Flash Fiction Friday Regret by the Numbers


He watched out the window as she pulled her clothes on. He knew she was crying. He couldn’t do anything to stop it. He’d broken her heart. All he could do was regret being such an ass. (37)


He pulled the curtain open and was amazed to see the beautiful blonde undressing on the balcony. Her delectable ass was outlined by her thong panties. The white of her dress highlighted her tanned skin, and the heels made her ankles delectable. He swallowed hard as the lust cascaded through his body. He longed to open the door and sweep her into his arms. To kiss the sweet neck as he wrapped his arms around her body and cupped her breasts. To press his aching cock against the sweet globes of her ass. To fuck her until she moaned in heated passion. His regret was that she was his job. His responsibility to guard. He could look and never touch. There were days being Secret Service sucked. (127)


She wondered if he’d noticed her. She realized it was silly not to ask him in. To her regret, she was just too shy. Taking a deep breath, she began to undress, knowing that he was in the room behind her, just on the other side of the glass. It was siesta time, so there was no one around to see her strip off. She froze as she heard the curtain drawn back. She was curious if her actions would attract his attentions. (83)


Камера проката, принимая в своей смелостью, а его вуайеризм. Доказательства будут проклинать их обоих в глазах закона.Частный детектив не пожалеть о своем назначении. Это было лучше, чем порно. Он даже заплатили за его неприятностей. (47)


Our challenge for this week was different. The key word was Regret, and the length was any prime number. (Not a safe option to give me!) Extra credit was to have the whole thing in Russian…(he joked) Bonus words could be earned by telling someone “I love you” for the 1st time this week. Oh, and bonus words must be added in Prime number increments.

Of course, the way my week went, I got all ready to post a brand new story and realized that I had forgotten all about Flash Fiction Friday! (Oh No! The Horror!) So, While Wolf snoozed, I started writing. Hope you enjoy my crazy mish-mash! The prime numbers are in brackets after the stories. I had such fun with this one!

Thanks Advizor for the crazy prompt and beautiful picture.


Russian Translation…

The camera rolled, taking in her audacity, and his voyeurism. The evidence would damn them both in the eyes of the law. The private detective didn’t regret his assignment. It was better than porn. He even got paid for his troubles. (47)

14 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday Regret by the Numbers

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  1. Alas, the cons of being in the Secret Service. LOL! Enjoyed all your takes. Awesome job, especially for writing last minute. 😉

    1. Thank you Advizor. This WAS fun, and I’m so pleased that you liked how I played. Please be more creative. I love the challenges.
      What you don’t know is that I started writing at 11:00pm! I totally spaced that it was Thursday until I was just about to shut off my computer. By the time I crawled into bed, I was chilly and had Wolf hrrrmphing as he cuddled me.

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