Abduction Yaqoot Finale

She stood in the courtyard watching as the slave was cleaning. She wanted to talk to her, find out if what the one woman had said was true. She went over to a bench and sat down, knowing that the slave would clean towards her. A few minutes later, the slave was next to her.

“Shadem?” she said quietly.

The slave looked up at her with fright. She shook her head, not in denial, but in an attempt to not have to communicate.

“Why are you so afraid?” asked Yaqoot.

The slave opened her mouth, and showed her tongue. It was split down the middle. It had been cut. The woman couldn’t talk. Then she shut her mouth and moved away from Yaqoot.

Yaqoot was shocked. No wonder the woman had cried. Yaqoot sat there for a while longer and then went in for dinner. After dinner, she was told to clean up and be ready for an evening with the prince.

Hamaz took her to a set of rooms she had never been to and left her on a cushion. Prince Haveer came in several minutes later. He wore a loose robe.

“Your curiosity finally got the better of you didn’t it?”


“You just had to talk to the slave, didn’t you?”

Yaqoot took a deep breath. She didn’t think anyone had seen her, but someone had. “Yes Master,” she said.

“Be glad that I am a tolerant man, and that I enjoy your body. Otherwise, you would join Agent Shadem,” he said. With that, he stood her up and walked out onto a balcony guiding her by the elbow. He pointed with one hand down at a group of men who were standing around the back of a wagon. Haveer whistled and the men parted and waved up at the prince.

Yaqoot saw the woman strapped to the wagon. It was obvious that she was being fucked by every man there. She must have fought, as her nose was bloody and there were whip marks across her back. She gasped.

“Ah, I see that you understand the folly of your ways. From now on, she is only slave. Not Agent Shadem. Understood?”

“Yes Master.”

“Good.” He then waved to the men who went back to their pleasures and he led Yaqoot into the room. Once there, he tied her to a set of rings and proceeded to whip her until she cried out in a mixture of pleasure and pain. When her back was red with stripes and her thighs and pussy dripping with juices, he fucked her hard and fast. Before he came, he pulled out and as usual, slammed into her ass. The abrupt change always wrung a hard fast devastating orgasm from her. As she sagged against the restraints, he walked away.

Hamaz came into the room late that night. Instead of releasing her, he fingered her quickly and then slid his own cock deep inside as he pinched and squeezed her breasts. “Be quiet little slave. You are my reward tonight. Do not spoil it with your yammerings,” he said.

Yaqoot did as he asked and he soon came deep inside her. Then he released her to lick him clean. Once that was done, he took her down into the women’s quarters. There she was left to clean herself up and go to bed. Her body stung and was sore from the abuse. She slept on her stomach.

Life became routine. Sleep, bathe, eat, dance, and sex. Yaqoot knew that there was no escape. She knew that she had become addicted to the pain, and the violent sex. Prince Haveer had won. She knew not to ask when the room just down from her went silent, nor asked where the slave went or if the slave died. She wanted to live. Yaqoot learned to help new arrivals as Cala had her. Most of them stayed for a short time and then went off to another house and another life. A few stayed for a little while, but none of them provided Prince Haveer with the combination of pain and sex that she did. After a while, she forgot all about the woman who had been Samantha.

Lecture 9 - Ingres, La Grande Odalisque, 1814

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