Writer’s Block

She typed like mad, trying to get her story done. It was suppose to be a quick post. Under 500 words. Her only problem… no ideas until Quin had called from the bedroom.

“Are you done yet?”

“No!” she answered.

“And why not?”

“Writer’s block!”

“Need help?”

“Um… maybe,” she answered.

Quin walked out of the bedroom wearing nothing but a smile. “Will this help?”

Lynne glanced over and sighed. “Oh damn. I um… gotta get this done.”

Quin kissed her and let the tip of his erection brush the back of her arm. “I’ll be waiting.”

“Ohhh,” she moaned. Turning back to the keyboard, she tried to pick up where she had left off before Quin had distracted her.


She waited for her lover to arrive. Looking at herself in the mirror, she tried to dismiss the stretch marks and scars that made her feel less beautiful. She grabbed a silk shawl and wrapped it around her body.

“Candles!” she thought. Candlight would be gentler on her appearance. She found a few and placed them to good effect. Then she checked the way the lighting looked. Satisfied, she added a stick of sandalwood incense. She checked the clock. Ten minutes until he arrived.


“Are you done yet?”

“No!” she answered.

“What’s taking so long?”

“I keep getting interrupted!” she said with a laugh. From the bedroom she could hear noises. The kinds of noises the toy box made. The noises of toys being taken out or moved.


She knew it was only a playdate, but dammit she wanted to have fun. It’d been far too long. Checking the clock, she ran to the kitchen and pulled out the tray of cookies and put them on a platter. The kitchen smelled of cinnamon. She smiled as she put them in the corner of the room along with some peach tea.

Looking at the clock, she saw it was time. She knelt by the side of the bed and closed her eyes. Waiting. After a moment, she heard the door open and footsteps walk across the floor. She listened as he undressed and placed his things on the chair by the door.

He smiled as he looked at her waiting by the bed. Life had been too hectic of late, and now it was time for some relaxation. He walked over and wrapped his hand in her hair, pulling back her head to kiss the upturned lips.


Lynne saved her work, copied it and posted. “I’m done!”

“About time,” said Quin from the bedroom. “I was about to roll over and go to sleep.”

“Oh no you don’t! I’ve been waiting over a week for playtime!”

He laughed as she stood there shedding her clothes. He loved watching her body.

“Plus, I got terribly distracted by this luscious man who walked by and tapped me with his cock. One touch and my brains melted.”

“Oh, Only one touch?” he said stroking her body.

“Yes. Only one, but I want so much more.”

“Then you shall have it my dear,” he said as his hand came down across her ass.


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