Clusterf*ck part 3

It was brought to my attentions that I never finished this story. I read through it and realized while it could be just a two parter, it needed more. So… I have begun again. Hope you enjoy! For the first part of this story, check it out here.


Monday arrived with the two couples meeting at the Creative Solutions office. James and Sally started laying out the paperwork of the troublesome client. Kerri and David began catching up on phone messages and other normal operations for Creative Solutions. By ten, Kerri and David had cleared the decks and went in to see how the other two were doing.

“Any clear solutions?” asked David.

“No. In fact, if I didn’t know better, I’d suspect that they were being targeted,” said James. He handed David three different pieces of paper. “This is the standard contract, which in normal situations is not a problem. Here is the issue they wished resolved and this was buried.” James pointed to the third piece of paper.

David took them and read through it quickly. “Yes, this is our standard contract. However, the issue makes it interesting, and this spread sheet shows that… Damn. That was slick.”

“You saw it too?”

“Yes. We need to find out exactly who this is,” said David. His voice changed tone ever so slightly. “I have a few calls to make.”

“Can you explain what it is you found?” Kerri asked.

“Yes. Somewhere down in the depths of the budget where you normally don’t look, someone switched the numbers around. Now before you start beating yourself up, be aware that it was done very subtly. I know you are careful with the books, but this is some very well done work,” he said as Kerri started to growl.

“I swear I checked the figures!” she said.

“Yes, and going back six to eight months, you wouldn’t have seen the deception. The reason is that it made the company look much more financially sound. If you’d seen the original books, you’d have dumped them before they ever came close to signing the contract. The bigger question is why?”

“I have no idea,” said Kerri.



An hour later, David came out of the office. “Seems that someone has decided to attack this business.”

“Who?” the other three said almost at once.

“If I’m correct, it’s the publisher of the magazines that were doing the rape photoshoots,” said David.

“What? That was almost a year ago,” said James. “How does this make any sense?”

“Well, we did deprive them of a substantial amount of income. Plus the fees for the two rapists, and that whole mess. We disrupted a business in a rather substantial manner,” said David.

“Why target Sally and I?” asked Kerri.

“Simple. Whoever the publisher is finally found out who we are. I’ve called Dirk and Miller and let them know that things may be getting messy,” said David.

“In the mean time, we are going to settle this mess,” said James. “Here is what we are going to do.” He then explained how the client would be handled in order to squelch the issues. Kerri and Sally helped James while David continued to field phone calls and clients for the business between other calls to various people involved with the Rosy Thorn.


By the time Kerri and David walked in the door, she was exhausted. She didn’t even bother to pretend she wasn’t stressed.

“Shower, and in the bedroom in ten minutes,” said David.

Kerri nodded and moved quickly. She was showered, dried off and in the bedroom in about 8 minutes. David walked up to her and locked a collar around her neck, and then requested her to follow him to the kitchen. Once they were in the kitchen, she was told to make a light dinner, but not to speak.

Thirty minutes later, dinner was ready. Kerri knelt next to David’s chair in the dining room, and he fed her bites from his plate. Each had sufficient food and then Kerri was ordered to clean up the dishes. Once that was done, they went down to the dungeon.


“I do love the way your skin turns so pink when I use this flogger,” he said.

“It is a very stingy flogger, Sir.”

“Yes. The round rubber flails tend to be that way,” he said as he stroked her ass. Stepping back, he stroked her skin so that the tips of the flogger wrapped around her ribcage and breasts. Each stroke brought a squeak or gasp from her lips as the tips bit into her skin.

“Ow! Sir!”

He smiled. David added three more strokes per side and then came up behind her once more and stroked her skin, tracing the red lines. He ran his one hand down between her thighs and found her soaked. He rubbed her lips and clit until she began to moan softly.

“Oh, Sir,” she whispered. “May… may I come?”

“No, not yet,” he said fingering her faster. He heard the hitch in her breath as she tried to contain the orgasm creeping up on her. Then he stopped. Pulling a pin on the cross, he dropped it so that she was horizontal. David put the pin back in and stepped up between her legs. His cock nudged between her wet lips.



“Fuck me please,” she said.

He slapped her on the ass hard enough to send sprays of juice across the floor. Kerri gasped.

“What do you say?” he asked as he continued to spank her.

“Fuck me please Sir!” she said with a wince.

“Good girl.”

“Ppplease Sir,” she gasped.

David slowly slid the head of his cock across her heated ass and then into her dripping pussy. Kerri moaned and her body responded to his slow deep rhythm.

She started to speak, and he hushed her. In and out, he kept the rhythm slow and deep. Kerri gasped and wriggled as her body contorted with the impending orgasm. Finally, she could take it no longer. She was on sensory overload. “Please may I come Sir?”

David smiled. He could feel the tremors of his own orgasm responding to her body. He let loose his control and slammed hard and fast into Kerri. As he came, he answered her question. “Yes!”

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