Thorny Advice part 2

“Thorn line, prickly questions are our specialty, how can I help you?” Dirk rolled his eyes as he answered the phone. “Yes, I’m a Dom. No, I won’t take you as my sub. I already have one and don’t need another. What can I do for you? Or, would you like it better if I ordered you to tell me?”

Across the bar, Tim and Jake were trying not to laugh. It wasn’t working. So far the phone had rung three times. Dirk had answered the phone and each time it seemed that there was some mewing sub on the line. They stopped laughing and listened to Dirk.

“No. That isn’t how it is suppose to be done. What kind of a Dom is he? No. No. NO!” Dirk covered the phone, took a deep breath and then started to speak again. “No, just because he wants you to do something that you are unsure about does not make him a Dom, nor you a sub. You need a new boyfriend, or you two need to sit and talk. Yes. You’re welcome. Goodbye.” Dirk threw his phone across the room. Luckily it banked off one of the booths covered in pillows.

“Newbies driving you a little crazy?” Jake asked.

“Yes, and don’t even start. Otherwise I’ll have Miller assign you to phone duty.”

“He already did, and I delegated the job to Lydia.”

Dirk turned to Jake and he wasn’t sure if he wanted to hit him or hug him. He saw Tim laughing out of the corner of his eye and pointed a finger at him. “Don’t EVEN start.”

Tim just kept laughing. He wasn’t sure if Miller was picking on Dirk or not. However, he found it very funny. He kept right on laughing even when Dirk picked him up by the shirt and headed for the back of the bar. His laughter was soon muffled as Dirk stuffed him head first into the ice making machine bin.

“Damn newbies!” Dirk growled as he walked away looking for his phone. It was ringing. He found it under a breast shaped cushion. “Thorn line, prickly questions are our specialty, how can I help you?” He sat down holding the breast pillow while he answered the call.

“You really shouldn’t tease him like that.” Jake was cleaning up ice off of the floor.

“Yeah, I know. It’s just that he’s so fun to tease.” Tim shook another ice cube out of his shirt.

“So are rattlesnakes, and Boris.”

“No, I am not fun to tease, unless you like retribution,” whispered a deep voice only inches from Jake’s ear.

“Damn! Boris! Don’t do that!” Jake has come clear up off of his seat and turned around to see Boris standing there laughing.

“Why? It’s so much fun.”

The three men sat down at the end of the bar to watch Dirk.

“Does he know he’s manhandling a breast?” Boris pointed towards Dirk who was still sitting in the booth.

“I don’t think so,” said Tim.

“It makes such a lovely picture.” Boris smiled evilly.

“My phone takes pretty good pictures.” Jake took his out of his pocket.

“No, I’ll do it. If you take the picture, he’ll just kill you.”

“Boris, how about all three of us take a picture?” Tim suggested pulling his phone out. The men smiled and then all three took a picture of Dirk fondling the breast pillow.

The flash was the first thing that alerted Dirk that something was going on. He looked over and saw the three Doms laughing. Then he looked at the pillow that he had in his hand. “Call back later. I have business to attend to,” he said into the phone and then hung up. Then he took the pillow and launched it at Boris.

Boris ducked. Tim caught the pillow on the second bounce and fired it back at Dirk. Dirk caught it and walking towards the other men lobbed it at Tim. The game of smash and catch caught the attention of the twenty or so people in the main lounge and soon people were rooting for their favorites.

The noise caught Miller’s attention and he came out from his office only to catch the pillow right in the face. After the initial shock cleared, he reached down and picked up the pillow. He looked around the lounge, and saw the usual suspects. “You four! My office! Now!”

Miller was facing the wall when the four men walked into his office and shut the door. He turned to face them. “One at a time, I want an explanation.”

“Dirk threw his phone and it landed under the breast pillow,” Jake started.

“And then we noticed he was fondling it, so we took pictures.” Boris held up his phone showing the picture.

“My phone call was interrupted by camera flashes, and when I realized why, I threw the damn pillow.”

“Then all hell broke loose, and it was a boob-for-all,” said Tim as he smiled.

“It was a lot of fun until someone took a breast to the face,” said Miller as he sat there playing with the pillow. No one dared laugh. “You three, out. Dirk, sit.”

The men clapped Dirk on the shoulder as they filed out of the office and headed back into the club.

“You really don’t do well with the phone service do you.”

“No. However, I think I may tell Liz that she has phone duty.”

Miller thought about that for a moment. “Problem is though that I need a few Doms to answer questions.”

“Can’t you get someone else to do this?”

“They like you.” Miller bounced the pillow off the wall and was happy to see it land on the chair behind Dirk.

“How do you know that?”

“Well, there is a survey after the phone calls and they can tell me who ‘does it best’ for them. So far, it’s you.”


“No, Dom.”

“You know what I mean.” Dirk was getting frustrated again, and this time had no pillow to take it out on.

“I’ll make you a deal. Once a week. Your choice of days.”

“Fine. Wednesdays.”

“Alright. Now go beat someone.”

Dirk left the office. Miller sat there smiling. He loved Doming the Doms.

8 thoughts on “Thorny Advice part 2

  1. Now what a good chapter this was today. The boy’s need to let go once in a while so that they don’t take it out on the subs quite so hard . Very good WW. Tip

  2. it’s funny how we all think of ourselves as either Sub or Dom/Domme or none-of-the-above, when really it’s all about training and giving yourself permission to take on a new role. Great little story WW, thanks!

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