In the Arms of Fenris part 9

He woke a few hours later to find her hand snuggled between his thighs, and her head on his chest. Thoughts of earlier woke him up in more ways than one. Graydon gently moved her hand and kissed the top of her head as he moved her off his chest. He was thinking of sneaking out of bed when Marty woke.

“Where do you think you’re going?” she asked.

“I thought about getting up, but other things woke up too,” he said with a smile as his erection bumped her hand and wrist.

She smiled up at him and then snuggled under the covers. Next thing he knew, he felt her lips slide down his erection. A groan escaped his lips. He couldn’t figure out how she was doing it, but it felt as if she were purring. Her mouth seemed to vibrate against his skin. His hand traced down her back and reached between her thighs. He barely touched her lips and she moaned. He tried to concentrate on touching her while her lips played over him. It was a losing battle. Before he totally lost all control, she came up out of the covers and moved herself over his erection. Slowly, she lowered herself onto him until their hips met.

Graydon looked up at her. Marty was smiling a lovely giddy smile as they moved together. His hips thrust up to meet her as she rocked back and forth.

“I… thought… it felt… good… be-fore…” she moaned.

Graydon started to answer her and all that came out was a groan of pleasure as her body moved with his. Before he could do anything, he felt his orgasm build and explode within her. He was doing his best to continue to thrust as she orgasmed. Marty nearly bumped heads with him as her body contorted in pleasure. She gasped and then collapsed against his chest.

“Oh… my… gods…” she moaned as she slowly slid to one side. She grabbed the covers and Graydon helped pull them up. She looked over to see a lovely silly grin on Graydon’s face. She didn’t need to ask him if it had felt good. It felt so nice to lay here in his arms.

The phone ringing dragged Marty from a deep sleep. She reached over to where it was sitting on her nightstand. “Hello?” Marty wasn’t totally awake. “Oh. Hi Nick. Yeah, I was asleep. No, I’m feeling better. Still tired, but better. Oh. No, please don’t. Will you hold him till we get there? My car is down at the diner and Graydon will have to bring us out. Yes, we will be there in about an hour. Okay. Bye,” she closed the phone and looked over to Graydon who had woke up when he heard his name.

“What’s the matter and why are we going down to your work?” he asked.

“The Sheppard’s have been by to see Max and have decided to put him down. Nick won’t do it even though he told them he would. He asked me if I wanted Max. So, I said I’d be down in an hour,” she said as she climbed out of bed and headed towards the shower.

Graydon followed her. “What the hell are you going to do with Max? You said he was just about useless. Wouldn’t it be kinder to just put him down?”

“No! Just because they couldn’t control him, doesn’t mean that Max should die. I’ll give the dog a chance in spite of himself. You can either help or get the hell out of my way!” she growled as she turned to get into the shower.

Graydon stepped into the shower with her, took Marty by the shoulders and turned her around. “I won’t interfere. However, if you are willing to give that dog a chance, maybe I can help.”

“How could you help?” Marty couldn’t figure where Graydon was going with this.

Graydon moved his jaw from side to side a bit and then smiled. The fangs that showed were not what they would be when he fully shifted, but they were enough to make a point. Marty’s eyes grew large and she stepped back.

“What… what… are you going to do?” she asked in a gasping voice.

“I’m going to talk to Max, wolf to dog,” said Graydon in a growly tone. It was hard to partially shift and still keep his voice.

“Oh.” Marty looked at Graydon and realized that he had partially shifted to make his point. It drove home a fact that she had been letting lurk in the back of her mind. He really was a werewolf. “Umm,.. Can you go back to normal?” She watched him with curiosity.

Graydon nodded, shuddered and then answered. “Yes. It takes a minute, but I can. Lots easier though than from full shift.” The growl was still there in his voice, but not as pronounced as it had been a few minutes before.

“Okay. That was weird. Cool, but weird,” she said and turned to the water taps. “We’d better get showered fast.”

He nodded as the water hit him in the chest. He was still surprised at how well Marty was coping with the werewolf issue.

They cleaned up as quickly as possible. If he stayed here he’d have to bring over some of his own shampoo. The apple scented stuff was overpowering his nose. Marty stepped out of the shower first and grabbed towels for the two of them.

As Graydon toweled off, he looked around for a hair dryer. “Do you have a hair dryer?” he asked finally.

“Umm, Nope. Don’t dare with all these curls. I’d have an afro,” she said.

This made Graydon laugh, because her hair practically did just that. The length gave it just enough weight to not totally circle her head. “Alright, then I’ll just towel it really dry. Unless you don’t give a rat’s ass as to who knows we just bonked ourselves silly, I’d rather not advertise it with two wet heads showing up at the stables.”

Marty thought about this and nodded in agreement. “No, I’d rather keep it between us for at least a day or so,” she smiled and then went out into the bedroom to dress.

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