Boris and he’s found you interesting enough to comment on,” said Tim.

“Okay, will you explain that more over dinner?” she asked still trying to make her head stop spinning.

“Yes. Chinese or Mexican?” asked Tim.


He stopped at the bar and spoke to the bartender and then they left the club after picking up her coat.

“Let’s take my truck. I’ll bring you back here afterwards,” he said as he steered her to the truck. Zoe didn’t protest. They got in and he drove to the Great Wall. The two of them were quiet on the drive.


Once they were seated and had ordered food, he poured a cup of jasmine tea for them. “Now what questions do you have?

“What was that whole thing with Boris about?” Zoe asked. She’d been examining her thoughts and feelings about what she’d seen on the way to the restaurant.

“Boris is use to sizing up people in a matter of minutes. It is part of who he is and he’s very good. What he said was that you were like a small hawk, and that you’d come to enjoy the constraints of a submissive.”

“I don’t think so,” said Zoe.

“I wouldn’t put him down so fast. You are fiercely independent and yet, you showed up tonight,” said Tim. He waited. Boris was right. She was feisty and yet to be more than she was, she’d need the ‘jesses’ to remind her where she belonged. He’d have to congratulate Boris at coming up with the exact phrase that described Zoe.

Zoe concentrated on her food which arrived at that moment. She didn’t want to go down that mental road. She was not submissive. She didn’t need some man to dominate her, nor tell her how to act or behave. “I don’t think so.”

“Alright. All of that aside, would you consider going out on a few dates?” Tim asked.

“Well, we’re on a date now aren’t we?”

“Yes, but this is more about answering your questions than a date. What else do you want to understand?” he asked.

Zoe thought and asked a few questions. Tim explained the power dynamics and how the sub was actually in control of the relationship, while the Dom was in control of the scenes. He then had to explain some of the vocabulary. By the time the fortune cookies arrived, the conversation was flowing smoothly

“Here, let me pick your cookie,” he said.


“My dad always chose the cookies for people. Said he could ‘feel’ which one belonged to whom,” said Tim as he closed his eyes for a moment. Then he picked the cookie up on the right and handed it to Zoe. She took it and he picked up the other one.

Zoe broke open her cookie and then read her fortune. She crumpled it up and tossed it on the table.

“What did it say?” asked Tim.


“No, fortunes may not make sense at the moment, but they are never gibberish,” he said picking up the scrap of paper. “Try everything once, even the things you don’t think you will like.” He smiled, and then handed her his.

Zoe took it and read it out loud. “We are here to love each other, serve each other and uplift each other.” She rolled her eyes.

Tim said nothing. He smiled, paid the bill and then they drove back to the club so that Zoe could pick up her car.

“This has been a very um, interesting evening. Thank you for dinner,” she said.

“Thank you for your company. Give me a call some time. You have the number,” he said. He kissed her on the forehead and walked towards the club entrance.

Zoe felt like she’d been scorched where he kissed her and the feeling traced across her skin as she got in her car and drove off.

8 thoughts on “The Meeting part 3

  1. You are a tease WW, and I appreciate it, from the core of my old soul. I’m going to look up silk rope right now, maybe Mrs. Tip might like it a little better. Tip

  2. It’s interesting to me as someone who kind of lives in the places like the public dungeons, seeing it from the other side again. I remember the first public dungeon I walked into, lo, those many years ago, and I do remember feeling totally out of my depth. Now if I take someone new to a dungeon I have to remember that they want to look around and watch. Funny how perspective changes.

    I like this series.

    1. It makes me feel good that you like this story. It can be interesting to try and get it right. And yes, perspectives change and can catch you off guard. 🙂

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