Flash Fiction Friday Liberation is not freedom


Sometimes being a smart ass just isn’t worth it. Sara had always been a rebel. Peace protests, marching for causes, and petitions. This time she’d gotten arrested. In a foreign country no less. She’d been thrown into a cell with thirty-five other women. One by one, the police removed the women. Sara had no idea if they were being hurt, or released. She waited her turn.

“You. Come with us.”

Sara was lead into a room and told to sit on a chair. She sat.

“Why are you here to cause trouble?”

“I’m here to protest the objectification of women.”

“You are in the wrong country.”

“I want to call my embassy.”

“In time. You want to liberate women? Make them equal to men?”

“Yes! You can’t treat women like cattle.”

“Well, we will provide you liberation.”

“Good. I’d like to speak to the embassy as soon as possible.”

“That isn’t what we meant. We will liberate you of your clothes. Your free will, and your money.”

She was stripped, and left in the empty room. She sat on the floor, knees pulled up, hands covering her face. The groans and cries of sex floated in through the barred windows. She wasn’t the only one being liberated.


Our challenge this week was between 199 and 209 for a word count and the keyword, Liberation, but not Freedom. Hmmmm. The picture didn’t lend itself to a light or funny mood, so I apologize in advance for the dark nature of this story.

Once again, I almost missed Flash Fiction Friday. It’s been busy around here and my brain has just been a tad frazzled. Part of it is that our daughter is still home from college for spring break. 🙂 The other part is that I’ve got a bit of spring fever. All these ideas and desires and yet the weather is still so COLD! 

15 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday Liberation is not freedom

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  1. Actually, I didn’t find this dark, but instead funny instead. I LOL at the part where she was told she was being liberated from her clothes, free will and money. Loved that delivery. And I especially LOL at the last line, at her realization that she wasn’t the only one being liberated. Very clever, WW.

      1. Well, it is a bit dark. The predicament in which she finds herself is a serious one, but I still found the parts that I mentioned kind of funny. I guess funny cause I’m not the one in that predicament. I wouldn’t want to be her.

  2. I too thought the way you “liberated” her was funny. Def. not MY wish to be “done” that way…….but still an uber HAWT fantasy, right? Nicely done!


  3. When I chose this picture I didn’t expect it to be a laugh riot. I love the sense of isolation which is what I played with in my 2nd story, which I hope everyone comes over to read (Shameless plug). the “noble Westerner” in a foreign country has to learn a few things about how the rest of the world works. It’s not always pretty. You know me, I love the dark, so I loved this take. Thanks for playing!

    1. I didn’t expect you to stay on the light side of FFF, and you choose very good pics for the dark. I LIKE that.

      I’m glad you like my take on the story as well. If there is one thing I learned after 14 years in Europe is to not be the Ugly American. (took all of about 10 minutes)

      Thank you again for hosting FFF!

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